Rigging Fundamentals


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This is what the NCCER test will consist of.

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Rigging Fundamentals

  1. 1. National Craft Assessment and Certification Program B L U E P R I N TRigging Fundamentals (RIGFUN38)Version 1, released July 2005, for Rigging Fundamentals, 1st Module # of Number Topic Area QuestionsEdition, July 2005 00106-04 Basic Rigging 7Overview – This written assessment is a two-hour,closed-book examination. You will be permitted to use 38101-05 Rigging Equipment 16a nonprogrammable, nonprinting calculator duringthe examination. The Assessment Center will provideany necessary pencils. No extra papers, books, notes or 38102-05 Rigging Practices 17study material are allowed in the testing area. The Total Number of Questions 40Assessment Center will provide a list of any additionalmaterial that is approved for reference during theassessment session. There are no approved references for this assessment.Study Material – All NCCER written assessments arereferenced to Contren® Learning Series modules. You The cut score for this assessment is 70%may order modules from Prentice Hall by calling (800)922.0579 or by logging on to www.crafttraining.com. This form was last updated July 14, 2005 Note: Please see “Topic Area” for module referencesAssessment Development – All questions on each in previous editions, where applicable. You may alsoassessment have been developed and approved by reference the equivalency matrix to find out whichsubject matter experts from the respective craft. older modules apply.Assessment development and administration operatesunder the direction of Prov, NCCER’s testing partner.Credentials – NCCER will send appropriatecredentials (certificate, wallet card, and officialtranscript) to the Assessment Center upon successfulcompletion of the written assessment. For APIassessments, candidates must meet the cut score ofeach individual topic area within the entire assessmentto receive NCCER certification, even if topic arearequirements are met for API.Training Prescription Reports – Each candidate willhave access to individual results of the writtenassessment on NCCER’s website. This trainingprescription will include the overall score and resultsby topic area.National Registry – Assessment results will bemaintained in NCCER’s National Registry and be apart of each candidate’s training records. Theserecords are stored and become a portable record ofyour training and assessment achievements.Focus Statement – The craft worker must be able tosupport their craft with the following fundamentalrigging skills:• Select and inspect rigging hardware used in common lifts• Properly attach rigging hardware and slings for routine lifts• Use and interpret hand signals and other standardized communication• Select and use chain hoists, comealongs and jacks in support of craft-related activities• Demonstrate safety procedures at all times National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) 3600 NW 43rd St., Bldg. G • Gainesville, Fl • 32606 • Ph: (352) 334.0911 • Fax: (352) 334.0932 • www.NCCER.org