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The ultimate 7 natural remedies for eczema


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Damn it, why is it so itchy, I can’t stop… Please make it stop… oh dear God.!
Eczema, really, and I mean really, sucks! No one should ever suffer from this skin ailment ever. End of story.
What in the world is a person suppose to do? Follow me and let’s put and end to eczema once and for all. And learn the best 7 natural remedies for eczema are.

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The ultimate 7 natural remedies for eczema

  1. 1. am e e rro m http://www.ameerro m/the-ultimate-7-natural-remedies-fo r-eczema/ The Ultimate 7 Natural Remedies For Eczema 3 Flares Twitter 1 Facebook 0 Google+ 1 Pin It Share 0 LinkedIn 1 inShare1 Made with Flare More Inf o Damn it, why is it so itchy, I can’t stop… Please make it stop… oh dear God.! Eczema, really, and I mean really, sucks! No one should ever suf f er f rom this skin ailment ever. End of story. What in the world is a person suppose to do? Follow me and let’s put and end to eczema once and f or all. And learn the best 7 natural remedies f or eczema are. First, let’s start of f with: What is eczema? “ Eczema is a term f or a group of medical conditions that cause the skin to become inf lamed or irritated. T he most common type of eczema is known as atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema. Atopic ref ers to a group of diseases with an of ten inherited tendency to develop other allergic conditions, such as asthma and hay f ever. Eczema af f ects about 10% to 20% of inf ants and about 3% of adults and children in the U.S. Most inf ants who develop the condition outgrow it by their tenth birthday, while some people continue to have symptoms on and of f throughout lif e. With proper treatment, the disease can of ten be controlled. Welcome To The Ultimate 7 Natural Remedies For Eczema #1 – Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)
  2. 2. Remember eczema is a problem of the skin. Your skin is the biggest organ and the number one detoxif ier of toxins. Skin issues are a telltale sign that you are caring a huge internal toxic load. T he f irst thing you must consider when dealing with eczema is f ood allergies. “These results suggest that there is an intestinal mucosal defect in eczema which exists whether or not there is coexistent food allergy. Half the patients with eczema alone and two of the eight with food allergy had more of the large molecular weight PEG recovered in their urine in the second 12 h after ingestion than in the first 12 h. This could be the result of abnormal permeability in the more distal small bowel or even in the colon” What does the above statement mean? It means, when one has gut permeability one has a greater chance of getting eczema! What Foods Can Cause Gut Permeability? Gluten Dairy Sugar Soy Corn Peanuts Special Emphasis on Gluten “Gluten appears to have significant inflammatory properties, which is the reason it might be more associated with eczema,” says Sult (researcher), noting that inflammation taxes the immune system and can open the gateway to autoimmune disorders.” Bottom line, when you eat the above listed f oods, you increase your chances of gut permeability. T heref ore, I highly recommend the complete removal of all of the of f ending f ood groups in order to naturally heal your eczema. # 2 – Stop Stressing!
  3. 3. Studies have shown that both stress and gut inf lammation can impair the integrity and protective f unction of the epidermal barrier. T his in turn leads to a decrease in antimicrobial peptides produced in the skin and an increase in the severity of inf ection and inf lammation in the skin. (1) It’s very simple: the more stressors you have in your lif e via your job, f amily, f inances, and yes health, the greater the opportunity f or gut permeability to occur. T he more you stress, the bigger the burden on your body. (2) What to Do? Control your stress Get to bed on time (by 10 p.m.) Start meditating Drink lots of water Use a journal Yoga Anything that helps you decrease your stress will help you heal your eczema. # 3 – Get Your Omega-3’s In Order If you have low omega-3, you have high levels of prostaglandins and that equates to inflammation. “Prostaglandins are lipid autacoids derived from arachidonic acid. They both sustain homeostatic functions and mediate pathogenic mechanisms, including the inflammatory response. They are generated from arachidonate by the action of cyclooxygenase isoenzymes, and their biosynthesis is blocked by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including those selective for inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2. Despite the clinical efficacy of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, prostaglandins may function in both the promotion and resolution of inflammation. This review summarizes insights into the mechanisms of prostaglandin generation and the roles of individual mediators and their receptors in modulating the inflammatory response. Prostaglandin biology has potential clinical relevance for atherosclerosis, the response to vascular injury and aortic aneurysm.” Remember anytime your body is under attack, this may cause gut permeability and skin permeability. Also, understand that your skin is made up of f atty acids. So, if you have low levels of omega-3 and high levels of omega-6 which have been shown to cause inf lammation, that is a disaster waiting to happen. Need I say more. ;) Okay how does omega-3 help you lower prostaglandins?
