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SHORTbusiness propNIDpresentation


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SHORTbusiness propNIDpresentation

  1. 1. NID New Ideas in Design
  2. 2. NID New Ideas in Design • NID= nest in French • NID is a lab, think tank launching pad and spring board for new Ideas, concepts, techniques and mediums, geared towards the design community and public at large. It will feature, exhibit, showcase new and upcoming design students, designers, established guest speakers, such as architects and well known designers, while the main dominant focal point on sustainability through the beauty of design. A good companion for design institutions and students. Need for NID • Launch pad for fledgling designers. • Think tank and experimental lab for sustainable designs • New design idea development • Promotion of sustainable products, practices, services and application through the beauty of design. • Positive psychological benefits for fledging, new designers through exposure and new developments. Raised self confidence and moral to persevere.
  3. 3. NID will hold sustainable thematic competitions mainly for design students or recently graduated design students. Some competitions and exhibitions will be open to the public. These works will be later on exposed in the gallery with sales option on a shared percentage commission basis. Workshops will be held and given by invited guest speakers, established professionals, and companies promoting new green technologies, products and services. Some of these companies will be the sponsors for the design challenge competitions. These workshops will be open to the design community and public at large. This will make a good complement to design school & programs.
  4. 4. Characteristics of the shell •Natures organic architectural structure •Interconnecting open spaced chambers through morphing lines •Smooth surfaces •Pearly finishes sometimes with metallic bight & warm hues •Visually appealing •Strong •Spiral lines and columns
  5. 5. Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid Architects The Opera House design is the latest realization of Zaha Hadid Architects’ unique exploration of contextual urban relationships, combining the cultural traditions that have shaped Guangzhou’s history, with the ambition and optimism that will create its future. Shaped to resemble two pebbles on the bank of the Pearl River, the building houses a 1,800-seat theatre plus 400-seat multifunctional hall, rehearsal rooms and entrance hall.
  6. 6. CONCHA ACUSTICA -(ACOUSTICAL SHELL) Managua, Nicaragua
  7. 7. NID will consist of: reception atrium (some designs on exhibition) administration offices Auditorium exhibition hall / gallery workshops labs conference rooms library computer lab bookstore & boutique cafeteria lounge ( green wall)
  8. 8. Applied materials
  9. 9. Random design features