Introduction to APNA Mentor Match


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Learn about APNA's mentoring program!

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Introduction to APNA Mentor Match

  1. 1. APNA Mentor Match A Member Bridge tool forfinding your mentor or mentee and making contact
  2. 2. Accessing Mentor Match on Member BridgeClick on “Mentoring” in the main menu bar for options.
  3. 3. You can: Learn more about the program Enroll as a mentor or mentee Find a mentor or mentee Look at your mentoring relationships Access a community of members participating in the program Browse resources for mentoring
  4. 4. About Mentor MatchThis page gives a brief overview and directs you to pageswhere you can edit your profile’s detailed information,enroll as a mentor/mentee, etc.
  5. 5. Now you’re ready to enroll!
  6. 6. Step 1: Preparing Your Member Profile The first step to participating in the Mentor Match system is to complete your profile in the APNA Membership Database. Follow the directions in the Step 1 box to edit your Member Profile, then hit the “Refresh My Data link:
  7. 7. Preparing Your Member Profile Click on “Member Profile” to edit your detailed information.  These fields will be populated automatically into your mentor/mentee profile on Mentor Match. (Don’t forget to “Save” when you’re finished!)
  8. 8. Step 2:Enrolling as a Mentor• Most of the detailed information will be populated from your APNA Member Profile, but you will also need to complete a few fields that are specific to your Mentoring Profile.
  9. 9. Mentoring Fields: Mentor StatusThe status field allows you to select: whether you arecurrently active or inactive as a mentor, the maximumnumber of mentees you’d like to have at one time, andyour dates of availability.To edit your status at anytime, click on“Edit Mentor Status”.
  10. 10. Editing Your Mentor Status You can enter start & end dates, choose to temporarily not participate, and edit the maximum number of mentees.
  11. 11. Mentoring Fields: Mentoring Venue Select how you’d like to interact with your mentees: via internet, phone, video conference or face-to-face. You can also communicate with your mentee through Member Bridge via the “email” option.
  12. 12. Mentoring Fields: Time Commitment The options for “Time Commitment” are:  1-2 hours per month  3-4 hours per month  5+ hours per month
  13. 13. Mentoring Fields: Preceptor Indicate whether or not you are willing to serve as apreceptor.
  14. 14. Populated Fields The rest of the Mentor Profile fields are populated from your APNA Member Profile. For information on how to edit these fields, see “Preparing Your Member Profile”.
  15. 15. Save Your Enrollment:
  16. 16. Mentor / Mentee Profile When you enroll, a Mentor and/or Mentee Profile tab will appear on your Member Bridge profile.
  17. 17. Mentor / Mentee Profile  A Mentor or Mentee Badge will also appear under your Member Bridge profile picture.  A mentor/mentee can send you a message in the system through the link underneath the badge.
  18. 18. Finding MenteesOnce you have enrolled as a Mentor, you can nowsearch for mentees through the Find A Mentee page.
  19. 19. Finding Mentees When searching, be sure to note the radio buttons that indicate whether you are searching for ANY or ALL of the selected values.
  20. 20. Finding Mentees: The Match Once you have chosen your “search by” fields, the system will pull a list of enrolled mentees who match the criteria indicated. You can then browse through the list, clicking on the person’s more detailed Mentor Profile for additional information to help in your choice.
  21. 21. Mentoring Request When you find a person with whom you’d like to initiate a mentoring relationship, you can send a request -- which will appear on the person’s My Mentoring Relationships page. The person can then review the request, and accept or decline it.
  22. 22. My Mentoring RelationshipsThis page shows any requests, active relationships,previous mentoring relationships, and declined requests.
  23. 23. Mentees Searching for Mentors The Enroll as a Mentee and Find A Mentor pages are very similar, and the processes for finding a match are the same:  Enroll as a Mentee  Find A Mentor  Review the List of Matches  Send a Request
  24. 24. The Mentor Match system helps members find each other,initiating the mentoring relationship.
  25. 25. Mentoring Resources Resources will be available to assist and advise, some of which the Administrative Council’s workgroup for mentoring have been compiling. Possible educational session about mentoring and developing the mentoring relationship  Possibly with contact hours and posted on the APNA eLearning Center
  26. 26. Mentoring Resources Member Bridge community for members enrolled as Mentors and/or Mentees  Directory  eGroup  Library  Blogs
  27. 27. Plan for Launch Recommendations from the BOD & Councils on the profile fields Development of materials for mentoring resources by the councils Launch to APNA membership as a “beta test” Ask for feedback & recommendations from participants Improve / make changes as necessary!