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300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali

  1. 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali
  2. 2 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali We have designed this 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training specifically for existing yoga teachers who wish to deepen and expand their understanding of yoga. Throughout the first half of the training (15 training days plus days off), the main focus will be Rocket Yoga, complemented by Handstands & Mobility and Anatomy & Physiology followed by the second half (15 training days plus days off) you will immerse yourself in the study of Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians, Vinyasa & Creative Sequencing as well as Yoga Philosophy.
  3. 3 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Yoga Alliance Accreditation RYT 500 This course is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance, and graduates will be eligible to register 300 hours of Continuing Education (CE) towards their RYT 500 registration. The prerequisite for this course is a 200hr RYT, however, in exceptional cases of relevant experience, it is possible for us to accept applicants without prior 200-hour certification.
  4. • Rocket Yoga will be the first part of the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Rocket Yoga style is a dynamic practice that promises to "take you there" faster. Rocket Yoga was designed by late founder Larry Schultz. It consists of fast-paced sequences, intriguing transitions, and strengthening arm balances/ inversions. • Modified from traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Rocket yoga pertains key elements of Ashtanga yoga but made accessible for all levels, conditions, and lineages of practitioners. In traditions of Ashtanga yoga, Rocket yoga focuses on the foundations of Ujjayi breath, bandhas engagement, steady gaze and vinyasa synchronicity. Progressively, Rocket offers you a sense of creativity and an uplifting tempo elevating your personal practice to an untouched height. MODULE 1 ROCKET YOGA TRAINING with David Adame
  5. 5 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Program Components Training curriculum: • Rocket I & II sequencing • Breathing pattern & techniques • Drishti (the integration of focus into your practice). • Postural analysis: a detailed anatomical & functional breakdown of each posture • Scripting & leading Rocket classes • 140 Ashtanga postures in Rocket sequences • The essentials of adjustments • Strength and control development: full body, core, wrist, shoulder & back • Stacking methods for inversions
  6. 6 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Program Components The "Mechanics of Flight" When practised correctly, everyone can take flight in inversions. The key to invert is to harness the techniques by using your body, mind, and breath. When our techniques are aligned, we move with fluidity and lightness on our hands while our feet are off the ground. Highlighted topics: • Weight transfer into the hands • Floating back and forward • Inversions and handstands from standing postures • Arm balances and inversions from seated positions • Creating fluid movement throughout your practice • Floating with control vs. ballistics
  7. • Headstands • Crow variations & transitions • Elbow stands & Scorpions • "Crazy eight" posture and transitions • Handstands (multiple variations) • Peacock pose Some of the arm balancing and inversion
  8. • Throughout your first half of the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training we will immerse you into the world of handbalancing & mobility. • A handstand is a very specific skill and to learn a new skill it is important to approach it from the right direction with proper guidance. • Our teachers will take you through the physical preparations and basic conditioning for wrists, forearms and shoulders. We will be working on flexibility and mobility, ensure your body is ready to go upside down. MODULE 2 HANDSTANDS, MOBILITY & MOVEMENT with Seline Schmid
  9. 9 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali HANDSTANDS, MOBILITY & MOVEMENT You will learn how to kick up and exit safely. You'll develop a level of proprioception to be able to manipulate your own body and find equilibrium by using your hands only. We go through different balance exercises and you’ll leave with a theoretical and practical understanding of handstands. Alongside handstands we'll dive deep into mobility & flexibility focusing on different techniques such as passive flexibility, active flexibility and a lot of emphasis on End Range Strength. We will explore some other movement patterns, that will challenge your coordination, strength and mobility all together, maybe something you've never done before.
  10. 10 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Program Components • Joint preparation • Mobility & flexibility training • Safe kick-ups and exits • Different entries • Balance strategies • Alignment • For advanced practitioners: shapes, head positions, press work, one arm handstand • Movement Exploration • Programming
  11. 11 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Highlights 1. We introduce you to the world of handstand, mobility and movement with the aim of providing the best tools to continue your practice safely and effectively. 2. Our teachers will provide personal assistance, spotting and feedback. 3. You get to explore different ways to work on your mobility & flexibility and learn new movement patterns, which will indirectly improve your handstand work. 4. You get to learn how to spot effectively and save. 5. You’ll leave with new concepts and principles incl. continuous programming for your own practice.
