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3 Essential Supplements for Optimal Health


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In Episode 3 of #JustAskAmeer Ameer discusses:

- Top 3 supplements that ALL Optimal Health Warriors need.

- The Effects Of Overtraining and it's relation to hypothyroidism.

- What the first few years hold in store for an Entrepreneur.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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3 Essential Supplements for Optimal Health

  1. 1. Top 3 supplements to increase Optimal Health.
  2. 2. • SLEEP – good quality sleep aids in the regulation of everything from your hormone profile, to mood, to energy levels – so there is no substitute for proper rest. • DIET - This is your foundation! Make sure the basis of your nutrition is rooted in Whole Food Sources. Cook for yourself and avoid high fructose corn syrup. • HABITS – “You are that which you do most frequently.” Keep a daily affirmation journal to help you build a success mindset and use present tense personal pronouns: “I AM … “
  3. 3. • With overtraining you risk having too high of a cortisol backlash in your body which is detrimental to your internal state of well-being. • At the cellular level you create Reverse T3 a cellular antagonist to actual T3. The problem with Reverse T3 is that your body doesn’t recognize it. • Look into getting an Adrenal Stress Index completed. (ASI) • What type of exercise you do really does depend on YOU. What is your state of health currently? What are your goals? • Slow pace strength training might be the best approach, Joint mobility work or yoga. • The tell tale sign will be how you feel 2-3 days later. If you feel burnt out – STOP!
  4. 4. • It’s TOUGH!! • Seek out a peer counsel to support and push you! • Develop an INNER CIRCLE. • These people may help you: financially, spiritually, physically or with business acumen that you lack. They essentially supplement your skills and help to mitigate potential weaknesses. • Having an Inner Circle will help to increase your rate of success exponentially!