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  1. 1. Interview 访谈Dialogue with the Global Leaders of Government and Business Field 环球政商领导人专访波黑 瓦尔特的心形国度 At the enterprise level, it is believed that social responsibility the core banking practices in order to allow more participation has numerous positive effects on its financial performance in of all stakeholders in risks and benefits of business transaction——《商业文明月报》主编陈美好专访波黑驻华大使阿梅尔 • 科瓦切维奇先生 long run. The enterprises that do care about their stakeholders, environment and society at large at the end create conducive flavored with ethical values. The ethical participative financing will allow profit-sharing and risk-sharing among participants and environment for creativity, efficiency and benefit maximization will have inbuilt features to eradicate excessive risks and businessBosnia and Herzegovina is a heart-shaped country of Walter that eventually induce satisfaction and happiness in environment. activities that are harmful to society.——Interview Mr. Amel Kovacevic, the Ambassador of Bosnia and   从企业层面上来说,要坚信从长远来看社会责任可以给   时至今日,我们必须对目前所认识的银行体系的正面及 企业的财务状况带来多种益处。那些关心利益相关者、环境 负面影响展开严肃的评估。在发达国家和发展中国家,银行Herzegovina to China by Mrs. Chen Meihao, the Chief Editor of "Business 和社会等因素的企业最终能够创造出有利的环境,帮助提高 业的行事作风并没有太大区别。全球金融危机让大众认识到Civilization Monthly" 创造力、效率并实现效益最大化,从而最终创造出舒适宜人 了银行业的各种不确定因素。不管在西方还是在东方,都有 令人满意的环境。 人呼吁对核心银行业务进行结构重设,以便让更多利益相关 We in Bosnia and Herzegovina do understand importance of the 者本着道德价值的理念,承担业务交易的风险和收益。通过BCM 案例中心 / 编 equilibrium and our authorities as well as academicians, NGOs 道德的方式参与融资可以使参与者共担风险,共享收益。而BCM Case Center / Editor and corporate sector are striving to create more equitable and 且,这种融资方式的内在特点也能剔除风险过大以及对社会 harmonious society. 有害的商业活动。Chen Meihao:Your understanding on the business civilization and the   在波黑,我们深知均衡的重要性,有关当局和学者、非 Such kind of financing with regulatory involvement of the statedevelopment of business civilization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 政府组织以及企业界正力争创造更加平衡、和谐的社会。 will provide long term sustainability and harmony within society 陈美好:请大使阁下谈谈您对商业文明的理解以及贵国    and between society and nature.商业文明发展的概况? Chen Meihao:Now internationally the credit system in some capitalist   在国家的监管下,这种融资方式可以实现社会内部以及Mr. Amel Kovacevic :The term “Business Civilization” is a countries failed frequently, we think, fundamentally, the social business 社会与自然之间的可持续性与和谐。relatively new term but concept of socially responsible business development system and mechanism in these countries are not supportedcommunity is very old. Historically speaking, the community- by human social development’s demands, what is your take? Chen Meihao:One of the important indicators to evaluate one country’soriented businessmen were role model in many civilizations. 陈美好:目前国际社会上一些西方国家的信用体系不断 development set by General Assembly is national happiness index, H.E.All religious and ethical movements advocate that rich should 的被否定再否定,我们认为根本上来说应该是资本主义社会 Ambassador; could you give us some in-depth thoughts for the influencecater for need of society at large and vulnerable population 商业发展体系和机制与人类社会发展的需求不太配套了,请 on future social development brought by this change?in particular. However, throughout the history, mankind has 大使阁下谈谈您有什么看法? 