  12. • The human body is incredibly complex system of organs and tissues, and our understanding of these biological structures, their location and function plays an important role in being able to better craft our teaching methodology, so that we may guide and progress our students’ practice safely and with confidence. • The task of understanding the body as whole, in movement and the adaptations resulting from Yoga Practice is perhaps better undertaken if we first study the body systems individually and later the interrelationships between the systems. In fact there may be a biological glue that is part of the all the systems and organs of the body, and that is the Fascial Network. MODULE 3 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY with Andrew Williams
  13. 13 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY For five days and for our purposes we will delve first into the structures and functions of the skeletal system, the muscular and respiratory systems. Along the way learning a little of the nervous, endocrine and lymphatic systems. We can discuss the growing understanding of fascia, its’ role in inter-system communication, energy transfer and mediation. The importance of moving mindfully and our capacity to listen the body sensations interoceptively.
  14. • Second part of the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training will focus on Yin yoga. • Yin Yoga style is in increasing demand for yoga teachers nowadays. • Thousands of studios are offering Yin yoga classes on a weekly basis, and many people are seeking this quiet and introspective practice to balance their hectic lifestyles. • Have a look at today's world, everyone is racing against each other to move forward in life, Yin yoga provides a much-needed space for us to reconnect with our inner peace and tranquillity. MODULE 4 YIN YOGA & MERIDIANS with Annie Au
  15. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yin Yoga • In this module, we're combining two methodologies: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Yin Yoga theory. Based on TCM, our emotions are intrinsically tied to our physical health. • Prolonged and/or bouts of intense emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear, worry, and sadness may cause energy stagnation, and if unaddressed, can lead to serious physical and emotional illnesses. Program Components
  16. 16 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Meridians & Anatomy Our energy channels (meridians) are highways in which our energy or Qi flows. Yin yoga emphasizes on long-held poses with minimal muscular effort, acts as an acupressure to help flush out any energy stagnations within our energy channels. In addition to energetic effects, Yin yoga is an ideal practice to release the fascia (body's deep connective tissue). From science to practicality, you'll learn the latest research on fascial study and the impact on fascia and our mental/emotional health.
  17. The secret to teaching a great Yin Yoga class is twofold: Your sensitivity to hold space and your creativity to be an avid storyteller. In this Module, we'll explore different dimensions of how to get in touch with your students' energy level, deciphering the appropriate amount of time for silence or storytelling. Mastering Yin Yoga teaching
  18. 18 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Highlights: • Daily practice of Soulful Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, pranayama & meditation • Morning optional Vinyasa practice with Aaron • Exercise theory of yin yoga • The main differences between practicing yin and yang yoga • Comparison of the Yogic and Chinese meridians maps • Yoga philosophy & Daoist views • Detailed overview of the fundamentals of Chinese meridian theory • The 5 Elements • Yin Yang theory • Three Treasures • In-depth study of the 12 regular meridian pathways • Functional anatomy & physiology • Mind body connections: A look at how emotions are hardwired in our physiological systems
  19. • Calling all the yoga teachers who want to spice up their classes and play with new and innovative transitions! • This Advanced Creative Yoga Sequencing module of the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training led by Aaron Wik will take your current teaching to a brand new level. • Ever walked away from a class and wondered to yourself “That was super creative, I wonder how they did that? Or “Who did they learn sequencing from?” ADVANCED CREATIVE YOGA SEQUENCING with Aaron Wickramasekara
  20. 20 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali ADVANCED CREATIVE YOGA SEQUENCING • If you’ve been pondering these questions or maybe you have what you want to do in your head but putting it all together seems out of reach, trust that you’ll find the solutions and more in this advanced module. • Truth be told, yoga sequencing that keeps your students engaged, while fulfilling all its necessary goals in a creative manner is the determining factor in having your students keep coming back to your classes. • This training is dedicated towards bringing out the creative side of yoga sequencing in the most intelligent and fun way possible.
