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Intermediaries will continue to battle with direct lenders for the lion’s share of the market, with some direct lenders choosing to up-skill their existing sales staff to offer advice. The growth of aggregators provides an opportunity for brokers to win business, but also poses a threat by driving down prices and forcing brokers to bid for business.

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UK Mortgages Intermediary Focus Industry April 2013 |

  1. 1. Mortgages - Intermediary Focus - UK - April 2013Intermediaries will continue to battle with direct lenders for the lion’s share of the market, with somedirect lenders choosing to up-skill their existing sales staff to offer advice. The growth of aggregators providesan opportunity for brokers to win business, but also poses a threat by driving down prices and forcing brokersto bid for business.Some questions answered in this report include: Who will win the battle between direct lenders andintermediaries? How can intermediaries demonstrate their value in the mortgage market? Can aggregatorswork with intermediaries? Will there be a move from face-to-face to remote advice?table Of Contentintroduction market Definitions abbreviations executive Summary the Market for Now The Threat FromDirect Sales Remains figure 1: Proportional Distribution Of Regulated Mortgage Sales, By Channel,2007/08-2012/13 market Factors number Of Intermediary Products Increases figure 2: Avelo Product Index,Average Number Of Intermediary Products Available, April 2007-february 2013 companies And Key Playersnumber Of Advice Firms Continues To Fall figure 3: Number Of Directly Authorised Firms In The MortgageIntermediary Sector, September 2006- september 2012 the Adviser cautiously Optimistic About The Futurefigure 4: Expected Change In Intermediary Annualised Income Over The Next Three And 12 Months, january2013 advisers Are Spending More Time With Clients figure 5: The Effect That Market Conditions Have HadOn The Time That Intermediaries Spend With Each client, January 2013 direct Lenders Still Seen As AChallenge To Intermediaries figure 6: Challenges Faced By Mortgage Intermediaries, January 2013developing Cross-sales Is A Main Priority figure 7: Intermediary Priorities For The Next Six Months, January2013 the Consumer consumers Use A Mix Of Resources In Arranging Their Mortgage figure 8: Sources OfAdvice And Information Likely To Use When Researching/arranging A Mortgage, december 2012 consumersAre Self-sufficient In Undertaking Their Own Research, But Still Need The Reassurance Of intermediariesfigure 9: Mortgage Application Expectations And Intentions, December 2012 what We Think issues In TheMarket who Will Win The Battle Between Direct Lenders And Intermediaries? how Can IntermediariesDemonstrate Their Value In The Mortgage Market? can Aggregators Work With Intermediaries? will ThereBe A Move From Face-to-face To Remote Advice? trend Application advisers Can Take The Hassle Out OfBuying A Home target Future First-time Buyers mintel Futures: Generation Next market Drivers –Broader Market Issues key Points consumer Confidence Remains Low figure 10: Gfk Nop ConsumerConfidence Index, January 2007-december 2012 property Prices Flat Line figure 11: Annual House PriceGrowth In The Uk – Comparison Of Four Different Sources, Q1 2007-q3 2012 upward Swing InBuying Intentions figure 12: Expected Mortgage And Property Purchase Activity, Q3/q4 2002-q3/q4 2012mortgage Rates Remain Separated From The Bank Of England Base Rate figure 13: Bank Of England BaseRate, Three-month (monthly Average) Libor And New Mortgage effective Rate, January 2006-january 2013monthly Mortgage Approvals Remain Flat figure 14: Number Of Monthly Mortgage Approvals (seasonallyAdjusted), By Type, January 2009- december 2012 number Of Repossessions Continues To Fall figure 15:Mortgage Arrears And Repossessions, Q1 2009-q4 2012 buy-to-let Continues To Outperform, But The GapMortgages - Intermediary Focus - UK - April 2013
  2. 2. Has Narrowed Over 2012 figure 16: Annual Percentage Change In Gross Advances – Buy-to-letVersus Total Mortgage Market, 2002-12 market Drivers – Internal Market Issues key Points numberOf Direct Products Continues To Rise figure 17: Avelo Product Index, Average Number Of Direct ProductsAvailable, April 2007-february 2013 number Of Intermediary Products Increasing Slightly, But NowhereNear 2007 Highs figure 18: Avelo Product Index, Average Number Of Intermediary Products Available,April 2007-february 2013 only Half Of Direct Sales Are Advised figure 19: Advised Sales, By SellingChannels, April 2011-march 2012 the Mortgage Market Review government Help To Kick-start TheMortgage Market the Funding For Lending Scheme help To Buy Scheme swot Analysis figure 20: SwotAnalysis, Mortgage Intermediary Market, 2013 lending Market Overview key Points little Change In GrossAnd Net Advances In 2012 figure 21: Total Mortgage Lending, By Gross And Net Advances (not SeasonallyAdjusted), 2006-12 house Purchasing Increased In 2012, But Remortgaging Activity Fell By 13% figure 22:Gross Mortgage Lending, By Type Of Loan, 2006-12 first-time Buyer Loans Reach Their Highest LevelSince 2007 figure 23: Loans Advanced For House Purchase, By Type Of Borrower, 2006-12 buy-to-letContinues To Grow figure 24: Number And Value Of New Btl Mortgages Sold, 2004-12 intermediary ShareOf The Mortgage Market key Points intermediaries Slightly Increase Their Proportion Of Mortgage Salesfigure 25: Proportional Distribution Of Regulated Mortgage Sales, By Channel, 2007/08-2012/13 mortgageIntermediary Marketplace key Points the Number Of Mortgage Intermediaries Continues To Fall figure 26:Number Of Directly Authorised Firms In The Mortgage Intermediary Sector, September 