Federal Policy Briefing 7-19-12


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APBP / Alliance for Biking & Walking webinar
Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Federal Policy Briefing 7-19-12

  1. 1. U.S. Federal Transportation Policy BriefingAPBP / Alliance for Biking & Walking webinar Thursday, July 19, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda1. Clarifications & corrections from two weeks ago2. Review of Transportation Alternatives (covered in last webinar)3. Other changes to MAP-214. Next Steps
  3. 3. Changes and Corrections
  4. 4. Mandatory Sidepath Law• Applies: – On federal lands – 30 mph or over – Sidepath within 100 yards (not 100 feet)• Secretary can override “if the road has a Bicycle level of service B or better” – Gives states and advocates an “out”• For more information: League of American Bicyclists & Adventure Cycling Association
  5. 5. Additional Changes & Corrections• Transportation Alternatives funding approx.$800 million• CMAQ ban on SOV lane miles is back in place – States CANNOT use CMAQ to build single-occupancy vehicle lane miles – Earlier confusion due to drafting error• Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse not eliminated – Administrative, not created by law, so was not zeroed out
  6. 6. Follow up on questions from last time• Local match for Transportation Alternatives – Overall 20% local match requirement remains – For SRTS projects – 100% federal funding still possible• Of potentially available funding, what may qualify for educational, encouragement, and/or enforcement programs? – SRTS – Safe Routes for non-drivers (unclear) – New CMAQ eligibility• Status of the Federal Land Highways program and Sarbanes TRIP? – Eligibility for bike/ped remains – Sarbanes TRIP (Transit in the Parks) eliminated – Overall funding for federal lands transportation is reduced – Opportunity: National Federal Lands Facility Inventory
  7. 7. Review of Transportation Alternatives
  8. 8. Transportation Alternatives• For more information… – Latest analysis posted on americabikes.org – Our analysis of new bike/ped policy:bit.ly/BikeWalkMAP21 – Rails to Trails Conservancy’s maps of MPOs by population in each state: bit.ly/MPOsByPop
  9. 9. Other changes to MAP-21
  10. 10. Surface Transportation Program (STP)• Higher funding, more competition on non sub- allocated funds• Sub-allocation to metropolitan areas – Same dollar amount as before – Smaller percentage – Important source of funding
  11. 11. Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ)• Ban on Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) lanes IS in place (technical correction)• Particulate Matter 2.5 (diesel)• New Eligibilities – Turn lanes – Project or program that shifts traffic demand to nonpeak hours or other transportation modes or otherwise reduces demand for roads during peak times (eg, carsharing, telecommuting, etc.)
  12. 12. Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ)• Transferability – States can now transfer up to 50% of CMAQ to other programs – Increase from ~ 21% in SAFETEA LU• States can obligate funds for non-attainment areas without regard for type of air quality
  13. 13. Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ)• Evaluation and Assessment – DOT with EPA shall evaluate projects based on cost-effectiveness per: • Congestion mitigation • Air quality improvement• Outcome Assessment – DOT and EPA Assess and Document • Emissions reductions • Air quality and Human Health impacts
  14. 14. Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)• HSIP funding increases under MAP-21• In writing plans, states must consult with: – State nonmotorized representative – May include representatives from stakeholder groups
  15. 15. Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)• New data and research requirements for states – Improvement in gathering nonmotorized crash data – States shall consider motor vehicle crashes that include fatalities or serious injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists – Crash frequency and crash rate data – Identify roadway elements and features that constitute hazard...[and/or] safe conditions
  16. 16. Federal Lands Program• Consolidated programs; cuts funding overall• Eliminated the Transit in the Parks program (AKA- Sarbanes TRIP Program)• Mandatory Sidepath Law• Bicycling and walking still eligible• National Federal Lands Facility Inventory – Important to ensure bike/ped projects get on this TIP
  17. 17. Next Steps
  18. 18. Next Steps• US DOT to provide guidance on the new law – America Bikes is providing input • Contact us at http://www.americabikes.org/tip • caron@americabikes.org – USDOT is creating a portal for input• State DOTs need to set up grant programs/processes• Ensure a robust and grant application process at the State and MPO level
  19. 19. What America Bikes and Partners are doing• Guidance• Recommendations moving forward – Will provide materials and tool kits for state and local advocacy organizations – Coordinate with National organizations moving forward • Transportation Alternatives • TIGER• Advocacy Advance – Election toolkit – Surveying MPO grant programs – Highlighting best practices (CMAQ, HSIP, etc)
  20. 20. What you can do• Tell your state: obligate existing funds! –Continue to push in planning process (TIP)• Urge DOT/Governor to not opt out – Don’t opt out of Rec Trails Program – Don’t opt out of Transportation Alternatives
  21. 21. What you can do• Publicize your success – Show me events – Success stories (quantitative data) – Document the need – Media on local support and local success