  21. 21 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Program Components Training curriculum: • Identification & establishment of your own teaching philosophy to help you teach authentically • How to use principles, practices and drills from other forms of movement all while still keeping it “Yoga” • Exploring the endless possibilities of putting together complex transitions • Essential components, alignment & cues of each advanced asana • Understanding the biomechanics of advanced transitions and modifications • How to guide advanced poses in a safe, effective manner to ensure proper form • Adaptation of advanced asanas to different individuals based on body types, skeletal differences and level of practice • Offering practical strength, mobility & flexibility drills, as tools to improve students practices overall • How to use clear & concise verbal cues to guide students into advanced asana and transitions
  22. 22 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Program Components Training curriculum: • How to manage projection and variation in tone of voice & improve confidence in public speaking • How to presents advanced asanas & sequences in a class setting that will be tangible to students regardless of their level of practice • How to use effective physical demonstrations when teaching to demystify advanced asana and transitions to students in a class setting • How to develop your own sequencing strategies & methodologies to effectively, safely & confidently sequence a class with advanced physical progressions • Providing effective, unbiased feedback to your teaching • How to assist students in advanced asana without hindering their own progression • How to assist your students into developing more confidence in advanced asana • How to apply assists to a range of body types & limitations
  23. In these 5 days of Philosophy topics which are common to 200hr Teacher Trainings will be taught at depth along with new subjects: MODULE 6 YOGA PHILOSOPHY with Dr. Ganesh
  24. 24 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali ADVANCED CREATIVE YOGA SEQUENCING I. Mantras • Etymology, Types & Significance of Mantras • Significance of AUM – the Maha Mantra, & different ways of chanting AUM II. Familiarity with Traditions of Yoga • Tantra → Hatha Yoga (Kundalini Yoga) • Vedas → Classical Yoga (Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga) • Bhagvad Gita → Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga & Jnana Yoga • Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja yoga • Nada Yoga • Others III. Hatha Yoga • Meaning & significance of Hatha Yoga • Explanation of Purification Practices (Shodhana Kriyas) of Hatha Yoga –: Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Nauli, Tratak & Kapalbhati. • Practice of some Kriyas like Kapalbhati, Agnisaar, Tratak, etc. • In-depth explanation & practice Kapalbhati. • Difference b/w Hatha yoga & Patanjali’s Classical Yoga
  25. 25 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali ADVANCED CREATIVE YOGA SEQUENCING IV. Prana, Nadis, Chakras & Kundalini • Explanation & Significance of above concepts. V. Mudras & Bandhas • Explanation of the Concept, Types & Significance of Mudras & Bandhas. • Practice of Bandhas & some Mudras VI. Samskriti / Culture • Meaning of Samskriti / Culture. • Salient Features of Indian Culture having a bearing on Yoga. VII. Brief over-view of Indian philosophy IX. Understanding of Samkhya Philosophy X. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (PYS) • Significance of PYS • Ashtangas • Personality & Personality development in PYS • Mind-control techniques, etc. • Other Salient Features
  26. 26 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali The Bali Yoga Shala • Located on the paradise island of Nusa Lembongan ,the Yoga shala, used exclusively for All Yoga’s 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training courses, is right on the beach. • The space is thoughtfully designed to facilitate the exploration and integration of yoga in everyday life. The traditional thatched roof, high ceiling and open-air design allow for natural ventilation from the gentle sea breeze, while the expansive view of the horizon inspires inward focus and deep meditation. • Students practice to the sound of waves, stroll the beach on their break times and finish the day with glorious sunsets over pristine waters. Read more about a typical day at our 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.
  27. 27 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali Accommodation • There are many guesthouses, hotels, hostels, and resorts within easy walking distance from the yoga shala, with options to suit a range of budgets, from shared dorms to high-end villas with luxurious facilities. • We offer complimentary shared accommodation for the first 10 sign-ups at our trusted guesthouse Nyuh Gading. Only built a couple of years ago the 20 bed dorm provides a personal power point, usb point, a light as well as curtains surrounding the bed for privacy. Additionally a big locker is available for each person. • If you are looking for a private room, here are our top recommend options within walking distance to the yoga shala and Jungu Batu Main Street. All listed accommodation options come with air-con and WiFi. We recommend you book your accommodation from 5th September – 10 October 2023 as we’ll start the course on 6th September 2023 in the morning and our last full day will be 9th October 2023.