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A Journey to A Great Life NOW

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A Journey to A Great Life NOW

  1. 1. Three days to transform the way you LIVE and LEAD Gregg Lederman 2023 &
  2. 2. Multi-day Retreat An immersive experience to achieve more happiness, less stress, and become the human and leader you want to be at work and home. 1:1 Coach Self-guided Workbook
  3. 3. Ideal Candidates 1. High-performing humans. 2. Those who desire to become high-performing.
  4. 4. A Few Guiding Beliefs 1. There are great work cultures without enough great leaders. 2. Great leaders create the environment for more empowerment, inspiration and motivation. 3. The best leaders do a few things others don’t.
  5. 5. NOW is the time… 1. Invest in growing leaders 2. Become even better leaders at work and at home 3. Create more motivation and commitment at work
  6. 6. 92% fail The science says… to reach their goals
  7. 7. 8% Most Great Life NOW participants will be part of the … who keep their promises
  8. 8. “Once you have self worth, you can move mountains.” Carol Lederman
  9. 9. Create necessary insights to guide the development of the Game Plan.
  10. 10. Create the Game Plan for you will think, feel, speak and act.
  11. 11. YOU The Brand Called Who are you BEing?
  12. 12. should you move? WHAT MOUNTAINS Your Mountains For GROWTH
  13. 13. Determine the thoughts and actions to execute your Game Plan and guarantee your success
  14. 14. Your habits cause your happiness and success. THINKING DOING
  15. 15. Will the organization’s goals position you to achieve personal goals or aspirations?
  16. 16. 1 3 2 Choose your mountain to move. Describe the results or actions you want to see happen in your life and when you want to see them happen. Know your WHY? What is the benefit you will experience in your work life or personal life. Determine the habits (thinking and doing) What are the repeated thoughts and actions that will move your mountain. Habit Activation 5 steps to make habits STICK!
  17. 17. 4 5 Demonstrate staying power. Running out of willpower will ruin your habit. Predict where you may run out. Make sure you have the thinking and doing habits to overcome your willpower obstacles. Ask every day, “did I Try? What we track determines where we focus and what we are motivated to improve. Take a few seconds each day to stop, think, and rate your effort. Just ask yourself. “Did I try?” Habit Activation 5 steps to make habits STICK!
  18. 18. Benefits to your organization:  Better align values and goals.  Dramatically improve communications and accountability for results.  Increase engagement while lowering turnover, absenteeism, and training costs.  Significantly improve the customer experience.
  19. 19. Participants will:  Make life-enhancing choices that make them a better partner, family member, friend, and leader.  Acquire the insights, direction, tools, and skills necessary to achieve more happiness and success at work, home, and in the community. ​  Build a “Game Plan” for HOW to think, speak, and act.  Begin activating a Game Plan with a sense of purpose, energy and focus that leads to less stress, and more happiness and success. Guaranteed!

Editor's Notes

  • How they live their life and lead their teams.
    In todays world, these two ideas are not mutually exclusive and how you live dramatically impacts how someone leads.
  • A little background on what the program consists of.

    Typically delivered over a two night, three day time period (including travel time)
    Based on The Great Life NOW Journey, which began as a 1:1 Coaching program and evolved into a Keynote and 12 day Workshop for leaders and their teams. And NOW, I’ve combined both programs to create a truly immersive, life-enhancing experience for leaders.
    Everyone who puts their heart and mind into this program should walk away feeling confident they can achieve more happiness, with less stress, and ultimately become and even better human and leader, at work and at home.

  • Who is it for:

    Ideal for your high-performers and those you believe can become high-performers.

    Who is it not for? The problem child. The broken individual who needs to both test out the job market and possibly get psychological help

  • Really… who are you?

  • What you have to ask yourself….

    Is the time NOW to invest in growing your leaders.
    What my clients are seeing…. they expect and in some cases demand it or you’ll lose those top performers.

    NOW is the time for your leaders to invest in themselves.
    Individuals need to own their own development. Enough complaining about the company and the people in it. NOW is the time to take ownership of your own pathway to becoming an even better human and leader and work and at home.