陈美好:联合国大会把评判一个国家发展程度的一个重experienced various extreme social experiments where either Mr. Amel Kovacevic :It is obvious that we do need financial 要指标定为国民幸福指数,大使阁下能给深入剖析一下这一profit maximization of privately-owned capital in laissez-faire intermediaries that are able to mobilize sources of funds in 变化对各国今后的社会发展会有什么影响吗?environment or social benefit maximization of state-owned society and to provide appropriate avenue for placement of Mr. Amel Kovacevic : Introduction of Gross Nationalcapital in state controlled environment was predominant. the funds for productive use that will bring multidimensional Happiness Index is culmination of long lasting work of hundredsHistorical experience has shown to us that either extreme is benefits not only to users of funds but to the society at large. of academicians, social activists, politicians and national leadersnot sustainable in the long run. The equilibrium between profit   阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生:很显然,我们需要通过金 from all over the world. The GNHI will set appropriate directionmaximization and efficient allocation of resources on one side 融媒介来调度社会资金,为合理生产提供有效的资金渠道, to create new world economic system that is no longer based onand protection of environment, support to the vulnerable as 这样不仅可以为资金使用者带来多方位利益,全社会也会受 the illusion that limitless growth is possible on our precious andwell as misfortunate strata of the population and achieving of 益匪浅。 finite planet or that endless material gain promotes well-being.maximization of public interest on other side should be the We have reached the moment in the history where we should Instead, it will be a system that promotes harmony and respectultimate goal of civilized societies. seriously evaluate positive and negative implications of banking for nature and for each other; that respects our ancient wisdom  阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生:“商业文明”是一个比较 有资本的利润最大化,要么是国家控制环境下国有资本的社 system as we know it today. I do not see much difference in traditions and protects our most vulnerable people as our own新的术语,但是,注重社会责任的商业群体的概念已经由来 会福利最大化。历史经验告诉我们,极端的通常是不能维持 the practices of banking sectors in developed and developing family, and that gives us time to live and enjoy our lives and to已久。从历史角度来看,以群体为导向的商人在许多文明中 长久的。文明社会的终极目标是一方面实现利润最大化和资 countries. The global financial crisis has exposed to the general appreciate rather than destroy our world. It will be an economic都扮演着模范的角色。所有宗教和道德运动都提倡富人要为 源有效分配之间的平衡,保护环境,扶持弱势群体及困难群 public various inconsistencies practiced in banking sector system, in short, that is fully sustainable and that is rooted in广大社会服务,尤其是要帮助弱势群体。但是,纵观历史进程, 体,另一方面实现公共利益的最大化。 throughout the world. There are voices not only in the West but truth, abiding by well-being and happiness.人类经历了各种各样极端的社会现象,要么是自由环境下私 also in the East that are advocating for structural redesigning of   阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生:国民幸福指数是全世界无 2012-05 30 31 2012-05
  2. 2. Interview 访谈Dialogue with the Global Leaders of Government and Business Field 环球政商领导人专访数学者、社会活动家、政治家和国民领袖长久努力的结晶。 货币稳定,通胀率较低,使得波黑的企业能够保持较强的竞 peace, stability and prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. similar measures are already put in place. Foreign investors have国民幸福指数为创造新世界经济体系指明了方向。这套新世 争力,在欧洲市场更是如此。   加入欧盟和北大西洋公约组织(NATO)是波黑当局最高 the right to freely employ foreign nationals, subject to the labor界经济体系不再以某些幻象为基础,比如我们生存的珍贵的 In recent years, Bosnia and Herzegovina performed significant 的战略目标并享有首要优先权,此举为波黑绝大多数公民和 and immigration laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and rights and而有限的星球可以容纳无限的增长,或者无穷无尽的物质满 restructuring of the economy, institutional and regulatory 所有政党所拥护。欧洲 - 大西洋一体化是波黑实现和平、稳 benefits for foreign investors may not be abolished or denied by足即可带来幸福等等。反之,它提倡人与自然,人与人之间 reforms, focused on producing cost effective and low-risk 定和繁荣的战略途径。 passing subsequent laws or regulations. Foreign investors may要和谐共处,相互尊重;尊重传统,保护弱势群体,去享受 regulatory regimes that support private sector development, as    own real and enjoy the same property rights in regards with real生活,感激生活而不是去破坏我们赖以生存的世界。简言之, well as direct foreign investment, creating the basis for sustainable Natural Resources estate as locals and may open accounts in any commercial bank in此经济体系以追求健康和幸福为目标,从实际出发且实现可 development and achieving the EU standards. 自然资源 domestic and/or in convertible currency. Besides, foreign capital持续发展。   