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Using Twitter to Make a Difference


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Basics of using Twitter are covered in this presentation. Advice is offered on how to maximize your account, gain followers, and build influence. I originally presented this for a group of people who were new to Twitter and wanting to learn more so they could be more politically involved. We had a great dialogue after the presentation and I opened up Hootsuite and discussed how I use lists and searches to manage and monitor content. Created by Ami Neiberger-Miller at Steppingstone LLC in February 2017.

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Using Twitter to Make a Difference

  1. 1. Using Twitter to Make a Difference Ami Neiberger-Miller, APR, MA Steppingstone LLC @AmazingPRMaven
  2. 2. Facts about Twitter It was started in March 2006. People noticed it in Jan. 2009 (famous photo of Hudson River landing).
  3. 3. What is Twitter?  It’s a social media platform that lets you have conversations in 140 characters or less.  You can attach pictures and links to your tweets.  You can write your own tweets and share someone else’s tweets.  Hashtags (#) are used to sort content by topic.  Twitter often breaks news and gets people talking.  Twitter can be fun!
  4. 4. Facts about Twitter  100 million people worldwide tweet daily.  67 million Twitter users are in the U.S.  There are 500 million tweets sent daily (6K per second).  About a third of “Tweeps” log on more than once a day.  80% of users access via mobile.  38% of millennials in the U.S. have a Twitter account.  24.6% of verified accounts are journalists.
  5. 5. Why Tweet? Get attention. Amplify news stories. Express yourself! Build up partners, organizations you care about. Inspire others to act.
  6. 6. Questions to Consider Before Creating a Twitter Account What do you want to tweet about? Issues/topics? What do you want to get out of tweeting? How much time do you have to tweet?
  7. 7. How to Create a Twitter Account  Go to  Click on sign up and click.  Fill out the form.  Choose a unique username.  Fill out your profile.  Add a photo.
  8. 8. Twitter Basics  Follow people you find interesting, news outlets.  Be nice. Avoid rudeness.  Thank your new followers.  Be conversational.  Add Twitter to your phone.  Use hashtags # to find topics you like.  Re-tweet things you like (or don’t like).  Try not to go past 120 characters.  Favorite tweets you like.
  9. 9. Advanced tips, time-saving  When at an event: look up the event hashtag and tweet photos on it, re-tweet what you observe.  Participate in a Thunderclap (  Use a program like Hootsuite for easy sharing and advance scheduling.  Make your own memes with  Sign up for Twitaholic/TwitterCounter  Use to clean up followers.  Look at your stats and how to improve.