The Railway Infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina


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The Railway Infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. 1. Bosnia and Herzegovina Railway Sector Overview specially prepared for:The Ministry of Railways of the Peoples Republic of China Amel Kovačević, ambassador Beijing, 19.08.2010
  2. 2. South East EuropeBosnia and Herzegovina
  3. 3. Pan-European Corridors in RegionBosnia and Herzegovina
  4. 4. Geostrategic position Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shapedland that lies in the heart of southeastEurope. Regional transport and energy corridors Vicinity of and access to lucrative markets
  5. 5. BH Railway History• First railway in BH was built in 1872 by Ottoman Empire from Banja Luka to boarder with Austro- Hungarian Empire (today Croatian boarder)
  6. 6. BH Railway History• During Austro-Hungarian rule a dispersed network of narrow gauge railway connected resource rich BH with Vienna and Budapest
  7. 7. Railway History of BH After WWII standard gauge railway network was build by Yugoslavia and since 1969 electrification and modernization took place. This period was characterized by improvement in speed, security, telecommunication, signalization as well as by procurement of modern freight wagons, passenger coaches and locomotives In year 1990, BH Railways recorded 13 million passengers and 25 million tons of freight
  8. 8. BH Railway History In period between 1992 and 1995, BH faced brutal destruction of human, infrastructural and industrial resources estimated to US$80 billion. BH railway system suffered damage estimated to more than US$1 billion Transport of passengers as well as freight transport has drastically plunged to symbolic values in war and immediate post-war period
  9. 9. Institutional Framework of RailwaySector in BH BH MoCT – Ministry of Communication and Transport of Bosnia and BH MoCT Herzegovina BH RRB- Regulatory Railway Board of Bosnia and Herzegovina BH RRB BHRPC-Railway Public Corporation of BHRPC Bosnia and Herzegovina MTRS - Ministry of Transport of Republic of Srpska RRS RFBIH FMoTC- Ministry of Transport and Comunication of Federation of Bosnia MTRS FMoTC and Herzegovina RRS- Railways of Republic of Srpska RFBIH - Railways of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. 10. BH Railways Network
  11. 11. BH Railways Technical Characteristics BH railway network technical characteristics are: – Network long 1031km with two main corridors – Maximum speed up to 100 km/h – Standard gauge (1435 mm) – 85% of the network classified as D4 (maximum loads 22.5 tons per axle) – 75% of the network electrified with mono- phase(25kW,50Hz) AC system• Years of irregular railway infrastructure maintenance during the wartime, cause poor performance on the most of the railway network in the country today (e.g. maximal passenger train speed on the most of the sections is 70 km/h).
  12. 12. BH Railways Technical Characteristics In postwar period railway freight transport in BH was slowly but steady recovering. Most of the transport in that period was related to bulk commodities, traditionally transported by railways (e.g. coal, timber, ore, etc.). In last few years, there was a significant increase of the railway freight transport volume caused by increased transport demand of the biggest users of the railway transport service in the country and by improvement of the railway infrastructure.
  13. 13. BH Railways Key Economic GrowthPotential Corridor Vc is the shortest and the most efficient connection between Mediterranean ports and Central Europe Modernization and reconstruction of the existing and construction of totally new corridors of BH Railway network could be major job creation source as well as economic growth accelerator
  14. 14. BH Railways Overhaul Projects
  15. 15. BH Railways Electrification Projects
  16. 16. Modernization Projects of BH RailwaysSignalisation and Crossings Security Systems
  17. 17. Modernization of Telecom Systems, Installing ofPortable Fiber-Optic as well as Telecom Nodes
  18. 18. BH Railways Power Supply InfrastructureReconstruction Projects
  19. 19. New Railway Corridors in BH
  20. 20. New Adriatic-Ionian Railway Corridor• Connecting Greece, Albania, Montenegro, BH, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy or Austria• Montenegro and BH have signed MoU on joint activities concerning the preparation of relevant documents and studies for construction of railway between Nikšić (MN) and Čapljina (BH)• Once it is built, this railway will connect Montenegrin port Bar with Vc corridor and significantly increase freight volumes• It is expected that construction works will commenced in 2012• Total length of the railway between Nikšić (MN) and Čapljina (BH) is 169 km
  21. 21. New BH Railways Fleet
  22. 22. New BH Railways Fleet Purchase of new freight wagons, investment repair of existing freight wagons and purchase of freight wagons maintenance equipment for RFBiH (32 million € loan), as well as purchase of new freight wagons for RRS (3.9 million € loan). Furthermore, a contract on purchase of nine “TALGO” passenger trains for RFBiH (68 million € loan) and four trains for RRS (25 million € loan) is signed with the Spanish Government. Croatian Končar Low Floor Regional Electric Multiple Unit prototype testing for RFBiH RRS bought 200 freight wagons from Vagon and Rafamet, two Polish suppliers
  23. 23. Areas of cooperation that should beexplored by MoR of the PRC There is immediate opportunity for Chinesecorporate sector to take participation inmodernization and development of our railwayinfrastructure including construction of newcorridors that have regional significance. Chinese corporations should be able to useleverage of its technological superiority as well asdomestic source of soft funds competing for theprojects and ability to use outsourcing to localbusinesses and to create local local jobs
  24. 24. Areas of cooperation that should beexplored by MoR of the PRC•There are plans in BH for procurement of modernfreight wagons, passenger coaches andlocomotives•Chinese corporations should be present in BH toexplore market oportunities•Chinese corporations should be able to useleverage of its technological superiority as well asdomestic source of soft funds competing for theprojects.
  25. 25. Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomes Chinese investments 波黑欢迎中国的朋友前来投资
  26. 26. Amel Kovačević, ambassador mob: 138106267 e-mail:想要了解更多信息,请和我们联系!