近年来,波黑对经济进行了大规模的重组,对机制和相 Bosnia and Herzegovina has a diversity of mineral resources in equipment is exempt from paying import fees and customs 关规章实施改革,强调生产成本有效性和低风险管控。这样 which include: iron ore, copper, zinc, cobalt, nickel, gypsum, duties (with the exception of passenger cars, slot machines andChen Meihao: Bosnia and Herzegovina now is in the period of 一来,可以推动私营经济发展,吸引外商直接投资,为可持 sand, coal, bauxite, lead, chromite, manganese, clay, salt, forests, gambling machines).transition, what are the biggest changes in Bosnia And Herzegovinas 续发展创造条件,进一步达到欧盟制定的相关标准。 arable land and thermal, wind, as well as hydro-power. The recent   外商与国民享受同等的待遇,可免费将利润汇回国内,current economic development? developments in oil and gas exploration are promising as well. 反国有化、征用和类似情况的保护措施已落实到位。根据波 陈美好:波黑经济目前正在复苏并转型,大使阁下认为 Chen Meihao:The investment environment in one country generally The modernization and privatization of the mineral industries 黑《劳动和移民法》规定,外商有权自由聘用外国劳动力,波黑今天经济发展变化最大的是哪些方面? comprises economic connotation, institutional connotation, Humanistic in Bosnia and Herzegovina is prerequisite for intensive growth 外国投资者获取的权利与利益不会因为随后的法律和规定而Mr. Amel Kovacevic : Taking this into consideration, the Connotation, spirit connotation, could you elaborate BIH investment of these industries, opening room for influx of foreign capital as 被废除或否认。在不动产方面,外国投资者和国内投资者一simultaneous processes of reconstruction of a war-torn country, environment from these aspects? well as technology. 样,对不动产享有同样的财产权,且外国投资者可以以本国the transition from socialist to market driven economy, the 陈美好:一个国家的投资环境大体包括经济内涵、制度   波黑矿物资源种类繁多,包括:铁、 锌、 镍、 铜、 钴、 石膏、 货币或可兑换货币在任何商业银行开户。此外,外国投资者adjustment to the new market and technological realities as well 内涵、人文内涵、精神内涵等,大使阁下能具体从这几个方 砂子、煤、矾土、铅、铬铁、锰、粘土、盐、森林、可耕地 进口的设备免收进口费和关税(轿车,老虎机和赌博机除外)as the integration of the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina 面谈谈波黑的投资环境吗? 和热能、风能以及水电。此外,近年来在石油和天然气开发and the nation building process, Bosnia and Herzegovina has Mr. Amel Kovacevic : 等领域也发展迅速。这些领域的强劲增长,国外资本和技术 Favorable Tax and Customs Systemperformed remarkably. Right after the war, the economy of 阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生: 的涌入,都有赖于波黑矿产领域的现代化和私有化。 优惠的税收和关税体系Bosnia and Herzegovina has been experiencing strong growth as a Geostrategic Position The VAT rate of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 17% while the profittransition and reconstruction economy. 地理战略位置 Favorable Trade and Other Agreements tax is 10%, and there are favorable incentives and tax exemptions.  阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生:考虑到这一点,波黑在战 Bosnia and Herzegovina is the land that lies in the heart of 优惠的贸易协定和其他协定 Foreign investors are exempt from payment of customs duties for后重建、从社会主义经济向市场经济过渡、向新市场和科技 southeast Europe, which makes it an ideal transit and distribution Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed the Agreements on the first five years subject to specified procedure and customs rate的调整以及波黑社会和国家建设一体化等方面都表现出色。 center for products for regional markets. Regional transport and promotion and protection of investment and the Agreements stands between 0 to 15%.战后,作为过渡和重建经济体,波黑经济增长势头强劲。 energy corridors are crossing over Bosnia and Herzegovina. One on avoidance of double taxation with many countries including   波黑的增值税税率是 17%,利润税税率是 10%。此外,The economic g rowth in Bosnia and Herzegovina has of its important geostrategic advantages is its vicinity and access China. Furthermore, Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed several 还制定了良好的激励和免税政策。在特定情况下,外商前五been determined by solid export-driven industrial output to lucrative markets in European and Mediterranean region. preferential and free trade agreements with the EU and other 年内可免缴关税。关税税率从 0 至 15% 不等。