Why the IPA's Search Summer School grads are my top-tip!


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This is a keynote that I gave at the graduation ceremony for the IPA Search grads who had just completed Summer School 2012. It talks about why "Search" is the key to future success and why they should follow the SCORE principle.

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Why the IPA's Search Summer School grads are my top-tip!

  2. 2. You’re in the most exciting bit of the most exciting industry in the world
  3. 3. TechnologyBrands People Culture
  4. 4. TechnologyBrands People Culture
  5. 5. Here’s my thoughts on what youneed to do to thrive in this world …
  6. 6. It’s about values and behaviours This is your score-card to help you! * Adapted from work for Chime Communications
  7. 7. S is for Social Get out there – socialize! In the real world and in the virtual world The more people you know, the more people like you, the easier everything becomes.
  8. 8. C is for Curious Be open, interested and aware – question! Only boring people get bored What fascinates you? What inspires you? What do you love?
  9. 9. O is for Optimistic Be positive and upbeat - believe! Cynicism drains energy and ideas Let’s give it ago. If we fail, let’s fail forward. Here’s why it will work.
  10. 10. R is for Responsible Think about impacts! Remember every action causes a reaction Be a force for good. Think about the footprint you leave. Be the change you want to see.
  11. 11. E is for Entrepreneurial Take ownership! Behave above your pay-grade The journey is 1% complete There is no finish line If it were my company and my money…
  12. 12. “The most powerfulforce in the universe isn’t technology, it’s imagination.”
  13. 13. @amelia_torode