Amie- Unit 1 P6 and M2


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Amie- Unit 1 P6 and M2

  1. 1. P6: Explain the social impacts of the use of I.T.M2: Discuss the potential threats which the use of I.T has introduced.
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  3. 3. Online Shopping can be very convenient for people who are too busy andhardly have any free time to actually go shopping. It is also convenient if youare want something, and can not get it anywhere other than the internet.Although there are positive reasons for shopping online, there are manydisadvantages and threats. For example, people may believe that it is soconvenient and may rely on this. This is a problem, as you will end upspending more time on the computer, which will cause social and healthproblems.It will affect socially as more money is put into bigger and more well knownbrands, such as Morrisons, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, rather thansmaller, independent businesses, who needs the money more. This meansthat less money will be going into the smaller businesses and the localeconomy, therefore, it may cause them to close down, which would result injob losses and abandoned buildings.It will also affect socially, as when you order online, you are in the comfort ofyour own home, so you won’t have to talk anyone.
  4. 4. There are many threats of online shopping, despite the fact of theconvenience. These mostly include security threats, such as ‘Phishing’.Phishing is when fake websites are created, which looks incredibly similarto the original site, except from a few hidden differences, in order toobtain bank details. This is why you must be careful when entering yourcredit/debit cards online. You can check whether it is safe, by looking tosee whether there is a padlock symbol, or if there is a ‘s’ next to the ‘http’in the url bar (https://).Another threat is that people can hack onto your account, so it isimportant to use a ‘strong’ password (a password with a combination ofupper and lowercase letters and numbers), and to keep the accountdetails to yourself. It is also important to make the password easy toremember, to avoid it being written down where it can be seen.
  5. 5. Online Gaming is a great way to have fun and kill time, but just like alot of tasks that are carried out online, there are a lot of threats anddisadvantages. For example, it is extremely easy to get addicted toonline games, which in itself, can cause a lot of health and socialproblems. When getting addicted to a game, you spend most of yourtime in front of the computer, which can cause various healthproblems, such as Strained Eyes, which is also known as ‘Asthenopia’and obesity. Asthenopia can cause further problems, such asheadaches and irritability.Weight gain is also a big problem, as you are just sitting around andnot exercising, so calories aren’t being burnt off.
  6. 6. There are many security threats of online gaming. For example, if you visitgames websites, there is a chance that there could be viruses, Trojans, or typesof malware hidden in the files. They could be responsible for the loss of data, orthe damage to a computer. Viruses are known for copying itself multiple times,and can harm files and programs. Trojans hide in files that look useful and safe,but once they are opened, it allows other people to access various kinds ofinformation, including private and confidential. Malware is a particular kind ofsoftware which causes damage to computers.Another threat of online gaming is that you dont know who are playing, so youcould theoretically be playing a complete stranger. This is particularly dangerous,because they could hack your account, and find out confidential information,such as password information. It is also dangerous, as in some games, itenables you to talk to the person who you are playing, which could then leadpersonal information, (for example, your address, telephone number and emailaddress) being leaked.Cyber bullying is also very common in online games, which can cause furthermental and physical problems (such as self-harm or possible suicide).
  7. 7. Social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter are a very popularactivity on the internet as it is a great way to stay in touch with familyand friends whom you may not see or speak to as much as you wouldlike. It is also a great way to keep up with information about celebritiesand other interests, but it is also used to keep up to date withcompanies and their products. Whilst social networking sites holdmany advantages, they present many social and health impacts.Social networking sites are one of main causes of arguments andfights between people. This could be due to people spreading rumoursor lies. This could cause isolation, due to loss of friends, which is ahuge social impact.Another social impact is that people can get addicted, and sit aroundall day on the internet. This can also isolation, and cause healthproblems, such as obesity and Asthenopia.
  8. 8. Threats of social networking sites, include many security and privacy problems.On social networking sites, people post up links to websites, which could includepotential security threats, such as viruses, malware or links to phishing sites.HackingStalking is a huge problem that occurs mostly on social networking sites, which canalso be criminal offence. Some people release personal information, such as theiremail and their name, so it makes it easy to follow what that person is up to. This isvery common with celebrities. Websites (such as post pagesonline with information about their life (for example, their birthname, age, parents, siblings, education and personal information), which anyonecould get hold of.Paedophiles are also a very common problem. This is because false information(including names and photos) are very misleading, and people are often obliged togive out personal information. Paedophiles often target children, as they are mostvulnerable and easier to target because they may not be as aware of how to staysafe. Some children feel that they become attached to the person of the end oftheir messages, and agree to meet them, and that is how they discover that theyare actually a lot older, and then acknowledge how dangerous the situation is.
  9. 9. Online banking can be very convenient for people who work and aretoo busy to visit. It enables you to view statements and balances, viewhow the money has been spent, pay bills, receive bills online, apply forcredit cards and loans, plus much more. Given the wide range ofactions, it makes it very easy just to complete the necessary bankingonline, instead of visiting the local branch. This could result in bankbranches closing down, which would mean possible inconvenience topeople who use and rely on the banks, and jobs would be lost.Another social impact is that they are using the computer, as they donot have to leave the house to complete every day tasks, which couldcause isolation.
  10. 10. There are many problems associated with online banking, includingthreats of phishing websites, hacking and fraud.Phishing websites are very common with banking websites, becausepeople do not necessarily know that they have entered a phishingsite, as they are almost identical to the original site. Victims are tickedinto entering their personal and bank details, and then the attackersare able to hack into accounts.Hacking the accounts is also very easy. Hackers can use phishingwebsites to discover passwords and the other required information tolog onto their online banking account and although they can’t withdrawany money, they can however, find any details for the actual bankaccount.Criminals can commit fraud by transferring money from the victim’saccount to their account, or someone else’s account, after obtainingpersonal information, such as their login name and password.
  11. 11. A popular use of I.T is using the internet for research. Using wellknown search engines, such as, it makes it easier to locate and retrieveinformation, without putting in a lot of hard work and effort.A social impact of using the internet for research is that you rely heavilyon it and don’t use any other required resources, such as books. Thismeans that libraries might not be used as much, which could resultthem closing, which again, could cause inconvenience to othercustomers.Another social impact is that when you are on the computer, youisolate yourself, which could result you ignoring people. You couldcould also become very distracted.
  12. 12. There are a few threats to locating and retrieving information throughthe use of information. For example, information could be incorrect ornot strictly true, and this is especially common in blogs or forums. Thiscould affect your education, as you would be learning information thatisn’t relevant. Also, plagiarism is a very common problem. Peoplecould have copied information from an unreliable source, (such asnewspapers and magazines) and pass it off as their own.On some websites, documents and files are produced as extras, inwhich you can download and use. In these files, there could be virusesor malware hidden in, which could cause damage the computer.Some websites may not be easily accessible when looking forrelevant, and may ask you to sign up for the website, but this could beunsafe (you would have to sign up with personal information, and otherpeople could get hold of it).