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Social Media Crisis Management


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Social media crisis management, a presentation by Amer Massimi, the managing partner of Hashtag Social Media Agency at Arab Net 2012

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Social Media Crisis Management

  1. 1. Social Media Crisis Management
  2. 2. Why Social Media Crisis? Came along way from 2011 Brands are participating in social platforms Rapidly. Executing campaigns, building bigger fan bases They are all having fun, but does it end here? Social media offers great stuff to brands and there is the other side too, social Media Crises. No brand is TOO BIG or TOO LOVABLE to suffer aSocial media crisis.
  3. 3. A Classic social media crisis caseA small band with no recognition, led by the artist Dave Carol.They earn their living by playing in different venues.Traveling through 2 cities on United Airlines, the luggage handlersbroke his guitar.United Airlines repeatedly declined to reimburse Dave after 9 months of trying.
  4. 4. One song, too much damage!Dave Carol did what he does best, wrote a song, shot it, and uploaded on YouTube..
  5. 5. A Social media Crisis at its BEST!12 Million views on YouTube.The song became a hit on YouTube.Main Stream Media jumped in, covered in newspapers, radio, TV channels andnewspapers: CNN, CBS, FOX USA Today, LA Times & NY Times covered the story.More than 150,000 posts on United Airlines incident .
  6. 6. United’s reaction
  7. 7. Social Media Crises are on the Rise Altimeter research 2012
  8. 8. Brands in our region and in Saudi are not an exception!
  9. 9. A local case: Marai Marai faced an online crisis in 2011 when it increased the price of its products. They had zero presence on social networks. They had to go back to the original price. Last month, Marai increased the price of some of the products again. The campaign against them online was ten-fold. Marai have great presence by now:What were the results?
  10. 10. A local case: Marai- The numbers
  11. 11. Stats
  12. 12. The ReactionWebsite: zero communication regarding the crisis.Facebook page, not one post regarding the crisis.Twitter account: only 4 posts, explaining the highCommodities prices.
  13. 13. The Only Reaction found- twitter
  14. 14. Who won???
  15. 15. Marai Proper reaction Marai is a great brand. This is a mere case study, and the incident can happen to any brand. Marai increased the price, because of the rising commodity prices and not at all from agreedy point of view Marai Slogan is “Quality you Trust” and their main priority to to sustain the quality andthe price hikes are the last resort . Marai should have done 2 things:- Arm your Army: Capitalize on the huge following and educate them BEFORE the price hikes.- Respond when the crisis happened and show customers that they listened to them and try to educate them about WHY this price increase has to happen.
  16. 16. Three-Fourth of social media crises could have beenaverted or at least diminished.
  17. 17. What is social media crisisOne negative tweet on your brand is not a crisis.You will always face difficulty with some customers.
  18. 18. What is social media crisis3 characteristics of a social media crisis: Lack of Information A big change in the negative online conversationsbaseline A highly undesirable outcome on your business
  19. 19. 7 Steps to Manage to a Social Media CrisisListening & Acknowledgment,“We know, and we are working on it”
  20. 20. Steps to Manage to a Social Media CrisisRespond on the same social platform WHEREVER the crisis ishappening. Then post it on all other platforms.Have an internal alert protocol(contact flow chart) who to callwhen the crisis is happening.
  21. 21. Steps to Manage to a Social Media CrisisBe Genuinely Sorry. This is where most companies fail.
  22. 22. Steps to Manage to a Social Media CrisisBuild a pressure relief valve: where people can vent, this is bestdone on a platform you can control (Facebook page or on your blog)
  23. 23. Steps to Manage to a Social Media Crisis Know when to take it offline. Crisis management isn’t aboutbeing right, its about damage control, you can never winan online battle with your customers.
  24. 24. Steps to Manage to a Social Media CrisisLearn your lesson.Make copies of all the tweets, posts…etcWhere did the traffic came from? Twitter, Facebook, YouTube?How was the team response the crisis, where to adjust?
  25. 25. Local Case Study: Itechia social media crisis management Number one Apple retail distributor in Saudi Arabia More than 17 branches around the kingdomOne day, an employee asked a customer (mom with her child on a wheel chair) to becareful or leave the branch because he is worried about the flooring.By chance, the uncle ( a well known IT figure in Saudi) tweeted about the incident andmentioned that he will never visit the store again.Massive storm, retweets, mentions, blogs, which resulted in a boycott campaign becausethe brand does not support people with special needs.
  26. 26. The Story in Tweets Offline World: One happy customer will tell 10 people, and one dissatisfied customer will tell 50 Online world: One happy customer will tell 100 And one dissatisfied customer reach is Infinite.
  27. 27. Itechia- social media crisis management We knew about the crisis in the same night 5 main decisions were taken next day:1. Twitter announcement: We know, we are investigating.2. Personal apology, The chairman went personally to the house of the customer, apologized3. Public apology: itechia chose one branch, and invited customers to witness a public apology for the child4. Issued a PR release that was distributed on the social platforms.5. Launched a partnership with a special needs association in Saudi, made the branches special need friendly (parking, flooring…etc)
  28. 28. After Math
  29. 29. After Math