  4. 4. Dr. William L. Smith described his f indings on April 4th at Experimental Biology 2006 held in San Francisco. His presentation was part of the scientif ic program of the American Society f or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). Dr. Smith says that dietary f ish oil causes its prostaglandin-lowering ef f ects through three dif f erent mechanisms. First, much f ewer prostaglandins are made f rom omega-3 f atty acids as compared to the other class of f atty acids in the body, the omega-6 f amily of f atty acids that originate in the diet f rom leaf y vegetables and other plant sources. Second, the omega-3 f atty acids compete with omega-6 f atty acids f or the same binding site on the COX 1 enzyme that converts the omega-6 f atty acids to prostaglandin (which is why the COX 1 enzyme and its COX 2 cousin are the targets of anti-inf lammatory drugs like ibuprof en). T he more omega-3 f atty acids available to block the binding sites, the f ewer omega-6 f atty acids are able to be converted to prostaglandin.” Simple as that. Increase your omega-3’s to lower your prostaglandins and then decrease your chances of contracting eczema. Because omega-3’s help the body manuf acture some important anti-inf lammatory hormones, continually f alling short could contribute to conditions related to chronic inf lammation, such as asthma, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease—as well as your problem, eczema. A severe def iciency of omega-3 f atty acids can result in dry skin, hair loss and an impaired immune system. “One result of eczema is a loss of the barrier function of the skin,” says Sult. Healthy omega-3 fats, such as those found in fish, pasture-raised beef and dairy, flax, and nut and seed oils, lubricate our skin and help rebuild its barrier function” What to do? Eat seaf ood, as seaf ood is loaded with Omega 3 and is one of the best natural remedies f or Eczema . I always pref er f ish over f ish oil. Take a look at this chart, and you will see what I am taking about. However, I do like some cod liver oil. Carlson Green Pasture You can take about 1 tablespoon with a meal.
  5. 5. #4 – Get Your Vitamin D Checked Why vitamin D? Vitamin D controls your immune system–Hello! And it controls your inflammatory response. Scientists have f ound that vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune def enses and that without suf f icient intake of this vitamin, the killer cells of the immune system (T cells) will not be able to react to and f ight of f serious inf ections in the body. T he research team f ound that T cells f irst search f or vitamin D in order to activate and if they cannot f ind enough of it, they will not complete the activation process. Vitamin D controls your T-cells. Super important! Why? Look at this… Fault in immune memory causes atopic eczema and psoriasis, study f inds: A research study conducted by Stef anie and Kilian Eyerich show that both diseases are caused by an impaired immunological memory. “The couple, who are engaged in research at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Department of Dermatology and Allergology Biederstein, Technische Universität München (TUM), based their study on a rare group of patients who suffer from both diseases. As their results show, the T-cells of the immune system in the skin activate an inflammatory program that causes either atopic eczema or psoriasis. Professor Ring, co-author and Director of Department of Dermatology and Allergology Biederstein, stated, “This study highlights the critical role of T-cells in psoriasis.” Plus, it has been f ound in studies that… “Low serum vitamin D level is inversely associated with eczema in German children and adolescents. Prospective studies are required to confirm this result, to discuss a potential opportunity for prevention of eczema.” To tie this all together, when you have low levels of Vitamin D, that equals big trouble f or you (low T-cell count, leaky gut, immune deregulation and f inally eczema). T he next question is: How do you improve your Vitamin D levels? Well, please click here and check this Master guide. In my Humble opinion I think Vitamin D Might be one the greatest natural remedies f rom Ezcema # 5 – Fix Your Gut Bugs
  6. 6. Ever heard the saying you are more bacteria than human? It’s true. You are an ecosystem of bacteria. And when your bacteria are out of whack, well, guess what? Your body becomes a war zone which may lead to eczema…Not good. “Recent studies have demonstrated differences in the composition of gut microbiota in infants with and without allergic diseases, particularly eczema. Methods: A case-control study involving 21 toddlers (age 3.0 ± 0.5 years) with eczema and 28 age-matched toddlers without eczema was conducted. Four groups of aerobic gut microbiota were identified and quantitated in stool samples grown on selective media. Three groups of anaerobes were enumerated by fluorescent in situ hybridization followed by quantitative flow cytometry. We also performed molecular typing of lacticacid-producing bacteria (LAB) and enterococcal isolates to facilitate detailed analysis at species level by bacterial 16S rDNA sequencing. Results: Toddlers with eczema harbored significantly lower counts of Bifidobacterium . There was no significant correlation between eczema severity score and bifidobacterial counts. Conclusion: The results further confirm previous reports that the gut micro ecosystem differs between children with and without eczema and extend them beyond infancy. Yes there is a lot of jargon in the above paragraph, but good jargon What this means is… You have to start eating f ermented f oods. Sauerkraut Pickles Click here to read an Epic blog post about the best Fermented f oods. And on top of that, you can add in prebiotic f oods such as: Raw Jerusalem artichoke: 31.5% prebiotics by weight (NOT E: Jerusalem artichoke is NOT the green globe artichoke you see at the store. It’s a totally dif f erent plant.) Raw dandelion greens: 24.3% prebiotic f iber by weight Raw garlic: 17.5% prebiotics by weight Raw leek: 11.7% prebiotic f iber by weight Raw onion: 8.6% prebiotic by weight Cooked onion: 5% prebiotic f iber by weight Raw asparagus: 5% prebiotics by weight Raw banana: 1% prebiotic f iber by weight Raw Chicory root: 64.6% prebiotic f iber by weight # 6 – Eliminate Heavy Metals in Your Body Let’s f irst start of f with which heavy metals I am ref erring to:
