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APA CommNet Digital Webinar Series Part 3 - Advanced Use of LinkedIn


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Andrea Carlos, Project Manager at LinkedIn explored how you can use LinkedIn to recruit employees, volunteers and board members and fundraise using your company's profile.

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APA CommNet Digital Webinar Series Part 3 - Advanced Use of LinkedIn

  1. 1. 1 Advanced Use of LinkedIn Andrea Carlos LinkedIn
  2. 2. 2 Watch Our Past Webinars Part I – LinkedIn 101: The Basics • Personal benefits of LinkedIn: the components of a strong profile, introduction to LinkedIn Students app Part II – Elevating Awareness of your Nonprofit • Completing your organization’s company page, getting followers involved, posting status updates
  3. 3. What is this webinar about? - Nonprofit branding - - Recruitment - - Social Fundraising
  4. 4. What is your organization looking to get out of LinkedIn? Quick Poll Branding Full time employees Volunteers or board members Fundraising relationships
  5. 5. Branding Grow and engage followers Talent Branding
  6. 6. Your Company Page Engaging followers on LinkedIn Branding
  7. 7. Status Updates Engaging followers on LinkedIn Branding Consider this: Engage & grow your followers base by regularly sharing company updates 84% (on avg) increase in engagement by including a link in your company update Posting images results in a 98% higher comment rate
  8. 8. Employee Profiles Engaging followers on LinkedIn Branding
  9. 9. Targeted Ads Engaging followers on LinkedIn Branding
  10. 10. Have you thought about Talent Branding? Branding
  11. 11. Show off what it’s like to work at your organization CareersCareer Page Branding
  12. 12. Questions
  13. 13. Recruitment Board Members, Employees & Volunteers Find candidates and reach out! Post to let candidates find your job.
  14. 14. Has your current organization used LinkedIn to recruit employees, volunteers or board members? Quick Poll Yes I don’t know No, but it’s in the plan No, we’re not interested in that right now
  15. 15. Find candidates you want Recruitment
  16. 16. Manage the right candidates Management tools One-click InMail Full names and profiles for 3rd degree Premium search facets Recruitment
  17. 17. Reach out ✓ Target, target, target. ✓ Make the first InMail short, personal and actionable. ✓ Include a common connection, if possible Recruitment
  18. 18. job title job description, desired skills and expertise location Post your jobs clickable link to company page how candidates apply Job post $NP discount Recruitment
  19. 19. Posting Volunteer or Board Opportunities Go to: Recruitment
  20. 20. The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco Highlights  Reduced time to fill from 100 days to 62.  Cut spending in half by posting jobs to LinkedIn instead of Craigslist.  Built a pipeline of candidates for future positions.
  21. 21. Questions
  22. 22. Redefining Social Fundraising Social fundraising definition How to use LinkedIn for fundraising
  23. 23. More charitable than you might think Our members:
  24. 24. What is social fundraising? Social fundraising proactively leverages relationships and insights to find the right people and secure connections. Social fundraisers drive relationships. Fundraising
  25. 25. How to Use LinkedIn for Fundraising Find the right connections to build strategic partnerships Target foundations and corporations to develop meaningful relationships Engage and manage existing donor relationships Leverage your board’s relationships efficiently Drive strategic partnerships1 Establish institutional connections2 Cultivate existing relationships3 Leverage board connections4 Fundraising
  26. 26. Drive strategic partnerships 1) Identify a partnership you’re working to foster 1) Search to find the right contacts 1) Narrow the list to the people you need to connect with 1) See how you’re connected and ask for an introduction Fundraising
  27. 27. Establish key institutional relationships (foundations and corporations) Fundraising
  28. 28. Best Practice – Your Profile  Add a picture (11x more views)  Include a creative headline  Create a personal summary  Show, don’t tell – video goes a long way  Fill out the volunteer & causes section Pro tip
  29. 29. Best Practice – Board Members ▪ Connect with all of your board members! ▪ Run through your target list of donors / prospects and identify where relationships exist – either with your board or across your network. ▪ Before a meeting, look up attendees on LinkedIn – are they connected to anyone you know? Are they connected to your board? ▪ “Profiles Also Viewed” is a great way to expand your view on LinkedIn Pro tip
  30. 30. Best Practice – Volunteers ▪ Ask volunteers to add their work with you to their LinkedIn profile ▪ Build an auto-response: –When a volunteer signs up, send them an automated email asking them to include their involvement on their LinkedIn profile ▪ Summarize events in blog posts, and ask your volunteers to share on with their networks on LinkedIn Pro tip
  31. 31. Questions
  32. 32. After these webinars, how confident are you feeling on leveraging LinkedIn to elevate your organization? Quick Poll Very confident - I’m a LinkedIn rockstar! Somewhatconfident-Stilldigestingall theinfo,butthefuturelooksbright! Not at all confident - I still have more questions than answers
  33. 33. Master LinkedIn 301 with these steps: Branding Recruiting Fundraising  Ask supporters to follow you  Use advanced search or Recruiter to find candidates  Connect with your board and volunteers  Post updates  Reach out using InMails  Make sure organization presence is strong – post updates  Evaluate your Talent Brand  Post full time / volunteer / board member opportunities  Talk to us about institutional fundraising and building relationships with corporate donors / foundations. Email:  Add a Career Page, sponsor updates, or target ads if it helps your goals  Check out LinkedIn Solutions (with nonprofit discounts) if you’re hiring more than 5 people
  34. 34. LinkedIn Webinar Series Recap 101 201 301 ✓ Add multiple owners to your Company Page ✓ Make your Company Page pop ✓ Post updates from your organization on LinkedIn ✓ Have directors publish thought leadership pieces ✓ Branding ✓ Recruiting: post and search for volunteers, board members, employees ✓ Recruiting solutions ✓ Fundraising ✓ Fill out all components of your profile ✓ Make personal connections to colleagues, board members, and supporters ✓ Post updates on LinkedIn
  35. 35. For more information: