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What It Takes to Become an ABCS Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon


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The ABCS is the only board that requires its surgeons to display knowledge and experience in cosmetic surgery procedures. Whereas the residency requirements for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery do not formally require cosmetic surgery training, surgeons seeking ABCS board certification focus entirely on cosmetic surgery during their fellowship. It is during this extensive training period that ABCS candidate surgeons are required to perform at least 300 cosmetic procedures, allowing them to focus entirely on aesthetic enhancements of the breast, body, and face. Additionally, they receive in-depth training in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, including BOTOX® and dermal filler injectable treatments, laser resurfacing, and skin care. This specialized training denotes a surgeon’s desire to focus their patient care on cosmetic surgery.

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What It Takes to Become an ABCS Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

  1. 1. 3-5 YEARS4 YEARS 4 YEARS DIPLOMATE YEARS College Medical School Board Certified in 1 of 7 Approved Residency Programs AACS Fellowship including at least 300 cosmetic surgery procedures (required) Oral & Written Board Certification Exam WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME AN ABCS BOARD CERTIFIED COSMETIC SURGEON 1-2 YEARS Recertification exam, required every 10 years to maintain certification