  7. 7. Lead Mercury Iron Arsenic Cadmium Nickel Bismuth T hallium Heavy metal poisoning can af f ect any organ-system in the body. However, its most serious side ef f ects are observed in the blood and central nervous system. Heavy metals can also seriously harm detoxif ication organs (the liver, kidneys and lungs). Eczema caused by heavy metal poisoning involves skin irritation and damage to skin cells. T heref ore, it can be a f orm of contact allergy. Heavy metals which trigger contact allergy appearing as eczematous lesions include mercury, lead, copper, chromium, cobalt, palladium and nickel. The Toxicity of Heavy Metals to Immune Cells In a 2012 paper published in the journal, Clinical Toxicology, a group of researchers detailed the ef f ects of nonessential heavy metals on the cells of the innate immune system. A summary of their f indings is provided in the table below. Heavy Metals and Immune Cells Cadmium interacts with cells of the immune system (neutrophils and macrophages) and promotes the release of f ree radicals such as reactive oxygen species. In addition, cadmium inhibits natural antioxidants in the body. It also increases the release of pro-inf lammatory cytokines. Lead increases the generation of reactive oxygen species. It inhibits the activity of neutrophils and specif ically reduces immune cells’ ability to kill the yeast, Candida albicans. To compensate f or the reduced activity of neutrophils, the body increases the number of circulating neutrophils in response to lead toxicity. Lead also blocks the activities of macrophages. Mercury increases oxidative stress and can kill of f neutrophils. By similar mechanisms, mercury also blocks the ability of macrophages to engulf and destroy (phagocytosis) microbes as well as slow down the migration of the immune cells to sites where they are needed. Like cadmium and lead, mercury is cytotoxic, pro-inf lammatory and pro-oxidative. So, how in the world do you know if you have heavy metals? T he question is not whether you have it. It is how MUCH you have in your cells. See, you are exposed to it on a daily basis. And your liver is responsible f or f lushing it out. T he BIG one is your gut bacteria and Vitamin D control your immune system.
  8. 8. Do you see how everything is connected? Everything works together. I advise the following protocol: #1 – Stool PCR test to check f or bugs #2 – Hair Mineral Analysis (Heavy Metals) #3 – Support Phase 1 and 2 of the liver #4 – Get your Vitamin D and magnesium levels checked #5 – Don’t do it yourself ! Work with a good practitioner. Seriously, working with a skilled trained practitioner will save you so much time and headaches and not to mention helping you design a custom program with all of the natural remedies f or eczema mentioned in this article. #7 – Antibiotics: T he Good, T he Bad and T he Ugly We are such a huge hygiene obsessed culture. From early on, we are exposed to many antibiotics…But, could this be unhealthy f or us? You better believe it! Early Lif e Exposure to Antibiotics and the Subsequent Development of Eczema, Wheeze, and Allergic Sensitization in the First 2 Years of Lif e: T he KOALA Birth Cohort Study “Antibiotic exposure in early life may be associated with atopic disease development either by interfering with bacterial commensal flora or by modifying the course of bacterial infections. We evaluated early life exposure to antibiotics and the subsequent development of eczema, wheeze, and allergic sensitization in infancy.” But why? “One potential explanation is that broad-spectrum antibiotics alter the gut microflora and that this in turn affects the maturing immune system in a way that promotes allergic disease development”, said Dr. Teresa Tsakok, one of the study’s authors of Guy’s and St. Thomas. According to the 2001 Allergy and Asthma Report, the first immunodeficiency syndrome was identified in 1952. This document tells us that since that time “more than 95 immune syndromes have been identified, with new conditions coming to light every day.” The report goes on to say that research indicates that “Increased antibiotic use in human infancy may be associated with increased risk of developing allergies.” What are the next steps? Simple T his is why I saved this f or last.
  9. 9. Because if you f ollow Steps 1-7, it will help you rebalance your gut microbes and f inally put an end to your eczema. T here you have it: T he 7 ultimate natural remedies f or eczema! T he more you know, the more you grow! Optimally Yours, Ameer, RHN, FDN I would love to hear your thoughts about this post, please leave a comment below. Remember my friends, health is not black nor white, but many colors of the rainbow 3 Flares Twitter 1 Facebook 0 Google+ 1 Pin It Share 0 LinkedIn 1 inShare1 Made with Flare More Inf o