2006- september2012 sole Traders And Partnerships Feel The Strain figure 27: Number Of Mortgage And Home Finance ArsAnd Da Intermediary Firms, By Type, September 2008-september 2012 company Profiles intrinsic FinancialServices figure 28: Key Financial Data For Intrinsic Financial Services, 2010 And 2011 legal & Generalfigure 29: Key Financial Data For Legal & General (housing And Protection Business Segment), 2011 And2012 tenet openwork figure 30: Key Financial Data For Openwork, 2010 And 2011 personal TouchFinancial Services figure 31: Key Financial Data For Personal Touch Financial Services, 2010 And 2011sesame Bankhall figure 32: Key Financial Data For Sesame Bankhall Group, 2010 And 2011 brandCommunication And Promotion key Points advertising Budgets Have Improved, But Are A Long Way OffPre-2009 Figures figure 33: Amount Spent On Advertising In The Mortgage Intermediary Sector, 2008-12top Five Advertisers Made Up Two Thirds Of Expenditure In 2012 figure 34: Top Ten Advertisers In TheMortgage Intermediary Market, 2010-12 internet Advertising To Mortgage Intermediaries Has AlmostDoubled Since 2011 figure 35: Advertising Channels In The Mortgage Intermediary Sector, 2011 And 2012websites Becoming A Favoured Form Of Advertising To Intermediaries figure 36: Top Ten AdvertisingMedia Used By The Mortgage Intermediary Sector, 2012 a Note On Adspend the Adviser Outlook keyPoints advisers Are Cautiously Optimistic About The Future Income figure 37: Adviser Expectations OfChange In Income Over Next Three Months And 12 Months, january 2013 intermediaries Cite ClientsRemortgaging To Get More Competitive Rates As A Key Reason For growth the Slow Mortgage Market IsThe Main Cause For Concern advisers’ Cautiously Optimistic Outlook Is Similar To LastYear’s figure 38: Adviser Expectations Of Change In Income Over Next Three Months And 12Months, January 2012 the Adviser – Time Spent With Clients key Points mortgage Advisers AreSpending More Time With Their Clients figure 39: How The Time Intermediaries Spend With Their ClientsHas Changed, January 2013 the Adviser – Challenges And Priorities In The Mortgage Intermediarymarket key Points competition From Direct Lenders Remains A Challenge, According To 43% OfIntermediaries figure 40: Challenges Facing Mortgage Intermediaries, January 2013 difficult EconomicConditions For First-time Buyers Seen As A Challenge For Advisers advisers Do Not See The Rise Of OnlineMortgages - Intermediary Focus - UK - April 2013
  3. 3. Comparison Sites As A Challenge almost Half Of Advisers See Developing Cross-sales As Their MainPriority figure 41: Mortgage Intermediary Priorities For Next Six Months, January 2013 increasingMarketing Activity Is A Priority For Almost 40% Of Advisers few Advisers Planning To Invest In NewTechnology the Consumer – Mortgage Arrangement Preferences key Points online Sources AreGaining Popularity figure 42: Sources That Consumers Are Likely To Use When Researching Or ArrangingA Mortgage, december 2012 consumers Are More Likely To Turn To Advisers In Their Own Bank As AFirst Port Of Call consumers Are Likely To Use A Mix Of Sources When Arranging Their Mortgage priceComparison Sites Are Key For Remortgage Customers figure 43: Sources That Consumers Are Likely ToUse, By Mortgage Application Intentions, December 2012 ftbs To Look To Their Own Bank/building SocietyAnd The Internet the Consumer – Attitudes Towards Applying For A Mortgage key Points almostHalf Undertake Their Own Research To Find The Best Deal figure 44: Mortgage Application ExpectationsAnd Intentions, December 2012 a Third Of Consumers Need Advice In Order To Apply For A Mortgageconsumers Are Less Likely To Expect Advice When Remortgaging figure 45: Agreement With StatementsRelating To Arranging A Mortgage/remortgage, By Type Of Mortgage customer, December 2012experienced Consumers Are The Least Trusting Of Bank-based Advisers bank/building Society MortgageAdvisers Are Less Trusted figure 46: Agreement With Statements Concerning Trust In Advisers, December2012 self-sufficient Consumers Research The Best Deals Before Going Directly To The Lender figure 47:Agreement With Statements Relating To Arranging A Mortgage/remortgage, By Sources Likely To use,December 2012 consumers That Use Friends And Family Expect To Need Professional Adviceintermediaries Used To Take The Hassle Out Of Applying For A Mortgage appendix – MarketBackground different Types Of Mortgage Advisers appendix – Consumers Arrangement Preferencesfigure 48: Most Popular Mortgage Research, By Demographics, November 2012 figure 49: Next MostPopular Mortgage Research, By Demographics, November 2012 appendix – Consumer AttitudesTowards Applying For A Mortgage figure 50: Most Popular Attitudes Towards Applying For A Mortgage,By Demographics, November 2012 figure 51: Next Most Popular Attitudes Towards Applying For AMortgage, By Demographics, November 2012 uk Research Methodology consumer Research sampling AndWeighting definitions qualitative Research trade Research informal formal desk Research statisticalForecasting european Research MethodologyAn online research report( is a one step solution to your marketresearch needs. We are engaged in the business of preparing the customized research reports on differentindustries including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical, and electronics among others.We have ateam of Research Analysts with complete understanding of the current market trends and major marketplayers. Our research reports are based on the requirements of our clients; however, we also preparesyndicated research reports on emerging markets.Contact:M/s Sheela,90 State Street,Suite 700,Albany NY - 12207United StatesMortgages - Intermediary Focus - UK - April 2013
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