growth, boom in the real estate sector, strengthening of the   波黑位于东南欧的中心地带,是理想的区域性产品的运 countries in the region allowing businesses incorporated in Bosniafinancial sector as well as the government expenditure on the 输和集散中心,区域交通网和能源通道遍布波黑境内。波黑 and Herzegovina a free or at least easy access to the market of Competitively Priced Labor Forcereconstruction of the public infrastructure. Relatively low levels 邻近并且可以利用欧洲和地中海区域的丰厚市场,这是波黑 600 million people. 有竞争力的劳动力of GDP per capita compared with the regional markets coupled 非常重要的一个地理战略优势。   波黑已经和许多国家(包括中国在内)签订了《投资促 The labor force in Bosnia and Herzegovina is technologically-with high rate of unemployment of highly skilled labor force, 进和保护协定》与《免双重征税协定》。此外,波黑还和欧 minded (long industrial tradition) with innovative spirit. Theyavailable natural resources, stable currency and low rate of Euro-Atlantic Integration Perspectives 盟以及区域内其他国家签订了多份优惠和自由贸易协议,便 have excellent IT & foreign language skills (English, German,inflation make industrial corporations in Bosnia and Herzegovina 欧洲 - 大西洋一体化进程 于波黑企业自由或者相对自由地打入覆盖 6 亿人的市场。 South Slavic languages …) and are cost-effective as well ashighly competitive especially within the European markets. Memberships to the European Union and the North Atlantic regionally competitive. All efforts of administration are focused  波黑的经济之所以迅速增长,主要得益于出口型工业产 Treaty Organization (NATO) are the highest strategic interests Favorable FDI Legislation to create a favorable environment for employers in order to curb出的稳固增长、房地产领域的繁荣、金融领域的加强以及政 and priority for the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an 有利的外商直接投资法 high rate of unemployment.府在公共基础设施方面开支的增加。和区域市场内高技能型 objective shared by an overwhelming majority of citizens and all Foreign investors enjoy national treatment with free repatriation   波黑拥有众多具有创新精神的技术性人才,这得益于它劳动力的高失业率相比,波黑的人均 GDP 较低,自然资源丰富, political parties. The Euro-Atlantic path is strategic paradigm for of profits, protection against nationalization, expropriation or 长期的工业传统,他们精通 IT 知识,掌握多门外语,如英语、 2012-05 32 33 2012-05
  3. 3. Interview 访谈Dialogue with the Global Leaders of Government and Business Field 环球政商领导人专访德语、南斯拉夫语(包括很多种语言)等等,成本效益高, Mr. Amel Kovacevic :Bosnia and Herzegovina and China have区域竞争力较强。波黑行政管理的重点是为雇主创造一个有 their own advantages, and are highly mutually complementary,利的环境,以此抑制高失业率。 with very wide prospects for cooperation. Bosnia and Herzegovina has geo-strategic position and favorable trade Quality of Life arrangements with European markets, great potential in 生活品质 development of infrastructural and power producing sectors,Beautiful nature, texture of various climates, and friendly people skilled and competitive labor force as well as favorable legislationare reasons, for many foreigners who once taste the scent of for foreign investments. Bosnia and Herzegovina is relativelyBosnian life, to always come back or eventually settle themselves small society with low public debt per capita and obvious needsin Bosnia and Herzegovina. to improve its infrastructure and develop its industrial capacity.  对于很多外国人来说,一旦他们体验过波斯尼亚式的生   阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生:波黑和中国都有各自的优活,他们总是会再访这个美丽的国度,或者干脆在这里定居, 势,且高度互补,合作前景非常广阔。波黑的地理战略位置这要得益于这里极致的自然美景、舒适多样的气候以及善良 非常有利,与欧洲市场签有众多优惠的贸易协定,基础设施友好的人民。 和能源生产领域发展潜力巨大,劳动力技能过硬,具备很强 的竞争力,外商直接投资法亦非常优惠。波黑的社会规模相 Thirst for Capital 对较小,人均公债较少,急需完善基础设施建设,开发自身 商业文明月报主编陈美好女士与波黑驻华大使阿梅尔 • 科瓦切维奇先生 急需资金 工业产能。In spite of the remarkable development achievements within the On the other hand, China has emerged as a major source ofpast years, there is still a huge gap between real potentials and foreign direct investment (FDI) outflows. The Chinese superb and Herzegovina has many fields with substantial potential for them to European countries and countries in the region as well asactual performances within various sectors. Capital shortage has technology, competitiveness as well as financial leverage are the investment. to China.   