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Power to the Patient: A Ground Breaking Approach to Patient Services


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Patients who have complex or chronic conditions—like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus—fight for more than their health; often they must fight through affordability and access barriers before they can even start their treatments. Learn how one company is simplifying that experience through the use of a unique, comprehensive technology ecosystem—and in the process improving the way pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients work together to improve health outcomes.

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Power to the Patient: A Ground Breaking Approach to Patient Services

  1. 1. Power to the Patient How Fusion redefines possibilities for patients Dreamforce 2017
  2. 2. (Picture of Tony’s aunt / family) 11/29/2017 CONFIDENTIAL2 Healthcare is deeply personal for all of us. Think about a recent healthcare experience that you, or someone that you loved, has faced. What were the challenges? What were the unknowns?
  3. 3. Even while faced with many pressures, manufacturers must transform to meet the evolving needs of patients Patient insights Speed to therapy Differentiated experience Brand loyalty Improved ROI Outcomes Competitive landscape Data quality and security Commercialization barriers Operational efficiency and rising costs Patient and provider experience @lashgroup | #powertothepatient | #DF17
  4. 4. Fusion’s design provides “Power to the Patient” Delivering a patient experience which is… • Personalized • Simple and seamless • Holistic throughout the journey @lashgroup | #powertothepatient | #DF17
  5. 5. Meet patients where there are in their journey 79% of patients value outreach, reminders and scheduling services. Only expect service offering to grow 54%¹ @lashgroup | #powertothepatient | #DF17 4 dimensions of a patient’s life-- socioeconomic, condition, health system and medication/therapy factors—impact nonadherence² ¹Accenture Research: Pharrma’s Growing Opportunity in Patient Services ²McKinsey Research: A 360-degree Approach to Patient Adherence
  6. 6. Leveraging data and multi-channel communications to create a personalized experience Data Management Platform Multi-channel communications Targeted Patient Insights Unique experience + = @lashgroup | #powertothepatient | #DF17 Database
  7. 7. Maximize services without maxing out your patients Simplifying the experience • Enhanced workflows customized for patient services resulting in automated decisions and improved workflow efficiency • Computer-Telephony Integration builds trust, improves responsiveness and decreases patient frustration regarding next steps @lashgroup | #powertothepatient | #DF17
  8. 8. Be present every step of the way throughout the journey 2 Automated and configured algorithms and business rules validate data and identify eligible patients faster for Patient Assistance Programs and copay approvals 1 Enables rapid integration across applications, allowing customers to consume new and emerging capabilities quickly and in a unified manner @lashgroup | #powertothepatient | #DF17
  9. 9. Power to the patient Personalized. Simple and Seamless. Holistic.