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Resumen sistemas de entrenamiento para el desarrollo de la resistencia


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Resumen sistemas de entrenamiento para el desarrollo de la resistencia

  1. 1. Summary 3rd ESO: Methods of Endurance training. Features Duration Intensity Aerobic resistance Moderate. Jogging Easy pace 10’-30’ No + de 170 p/’ (180). Rest to 120-130 p/’. Aerobic resistance Moderate. Total training Running combined with exercises Recovery: walking or to develop muscles strength (abs, 20’-40’ easy running Continuous jumping, push-ups ...), the coord., Training Agility. (training without a rest). Aerobic and anaerobic resistance. Up to 180-200 p/’ para Fartlek is a form of road running bajar trotando hasta Fartlek (speed or cross country running in which 130-140 p/’. play) the runner varies the pace during 15’-30 the run. Fartlek involves training at a continuous exercise, but varying the intensity and type of exercise. Anaerobic resistance. Combination of periods Fractionated Consists of short, repeated, but Times of high intensity work systems (rests Interval intense physical efforts (3-5 between and low intensity work. to recovery) training minutes) followed by short rest 30’’- 5’. Efforts to 200 p/’ and periods. rest walking to 90 p/’. Aerobic resistance. Circuit Circuits can be used to increase training* either strength, aerobic fitness or Mixed systems both! There are usually between 8 and 15 stations and at each one you do a different exercise for 1 minute. At the end you then move on to the next station. Other methods Team sports, games, bike, swimming, aerobic, etc. * Circuit training: - Consist of about 6-12 exercises called stations. - Each exercise is performed for 30´´to 60´, allowing yourself 20’’ to 30’’ of rest between each stations. - Intensity: Should not pass of 170-180 beats per minute to complete the circuit. To start a new circuit, your heart rate should be at 120-130 - Rest between circuits: 2’-3’. - The circuit can be repeated 3-4 times in the same sesion. - Exercises for the development of resistance should be varied and involve large parts of the body in its execution, alternating muscle groups - The progression in this system is carried out: increasing the execution time at each station and the number of times you repeat the circuit, with more intense exercise and reducing recovery time between exercises or circuits. - Circuit training can be completed 1 to 2 times per week. Because it incorporates strength training exercises, allow at least 48 hours between sessions that work the same muscle groups.