波黑欢迎所有中国企业探索双方可能性的合作。波黑很   第三,波黑的林木业前景也非常广阔。据我所知,已经become a main limitation for efficient and faster stimulation of key comparative strengths in global market. Furthermore, Chinese 多领域都极具投资潜力。 有中国企业在波黑生产家具,然后再将家具出口至欧洲国家the dominant resources and other production factors; which open ever-growing domestic demand represents the most powerfulnumerous opportunities for foreign investors. force of global economic recovery where all international players Firstly, one of the most lucrative field is in energy sector. The 和区域内其他国家以及中国。  尽管波黑近年来取得了一连串辉煌的成就,但在很多领 hope to secure their piece of cake. authorities at different levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina have There are concrete steps undertaken to create few industrial域内,实际的潜力还远未得到完全开发。资金短缺是限制主   从另一方面来说,中国已经成为外商直接投资(FDI) already planned numerous energy projects of wind, hydropower zones in Bosnia and Herzegovina tailored made for Chinese要资源和其他生产要素有效、快速发展的一个主要因素,但 的一个主要来源。中国先进的技术、竞争力以及良好的财政 and thermal plants worth at around RMB 800 billion, what manufacturing sectors that wish to get closer to its traditional也给外商带来了许多机遇。 状况是其在全球市场上主要的竞争优势。此外,中国强劲的 I want to clarify is these are not all the projects we have, there markets in Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East while   国内需求是带动全球经济复苏的最为强劲的力量。因此,所 are many other projects in energy sector coming from private enjoying competitive advantages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Chen Meihao:Using one sentence to introduce Bosnia and Herzegovina 有国外投资商都想在中国保住自己的那一杯羹。 companies.   针对中国制造业既希望能够接近其在欧洲、地中海和中   首先,回报最为丰厚的一个领域就是能源领域。波黑各 东地区的传统市场,又能够利用波黑竞争优势的诉求,波黑to your Chinese friend and vice versa? Bosnia and Herzegovina attaches great importance to the 如果让大使阁下用一句话向中国朋友介绍波黑, exchanges and cooperation with China. We propose to realize 级政府部门已经规划了多个风能、水电和热能工厂项目,总 已经采取了一系列具体的步骤,为中国制造业量身打造了若 陈美好: 值达 8000 亿人民币。我想说的是,我们规划的项目还远不 干个工业园区。您会怎么说?如果让您用一句话向波黑朋友介绍中国,您又 mutual benefits and a win-win situation by stronger presence of 止这些,能源领域的许多私营公司也规划了很多其他项目。会怎么讲? Chinese corporations in our country. Secondly, the infrastructure construction (such as the highway, Chen Meihao:Using one sentence to convey a message to businessMr. Amel Kovacevic : Bosnia and Herzegovina is a heart-   波黑非常重视和中国展开的交易与合作。我们呼吁通过shaped country of Walter, China is a country with glorious past, 加强中国企业对波的投资,实现互惠互利,达到双赢的局面。 railway, and roads) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a great civilization’s development.unprecedented present and promising future. It is important to understand that BH and Chinese economies demand, and Chinese enterprises can use their leverage to explore 陈美好:最后,请大使阁下用一句话寄语商业文明的  阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生:波黑是一个心形的国家, are complementary. If appropriate mix of competitive advantages this market. 发展。是瓦尔特的故乡。中国有煊赫繁盛的过去、欣荣空前的现在 of both economies is created, long term synergy effect will occur.   其次,波黑的基础设施建设(比如高速公路、铁路和道路) Mr. Amel Kovacevic :Mankind has only one choice to opt for和辉煌灿烂的未来。   波中经济处于高度互补状态,认识到这一点非常重要。 需求量也很大,中国的企业正好可以利用他们的优势,来开 social equilibrium, spiritual upliftment, peace with nature or toChen Meihao:What types of enterprises and investment (in which 如能促成两个经济体优势互补,那么就可以实现长期协同效 发这一市场。 perish.industry) does Bosnia and Herzegovina expect most from China? 应。 Thirdly, the wood industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina is also   阿梅尔·科瓦切维奇先生:人类只有一种选择,那就 陈美好:波黑最期望中国的哪类企业到波黑进行哪类行 Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomes all Chinese enterprises to promising, as far as I know there are already Chinese enterprises 是实现社会平衡,提升灵性,以及达到与自然和平共处。否则,业的投资呢? explore possible cooperation between two countries. Bosnia in Bosnia and Herzegovina producing furniture and exporting 只有自取灭亡。 2012-05 34 35 2012-05