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How To Improve Your Mindset: The ONE thing you MUST know!


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In Episode 4 Of #JustAskAmeer:

- The Success Mindset

- The Raw Food Diet

- Helpful Herbs To Deal w/ Stress

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How To Improve Your Mindset: The ONE thing you MUST know!

  1. 1. • 1) DAILY – What ONE thing must you do today that will drive your business forward? Resource: Gary Keller – “The One Thing” • 2) WEEKLY – Divide your week up. • 2 days: “Creative Mode” – build services or products, generate new leads and spend time “future thinking” … that is, think on where your business is going. • 3 days: “Maintenance Mode” – answering phone calls / e-mails / doing outcalls and setting up appointments. • 2 days: CHILL no work at all… digest / simmer / assimilate. This plan is designed to provide you with LONGEVITY. Resource: Dan Sullivan – “Strategic Coach”
  2. 2. • QUALITY??? • Grass Fed / Organic / Fresh Caught ex. Sushi, Beef Tartar • Insure that your meet is fresh from a farm or fresh caught from the ocean. • Some studies show a correlation to better absorption of micro/macro nutrients: protein, vitamins and minerals. This leads to a debate as to whether cooking is healthy or not. • Only way to find out if a Raw Food Diet is for you – TRY IT OUT! **Quality matters!
  3. 3. • CAVEAT EMPTOR – Buyer Beware… Herbs work to a degree. • BIGGER ISSUE: WHAT’S THE ROOT OF YOUR STRESS? • Perform an honest self audit and get to the “real” issue. Find the elephant in the room. Adjust the reality that you’re living in so that you’re not as stressed. • Helpful Herbs: Ashwagandha, licorice root, raw tumeric and ginger. Suggestion: steep raw ginger and tumeric in hot water for 10 – 15 minutes and drink in the afternoon.