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Basic vocabulary for the first term


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1st term, 1st ESO

Published in: Education
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Basic vocabulary for the first term

  1. 1. BASIC VOCABULARY FOR THE FIRST TERM (SEPT-DEC)Physical Education (P.E.): Educación Física (E.F.)Health: saludHealthy habits: hábitos saludablesWarming-up: calentamientoInjuries: lesionesJoint: articulaciónMuscle: músculoAbs, sit-ups: ejercicios de abdominalesTo rest: descansarStretching: EstiramientoTraining: entrenamientoTo take your heart rate: tomar tus pulsacionesFingertips: yemas de los dedosMat: colchonetaBars on the wall: espalderaShoelaces: cordonesPhysical condition, fitness: condición físicaPhysical capabilities: Capacidades físicasEndurance: Resistencia Speed: Flexibility: Strength: Velocidad Flexibilidad Fuerza