How to make money when there are no jobs, using your computer and social skills


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A presentation on how to make money (not on the internet!) using your computer and social skills. Nothing to buy, not a get rich scheme. Just a good idea for those who have what it takes.

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How to make money when there are no jobs, using your computer and social skills

  1. 1. Using yourcomputer and social skills
  2. 2. Step 1 – Educate, entertain, and generate leads • Identify local community organizations such as Civic groups, PTAs, retirement centers, high schools, etc. • Offer to deliver a 1-2 hour presentation to their membership on personal computer security and safety on the Internet. • Coordinate with your local police department where possible. • Charge a small per-person fee or do it free of charge Perform computer security implementation for individuals and familiesStep 2 – At the end, offer to provide personalized implementation assistance for a fee • Although the topic is of interest to most people, few feel they have the skills to implement security measures themselves, and may be embarrassed to admit it. They are also often apathetic, hoping they will not become a victim. • Many people are willing to pay a reasonable fee to someone they can trust, to perform implementation for them. • In many cases, it is possible you will even save them money.
  3. 3. Skills and personal attributes necessary for success • Professionalism: in dress, attitude, and style. • Honesty: you are selling yourself, people must trust you. • Intermediate computer skills: ability to install and configure hardware and software, and ability to read and comprehend computer program documentation. • Presentation skills: ability to deliver a professional presentation to an audience and answer questions about the materialIf you meet these criteria, you can earn hundreds of dollars per week What we provide to help you • A complete 125 slide Power point presentation. Available on You can download the source – see this URL. • A 200 page e-book (for Kindle), available on with detailed information to help you deliver the presentation. • The e-book costs only $4.99, you can return it within 7 days for credit if you are not satisfied. You can read it on your computer without owning a Kindle reader. A free reader for your PC or Mac is available from Amazon.
  4. 4. What commercial computer support businesses provide • Companies like the Geek Squad have incomplete offerings at exorbitant prices. • What you will offer is a package of security focused solutions including a number of (free or free for personal use) software products that are highly recommended by respected sources. • We recommend you charge on a per hour basis, because the task mix will vary from case to case. In most cases, implementation should take 2-4 hours. • You set your own rates. We are not involved. We only sell books. Individuals can also obtain the information we provide and do it themselves. Most will not.Why people don’t implement security measures themselves • Apathy (false hope of avoidance)– No one looks into cancer either, until they get it. Web sites on security are visited by security people, not by average users. • Ignorance – Few recognize how serious the problem has become, although they are reminded by articles about hackers almost weekly in the news. • Lack of knowledge and skills – Few know what specific measures must be taken to address threats. Some have anti-virus software installed and think that is all that can be done – and they are very wrong. The presentation will convince them of this.
  5. 5. What the Geek Squad charges (as an example) For one software title!While you are waiting on installation tasks, you are also providing training and answering questions. You have plenty of room to price under the store-front competition
  6. 6. What the Geek Squad charges (as an example) This could be an extra fee or business expansion opportunity. When people get malware on their machines, they often have to turn to someone, why not you?
  7. 7. Initial steps in business formation • Decide form of business and do necessary paperwork. • Obtain any required licenses or permits. • Develop list of organizations and contacts to target. • Prepare your sales pitch – what you have to offer, what benefit they will get if they help you. • Get some business cards and flyers prepared, Prepare your pricing strategy. • Read our book and study the presentation. Do any additional research required to make yourself comfortable with the materials. Practice both presentation and implementation at home or for a few friends – until you are confident. Little cash is required, you can get started quickly and work at your own paceA few additional steps once you get going • Join the Better Business Bureau and local Chamber of Commerce. • Every client is a potential reference. Do a great job, and word of mouth will make you successful.
  8. 8. You may require some hardware you don’t already have • A portable hard drive (for backup). • A laptop computer (optional, nice to have for following the book/install instructions and reviewing the presentation, etc.) • A portable DVD reader/writer (optional – may be needed in some cases).Implementation tasks benefit from availability of special hardware and softwareYou may wish to obtain some special software for installation tasks • A commercial backup program, like Acronis True Image. • Other special case utilities (such as a partition manager).
  9. 9. Investigate further to see if this is for you • Look at the presentation on at this URL. • Buy the book at this URL and read it thoroughly. • Do an honest assessment of your skills and confidence.You will need some study and practice time to become the“community expert on computer security”Get deeper into the topic to really build confidence and expertise • Look at the user manuals for the security products that are being recommended. Understand the options for configuration. • Start reading news and blogs about computer security for consumers. • Perform the implementation on your own system and those of family members to gain confidence and understanding.
  10. 10. This will be good for America Wish I had in two ways: thought of1. Protects citizens from cybercrime it first2. Provides needed jobs for some of our unemployed I have to agree, as long as we don’t have to raise taxes! I’ll get back to you after I see if the Tea Party will go for it.
  11. 11. It’s a bummer being unemployed This could really work. I’m going to check it out!
  12. 12. 50 bucks or so for you,For each implementation5 bucks for me, for each book