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Chapter 11 Gazetted plan - Cadastral Surveying II


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Chapter 11 Gazetted plan - Cadastral Surveying II

  1. 1.  Isan announcement in an official journal (Merriam-Webster) Isa notice, order or notification in a specific government publication.
  2. 2.  Toinform general public on any notices, orders and notifications Asa legal document to proof that the notices, orders or notifications had been made public.
  3. 3.  Gazette of the State  Published by the State Authority Gazette of the Federation  Published by the federal Authority
  4. 4.  The State Director, the Registrar or Land Administrator may consolidate notifications in the gazette Such consolidated notification shall be deemed to constitute a good and sufficient in the gazette.
  5. 5.  Restricted Area Group Settlement Area Malay Reservation Area Forest Area Township and Municipal Extent Land Acquisition Reserves Area Electoral Boundaries etc
  6. 6. Gazette plan is a plan showingspecific boundaries or otherspatial information as specified inthe main gazette.
  7. 7. National Land Code 1965 requires thepreparation of Gazette Plan in any case ofland reservation; Section 62 Reservation of State Land Section 63 Lease Reserve Land Section 64 Revocation of Reservation
  8. 8.  Applicationfor the preparation of gazette plan comes from Land Office or related agency The application should include;  Draft plan showing the area to be gazetted  Purpose of Gazette  A copy of approval Authority  Survey Fees
  9. 9. Gazette plan can be prepared from several data sources including; Existing Certified Plan Existing Miscellaneous Plan Compilation New Survey
  10. 10. If the gazette plan is compiled from existingcertified plan or miscellaneous plan, linearmisclosure of the compiled lot shall not less than1:4000.
  11. 11. Field survey shall be carried out if no existingplan available over the proposed gazetted area orlinear misclosure of the compiled lot is belowthan 1:4000
  12. 12. • Data collection (field survey or compilations)• Prepare a draft of gazette plan• Submit draft to applicant for comments• Prepare final gazette plan• Approved by the Director of Survey• Submit 6 copies of gazette Plan
  13. 13. • Lot number• Area• North direction• Scale• Standard sheet number• Administrative boundaries• Adjacent lot and abuttal.
  14. 14.  Once receiving gazette plan from DSMM, the Land Office will prepare a draft of the gazette. The draft will be sent to the Director of Land and Mines for gazetting.