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Song Inspired Marketing Content


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Marketing Lessons set to famous lyrics

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Song Inspired Marketing Content

  1. 1. Marketing Music Basics
  2. 2. Here’s how to transform marketing into "Gold on the Ceiling“ - Black Keys
  3. 3. Marketing is strategic. Don't “Hold up, hey”. Think about the “Next episode." Dadadadada …. - Dr. Dre
  4. 4. And CMOs are owning more of the IT budget. "Ain't That Good News"! - Sam Cooke
  5. 5. Because good content can get your deal “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.“ - Steve Wonder
  6. 6. But Does Content Marketing have you struggling with where to start? “You are Not Alone." - Michael Jackson
  7. 7. Good marketing content should “Rock Your Body”. Well, your customer’s digital body language. - Justin Timberlake
  8. 8. Customers
  9. 9. If you haven't spoken with a customer for “The Longest Time”, you're doing it wrong. - Billy Joel
  10. 10. There's always "Two Sides to Every Story". Tell your customer's side. - Etta James
  11. 11. Are you proactive with your customer relationships or is it reactive and "All Apologies"? - Nirvana
  12. 12. Still talking about how great you are? "You're so vain". Focus on the customer. - Carly Simon
  13. 13. "You've "Got to be real" in your content. Big words don't impress." Cheryl Lynn
  14. 14. Map your buyer's journey. Look at "Every Little Step" they take. - Bobby Brown.
  15. 15. Engage your customers. Make them the focus. They'll be “forever yours, Faithfully“. - Journey
  16. 16. Don't market with a “Poker Face”. You have no secrets. Market with transparency. - Lady Gaga
  17. 17. Stop being "Paranoid" about what your competitors might learn. You have no secrets. Be transparent. - Black Sabbath
  18. 18. Develop a welcome campaign for new customers and followers. Tell them I'm "Glad You Came". - The Wanted
  19. 19. "Oops! .. I did it again”. I pushed my product and lost sight of the customer value. - Britney Spears
  20. 20. Content Creation
  21. 21. Define your story and make it "Human". Be relative and real. - The Killers
  22. 22. When writing copy always ask "So What?". This helps in uncovering the true value. - Pink
  23. 23. Cut the copy. Write snackable content. Work on “Little Talks". - Of Monsters and Men
  24. 24. Your email subject line should "Just Give Me a Reason" why I should read your email. - Pink and Fun.
  25. 25. Support global marketing efforts with transferable communications. Show some "International Love". - Pitbull
  26. 26. Support your content with strong metrics. Facts will make you "2 Legit 2 Quit". - MC Hammer
  27. 27. Demonstrate value and become customer obsessed. Only then will your competitors “Beat It“. - Michael Jackson.
  28. 28. Don't just write. Tell a story with some “Sweet Emotion“. - Aerosmith
  29. 29. Are marketing buzzwords giving you “Vertigo”? Me too. “Give me something I can feel." - U2
  30. 30. Does content creation have you in a "Stranglehold"? Audit, reuse, and repurpose what you have. - Ted Nugent
  31. 31. Could you “Use Somebody” to help with content development? Look at what you already have. It'll “Make You Notice." - Kings Of Leon
  32. 32. Is Your Marketing Message “Bouncing Round the Room?” Focus! - Phish
  33. 33. Lyricize Social And Mobile
  34. 34. Customers should love your transparency not "love the way you lie". - Eminem.
  35. 35. What's your social strategy? Are you finally using social media, “At Last”?. - Etta James
  36. 36. "Don't get by on your own”. Effective social marketing can't be done “Alone." - Heart
  37. 37. Mobile content should be "Dynamite". Short & explosive. Mobile users want to act fast. - Taio Cru
  38. 38. "You're not going to reach my Telephone”, so try connecting via social media. - Lady Gaga
  39. 39. Strum Through Subscription And Forms
  40. 40. Is your content "Overprotected"? Become more accessible. - Britney Spears
  41. 41. Don't kill me with form fields. Ask for only what you need and “Send Me On My Way". - Rusted Root
  42. 42. Your unreasonable form fields Make me “feel like I've been locked out of heaven“. - Bruno Mars
  43. 43. Create a communication subscription center so customers can say "I want it that way“…. - Backstreet Boys
  44. 44. “Here I Go Again”, giving you info you already have. Don't ask for data you already have. - Whitesnake
  45. 45. … as well as to "Regulate" your unsubscribes. - Warren G and Nate Dogg
  46. 46. Do your marketing campaigns deliver a "Return to Sender"? Implement a data cleansing process. - Elvis Presley
  47. 47. Sales And Revenue Make A Sweet Sound
  48. 48. Does your buy-cycle last "A Thousand Years"? Nurture and lead score to improve the cycle - Christina Perri
  49. 49. "Do the “Tracks of Your Tears” lead back to poor revenue performance?" - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  50. 50. Are there "Blurred Lines" between marketing and sales? This is a good, time to integrate your systems. - Robin Thicke
  51. 51. Commit to your sales teams. Tell them "I won't give up in us". - Jason Mraz
  52. 52. "Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go straight to my prospects heart". - Sam Cooke
  53. 53. Qualify opportunities so sales isn't saying "Call Me Maybe". - Carly Rae Jepsen
  54. 54. Because business is real-time, it can't be a "slow ride" or you'll miss opportunity - Foghat
  55. 55. "Even the best fall down sometimes”, but focus on enablement and finally “Collide” with sales. - Howie Day
  56. 56. Use Revenue Performance Management to track the "Circle of Life" of opportunities - Elton John
  57. 57. Nurture prospects until their ready. Sales “Will Wait for You” to be qualified. - Mumford & Sons
  58. 58. Target The Right Notes
  59. 59. Behavior based marketing campaigns will trigger a “Rhythm of Love” with prospects. - Plain White T's
  60. 60. Segment & target by geography. You could see "Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes". - Jimmy Buffett
  61. 61. Personalize and target your marketing communications. They shouldn't just be a "Drive By". - Train
  62. 62. If prospects have “99 Problems” then Money Ain't a Thing. If it is, move On To the Next One. - Jay-Z
  63. 63. "Billie Jean is not my lover" and your product is not a fit for me. Target your audience & focus. - MJ
  64. 64. If your marketing is a “tragedy’ let your customers be the “remedy”. They can bring "clarity“ - Zedd
  65. 65. Find The Beat With Marketing Automation
  66. 66. "If I had $1,000,000" I'd invest in marketing and sales technology and expertise. - Barenaked Ladies
  67. 67. "Who Can It Be Now?” Use Marketing Automation sales tools to convert unknown visitors. - Men At Work
  68. 68. Are your web visitors “Strangers in the Night”? Convert with content. - Frank Sinatra
  69. 69. Get marketing buy-in from the “Suit and Tie” bunch…. - Justin Timberlake
  70. 70. "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me”. Sell, don't stalk with marketing automation. - Rockwell
  71. 71. The Final Verse
  72. 72. "It's All Been Done”. Challenge yourself to be original. - Bare Naked Ladies
  73. 73. But some of your marketing should be disruptive. It’s ok to “Push It". - Salt-N-Pepa
  74. 74. Become a disruptive marketer. Start an "Uprising". - Muse
  75. 75. Develop a "Hall of Fame" of your customers. Highlight all they've accomplished. - The Script.
  76. 76. "Wannabe” their vendor? Ask. They'll tell you what they want, what they really really want. - Spice Girls