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Unit 111: M3


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Published in: Technology
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Unit 111: M3

  1. 1. From this screenshot, you can see that I have organised a scan everyday at the sametime to check for updates. I have also set it so that it will install updates automatically.
  2. 2. Installing Anti-Virus SoftwareThis screen enables you to change the language before installing the software. It givesthe user a chance to pick a language that is suited to them, so that it is easy tounderstand.
  3. 3. The screenshot shows the terms of agreement of downloading the software. It is alegal document that consists of several pages, containing all of the information thatthe user is required to know, by law. It is important that you read the information sothat you know all of the terms and information about the product.
  4. 4. This screen shows the features that are in the free version and the full version. This is totry and persuade the user to purchase the full version, as there are added securityfeatures, such as an "Enhanced Firewall" and "Anti-Spam", which you do not get in thefree version. As you can see, the free version offers limited protection for the computer.
  5. 5. The next stage of the process is choosing the actual installation type, which is shownin the screenshot. Out of the two options, you can choose the "Express Install", whichis recommended for a quick and easy installation, or you can choose the "CustomInstall", which is advised for the more technical people but you can choose thedesired features to install.
  6. 6. This screenshot shows the installation process at the early stage. This gives you anindication as to how much data has been installed and how much there is to go. It alsosays how much data is being installed (33.8MB).
  7. 7. As you can see from the screenshot, the installation process is nearly complete, as thebar is almost completely filled. It shows that the files are being copied.
  8. 8. The installation of AVG 2013 has been installed successfully, and it now gives you theopportunity to enter some details to create a AVG account and receive alerts, updatesand support, however, it is not compulsory.