    NOW is the time to create more motivation and commitment at work.
    For the past 25 years, I’ve witnessed the workplace suffering from low engagement, high turnover and absenteeism, and lower productivity. And today, it appears to be worse then ever before.
    The Great Life and Great Leader Journey is past of the solution!!!!

  • In 2010, I read an article where researchers and social scientists reported that 92% of people failed to keep their commitments to themselves and thus failed to reach their goals.

    Just last week, I read nearly the same article.

    I’ve been using this data in my presentations for more than a dozen years. WHY???? Because for most, nothing has changed.

  • What I have found and you will find too, is that MOST of the participants will be part of the 8%.

    And if you pick the right people to send, all of them will!
  • One last important piece of information on what the program is… then I’ll share with you the magic of HOW it is delivered.

    The Great Life NOW Journey was inspired by my mother, Carol Lederman who passed away when I was a small child.

    She left behind a letter for me and my brother, that I received when I was 12.

    In this letter, she shared a number of tremendous insights about “life” and living a healthy and happy one.

    One of those insights not only sparked the formation of the Great Life NOW Journey, but also serves as the guiding principle of success for all attendees.

  • More than just words of wisdom.

    As you will see, these words power the entire Journey for participants.
  • In the next five minutes, I’ll take you thought the three parts of the program.
    At a 50,000 foot view, here is what is covered in the first day together:

    NOW is the time
    What does a great life look like
    Finding your hidden time
    Are you a trusted leader?
    Exploring your Pathway of Life
    What does Wealthy mean to you?
    Choosing happiness
    Exploring your fears (part 1)
  • Leaders will acknowledge important people and life events from their first 20 years of life.

    Most, if not all participants will be in PHASE 2 – the Responsibility phase of life. This phase is packed with all kinds of opportunities, exciting milestones, yet stresses and challenges. Once again, they will acknowledge and evaluate the people, opportunities, milestones and events that have taken place to help them get to where they are right now.

    Lastly, they will begin to plant some seeds as to what they envision success will look like in the third and final chapter of their lives.

    All of the work done in this pre-game thinking is for the purpose of planting seeds
  • State of BEING is everything . Who we are being generates what we do
    Im a simple person, if you want to positively impact the world, adjust your state of BEing. 
    I am altering the world by helping people alter their BEing. One human at a time.  

    When you live your rules…. Your Brand is defined in your own eyes and in the eyes of those around you.

    Again, your Brand is an impression of WHO you are because of the way you think, speak and act.
    The way you follow your rules and fill your cup of self-worth.

    A guide for how you lead yourself and others.

    You are documenting the Impression you want others to have of you… because of how you THINK, SPEAK and ACT!


  • What mountains should we be moving?

    The mountains my mom was referring to were a metaphor for the most important areas of our life.

    Areas where you can play by your rules…. Leading to a better life.
    Areas where you can play by your rules and become an even better leader.

    No matter how accomplished or happy you are, you most likely have these 7 areas of your life that could use some improvement—and in many cases, different amounts of improvement.


    While all seven mountains are important, there is a hierarchy that leads a level of success in each area.
    You will find that each mountain has an impact on the others.

    When you struggle in one area, it can cause suffering in another. When you thrive in one, it can fuel positive movement in others.

    Consider the example of your physical health.

    Have you reached the peak of your mountain with respect to physical fitness, feeling energetic and full of vitality? If not, consider the impact this has on your emotional well-being or productivity.

    It may be difficult to move your emotional mountain if you are consistently suffering physically.

    Or, if you spend all your energy and time trying to solve your relationship problems but are not optimizing your emotional well-being, you will always be at the mercy of life’s challenges. Having a firm handle on your emotions, feeling as if you are in control of the chatter in your mind, frees you to be proactive rather than reactive to challenges and opportunities as they arise.

    At the same time, it doesn’t make sense to put all your energy and focus into your career mountain or financial success while shortchanging relationships. What is the point of becoming rich if you end up with a fractured family and very few friends?

    Want to know what is really depressing… hanging around Rich, unhappy people!!!!

    Similarly, once you’ve improved how to productively spend your time, you increase your chances of career success. Once you’ve made progress to improve your career, you can enhance the chances of growing your finances and improve your ability to give back time and money to the people and causes that are most important to you. (contributions)

    This does not mean that you can’t work on your finances and improving your health at the same time. Rather, it shows the importance and hierarchy of the Mountains for Growth—and that you need to get focused and prioritize where you will invest your time and energy.

