Inside the Mind of a Golfer


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Golf is a very cerebral game. Lucky for you, we took the thinking out of it and put together this infographic so you can learn how a golfer thinks.

You’ve got to think your way around the course. Clear your mind before the next shot. Judge the wind and guess how the ball will react. It’s a lot to think about.

But we wanted to dig a bit deeper and try to uncover some insights into what exactly is going on between a golfer’s ears. So we put together this handy infographic about the mind of a golfer to help you digest what it is we’re all thinking.

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Inside the Mind of a Golfer

  1. r e f l o G INSIDE THE MIND of a American Golf Corporation
  2. Presented by American Golf Corporation
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  4. 22.5 million are male average age 54 percent of total US population who play 9.6% 19.7 million are married % 68 6.5 million are female % 22.5 % 77.5 Total U.S. Golfers: 29million 19.4 million are college educated % white collar workers % 50 $ 67 percent who use the internet regularly average household income 95,000 % 90 tweet this
  5. A TYPICAL DRIVE IS... 291 Yards (tour pro) 235 Yards (average joe) The average golfer's handicap is 15.1 tweet this
  6. 67 none % How many drinks do you consume in a typical round? 1-2 drinks 22 % 3-4 drinks 8 % 4+ drinks 37 % believe they play better with a drink or two. tweet this 3 %
  7. Don’t know % 29 % 16 % 55 HAS MODERN EQUIPMENT SAVED YOU 3+ strokes? No Yes 2,776 $ The average golfer spends tweet this on his game annually
  8. % 25 Would you skip A MAJOR LIFE EVENT to play at augusta national? NO % 75 (anniversary or child's birthday) YES tweet this
  9. % 77 What’s your favorite major to watch? the masters % 7 the british open % 2 PGA championship % 14 the US open tweet this
  10. % 15 WHEN ARE YOU HAPPIEST ON THE GOLF COURSE? % 18 playing with my favorite golf buddy % 67 when I hit the ball well, regardless of my score tweet this when shooting a career low
  11. MOST COMMON VIOLATIONS: % 64 % 36 Played an O.B. ball as if it had landed in-bounds Improved the lie of your ball % 40 tweet this Not counted one or more strokes
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