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Atkins DAy breAk ™PrODUCt OVerVieW
Help your customers make                                                                              Strawberry Crunch – ...
Consumers need simplicityand convenience. • the average number of days per week that consumers eat breakfast is 4.9.†     ...
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Atkins Day Break


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Atkins Day Break Sell Sheet

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Atkins Day Break

  1. 1. Atkins DAy breAk ™PrODUCt OVerVieW
  2. 2. Help your customers make Strawberry Crunch – Leave it to Atkins to a sweet strawberry crisp bar with great nutrition. this bar is rich, chewy and amazing. As good as the real thing, but healthy.every morning count. And Cappuccino Nut – this will get you up on the right side of the bed. it’s crispy, deliciouscount the profits all day long. and perfect, with cappuccino nut flavour and a thick, creamy yogurt - flavoured icing. the delicious taste of Atkins Day break® bars helps your customers start the day off right. they’re made with an optimal blend of protein, fiber and calcium and are perfect for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack. What a great way to say “Good morning.” • easy to read benefit block • Great new packaging creates a unified look and feel eases navigation • Contemporary, premium appearance • Clearly differentiated sub-brands (Day break, Advantage®, endulge®) • billboard effect at shelf Unbeatable consumer loyalty.Lots of sweet morning flavors. Loyalty – and sales – going up.** • 52% brand loyalty besides taste, flavor and flavor variety are the two most influential factors (80% • better than eAs, Zone or south beach and 71%) among those who purchase cereal bars.* Plus, Atkins Day break bars are high in protein, fiber, low in sugar and have zero trans fats. ** source: nielsen Panel Data, Q3 2008 Cranberry Almond Bar – Cranberries and almonds have always been great together, 68% and this bar keeps the streak going. Crunchy granola, tart-sweet cranberries and tasty 52% almonds. Good morning. 50% 45% Chocolate Chip Crisp – Morning’s never been sweeter or more satisfying. We bring 42% 42% 39% 38% on the chocolate chips and a rich, chocolaty bottom layer. Dream of chocolate, wide 26% 24% awake. Slim Clif Zon Bala Pow Spe Lun EAS Sou Fas e Pe nce er B cial a (car th B t r fec ar K b co eac t ntro h l) * source: Mintel GnPD 2008 Category insight 2008 snack/Cereal/energy bars
  3. 3. Consumers need simplicityand convenience. • the average number of days per week that consumers eat breakfast is 4.9.† DAY BREAK BARS • Among those who eat bars as a meal replacement, 96% do so for breakfast.† BAR FLAvoRS PRoTEIN FIBER SUGAR NET CARBS CALoRIES Chocolate Chip Crisp 12 grams 6,0 grams 0,4 grams 2,1 grams 138 • the fastest-growing segments are ones that play to convenience by catering to ease of use, speed/time and portability issues.† Strawberry Crisp 11 grams 4,6 grams 1,2 grams 3,0 grams 149 Cranberry Almond 14 grams 5,6 grams 1,0 grams 3,7 grams 137 Cappuccino Nut 11 grams 3,6 grams 1,5 grams 3,5 grams 159 DAY BREAK BARS FLAvoRS SINGLE EAN DISPLAY/Box/UNIT EAN SINGLES PER DISPLAY/Box/UNIT CASE EAN UNITS PER CASE Chocolate Chip Crisp 5060074624156 5060074624149 5 5060074624132 6 top influencing factors in Strawberry Crisp 5060074624187 5060074624170 5 5060074624163 6 Cranberry breakfast choices are: Almond 5060074624279 5060074624262 5 5060074624255 6 Cappuccino Nut 5060074624217 5060074624200 5 5060074624194 6 • Low sugar† • Fiber† • Wholegrain† • Protein† SINGLE EAN UNIT EAN † source: Mintel - breakfast Foods: the Consumer - Us - December 2008 Chocolate Chip Crisp 5 060074 624156 5 060074 624149 Make every day a great day. Atkins is sweet, sexy science. that means sweet snacks that provide great results through a thorough Strawberry Crisp scientific foundation. short answer. With Atkins, anyone can lose weight 5 060074 624187 5 060074 624170 without giving up taste. stock up on Atkins Day break bars. Put sweet sexy Cranberry science to work for you and watch your profits rise and shine. Almond 5 060074 624279 5 060074 624262 Cappuccino Nut 5 060074 624217 5 060074 624200