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INFORMATIONAL WEBINAR: America’s Promise Healthy Schools Fund


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As part of Together for Healthy and Successful Schools, America’s Promise will extend a new funding opportunity to communities seeking to create healthier school environments for all children. Recognizing that school-centered health intersects with many areas outside of education—housing, employment, transportation, and food access— efforts should serve as a hub for cross-sector collaboration, youth and community engagement, and broader policy and systemic change.

Three to five existing districts and/or community-level organizations will be selected to receive up to $150,000 each per year for two years (for a total of up to $300,000) to support collaborative efforts that display alignment with this vision and a proven ability to accelerate positive change for young people in schools and their communities.

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INFORMATIONAL WEBINAR: America’s Promise Healthy Schools Fund

  1. 1. America’s Promise Healthy Schools Fund Applicant Informational Webinar November 28th 2017
  2. 2. Agenda • America’s Promise Alliance background • Overview and purpose of the Healthy Schools Fund • What we’re looking for • Eligibility • Selection criteria • Application contents • Timeline • Q&A
  3. 3. America’s Promise Alliance BackgroundAmerica’s Promise Alliance Background
  4. 4. 4 A Healthy Start Effective Education Caring Adults Opportunities To Serve Safe Places Five PROMISES 400+NATIONAL PARTNERS 250+STATE & COMMUNITY PARTNERS America’s Promise Alliance
  5. 5. Healthy Schools Fund Overview and Purpose
  6. 6. The America’s Promise Healthy Schools Fund is part of Together for Healthy and Successful Schools, a collaborative initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. As a part of this initiative, America’s Promise Alliance seeks to activate and align existing and new stakeholders at both the local and national levels to support healthy school environments. Overview and Purpose
  7. 7. Overview and Purpose • America’s Promise extends this grant opportunity to organizations and communities working to create healthier school environments for all children • America’s Promise will award three to five grants of up to $150,000 each per year for two years (for a total of up to $300,000) America’s Promise Healthy Schools Fund
  8. 8. Overview and Purpose America’s Promise has partnered with five leading organizations to work with communities to learn about successfully supporting health and well-being in schools. Key learning questions that will guide our work: • What factors help or hinder schools in creating healthier school environments? • What levers can influence local, state, and federal school health policies? • What are the most effective ways to build public and political will to promote students’ health and well-being?
  9. 9. Overview and Purpose By joining this effort, grantees will drive local change while serving as models for national awareness building and learning. Grantees will have the opportunities to engage in the following support/activities to accelerate their work toward creating healthy schools: • Partnerships with content expert advisors • Youth engagement expertise • National and local communications support • Access to a learning community
  10. 10. What we’re looking for
  11. 11. Eligibility Applicants MUST: 1. Be a public, private, or non-profit organization with an explicit mission to serve children, youth, and communities (e.g. community-based organization, foundation, government agency, school district, collective impact coalition) 2. Be connected to multiple sectors (e.g. health, education, housing, economic development) and stakeholders across the community 3. Demonstrate evidence of prior collaboration with key stakeholders on health or education initiatives 4. Have school district commitment as a partner to the initiative and evidence of a collaborative relationship with key district leaders/officials; If the applicant is a school district, it must have community partner commitment and evidence of a collaborative relationship with leaders in the community 5. Have commitment to health equity and to serving young people facing the greatest obstacles to thriving 6. Be active in one of the following states: Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, or Washington
  12. 12. Selection Criteria 1. Demonstrated prior leadership in collective actions to change how systems, institutions, and individuals interact 2. Strong goals and compelling vision for leveraging this grant to advance healthy schools in your community 3. Clear articulation of how this grant furthers collaborative efforts. Insight into strategies and tactics will be pursued with additional support 4. Thoughtful approach for initiating or expanding authentic engagement of young people and other stakeholders 5. Experience in areas of the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community (WSCC) model and identification of new or existing local partners involved in further developing those efforts
  13. 13. Application Contents
  14. 14. Application Contents All applications must be submitted via the Grant Application Portal
  15. 15. Application Contents • Applicant information • School district(s)/community partner(s) letter(s) of commitment, lead/fiscal org information • Section A: Local context and collaborative efforts to date • Three narrative questions • Section B: Acceleration vision and plan • Seven narrative questions • Appendix 1: Core partnership support offerings • Checkbox options for learning and capacity- building opportunities from core partners • Note: Number/type of supports identified will not be used for evaluating proposals • Budget and budget narrative • One Excel template (2 tabs) • Scope of work • One Word template
  16. 16. Application Contents Tab 2Tab 1 Budget and Budget Narrative
  17. 17. Application Contents
  18. 18. Timeline November 13 2017 – Application package released November 28 2017 – Informational webinar December 7 2017 – Informational webinar January 22 2018 – Application deadline (8 pm ET) March 14 2018 – Announcement of funding decisions April 2018 – Grant start date April 2020 – Grant end date *America’s Promise may reach out to finalists during the review process to pose clarifying questions.
  19. 19. Questions ? • To ask a question, use the chat box in the panel on the right • Download the FAQ document (FAQ will be updated on a regular basis) • Email for any additional questions during the application period • These slides will be posted on the America’s Promise Healthy Schools Fund web page: schools-fund