  • We’ve arrived at the final phase of the Great
    Life NOW Game Plan….

    You get to Activate change!!!

  • As I said earlier…. A great life NOW doesn’t happen by chance,
    it happens by design.

    It’s a result of thinking, planning,
    and pursuing what is most important to you.

    Your next step on the journey is to clarify
    what you want. To determine the desired results you’ll feel
    great about, and the necessary thoughts and actions to bring your vision of
    success to reality.


    Use the Mountains for Growth as your impetus for choosing what should be your first goal to begin with.


  • To implement your Great Life NOW Game Plan
    requires activation of the goals, mindsets and habits
    that will  positively impact your Mountains for growth
    and lead to more success over time.
    As you embark on activating your game plan,
    you can go down one of two pathways
    that are highlighted in the Great Life NOW 
    Activation Curves™


    Those on the Success Curve have a mindset of
    ownership and remain focused and
    disciplined, while the dominant mindset for those
    on the Failure Curve is housed in excuses for why
    they could not make the necessary, positive changes in their life.

    Stop and ask yourself: For each of your mountains of growth,
    will you be on the Success Curve, making progress by
    taking ownership, or will you be on the Failure Curve,
    Making excuses and blaming other people and factors
    for why you didn’t improve?

    Look…. Life is like riding a bicycle….
    you are either moving forward, improving in your
    areas for growth or standing still and falling off.
    You either experience positive momentum up the
    Success Curve or fall back on the Failure Curve.

    If you are not improving, enriching, and
    creating, then you are either running in place, or worse, stepping
    backward as a human. If you find yourself on the Failure Curve (and everyone does at times), you don’t have to stay there.

    Now is the time to take action to activate your
    game plan by building the goals, mindsets and habits
    to grow and achieve success in each of YOUR Mountains for Growth

    But before we sprint forward with the exercises
    to help you determine what to Activate….

    Let’s me first ask you a critical question


  • If you follow my Habit Activation Process I guarantee you
    will become even happier. Guaranteed.

    When was the last time someone gave you a guarantee…
    Ben Franklin gave you death and taxes.

    well, I am giving you one today.
    I am guaranteeing you a way to move your mountains and become happier in the process!

    Follow along with me on Page 14 in your Workbook

    Step 1 – Choose your mountain to move. Pick one… and describe the results or action you want to see happen in your life.

    Be specific. (Haircut. Realtor. Car dealer)

    Step 2 – Know you WHY

    What is the benefit you will experience in your work life or personal life?

    How will moving the mountain make a positive difference in the lives of others?

    Another way of thinking about the WHY – If you don’t make progress moving the mountain, what consequences might you face?

    Step 3 – Determine the Habits (the thoughts and actions required)

    To move my Time and Productivity mountain, Lisa provided me a few habits… I needed to think about my 168 hours each week. I needed to schedule buffers, prepare for my meetings and be more thoughtful in my communications while in meetings.

    What thoughts and actions will you commit to making Habitual in order to move your chosen mountain.

  • Step 4 - Demonstrate Staying Power

    Starting power is easy to muster up… We’ve all got the starting power… But then we hit what I call the “willpower obstacles”… we tend to run out of willpower.

    Predict where you might run out of willpower.
    For me, I knew the risk of telling myself I didn’t have time to prepare…. I predicted that… and began to block time off every week to prepare for my meetings or remove myself from the meeting.

    Step 5 – Ask every day, “Did I Try?”

    What we track determines where we focus and what we are motivated to improve.

    Take a few seconds each day to STOP, THINK and RATE you effort…

    Did I try.

    If your WHY is strong enough in step 2 and you ask every day – did I try!!!???… you will get better… guaranteed.

    I used Habit Bull –

    In Workshop
    Seinfeld – the habit of being funny
    Ben Franklin – living a virtuous life


    Are you intimidated by this process?

    You are humans… some of you are parents…. you’ve made kids….you made and raised HUMANS…. You can do this.

    Progress Guaranteed!!! TIE this to Happiness formula in the workshop
  • American Airlines story for bullet 4