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When Will You Be Ready? Mommy Makeover


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If you’re planning on attending a big event and can’t wait to show off the results of your “mommy makeover,” you’ll want to make sure you time your surgery right. Use the infographic below to make sure you’re happy, healed, and ready to reveal your changes in time for the big day!

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When Will You Be Ready? Mommy Makeover

  1. 1. WHEN WILL YOU BE READY? Mommy Makeover You’ll need around two to three months to be ready to fully enjoy the results of a Mommy Makeover if it includes a tummy tuck. Time your surgery well ahead of any big event using the dates below: NEW YEARS OCT 25 Your individual recovery period may differ from the dates above. Be sure to communicate with your cosmetic surgeon about any upcoming dates or events you want to be ready for! TO BE READY FOR: HAVE SURGERY BY: VALENTINE’S DAY DEC 01 JUNE WEDDINGS MAR 01 SUMMER BREAK MAR 12 THE 4TH OF JULY APRIL 20 LABOR DAY JUNE 22 HALLOWEEN COSTUMING AUG 14 THANKSGIVING SEPT 05 CHRISTMAS OCT 15