Net Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos |


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This report explores the technical-economic issues surrounding Net neutrality and its current status in markets around the globe.

It also delivers analysis of the traffic management practices and technical measures needed to control costs.

And, finally, looks at the new business models we are seeing emerge through an examination of stakeholders’ models, along with synthesis of the state of affairs in 15 countries.

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Net Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos |

  1. 1. Net Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcosThis report explores the technical-economic issues surrounding Net neutrality and its current status in marketsaround the globe.It also delivers analysis of the traffic management practices and technical measures needed to control costs.And, finally, looks at the new business models we are seeing emerge through an examination ofstakeholders’ models, along with synthesis of the state of affairs in 15 countries.These deliverables are part of the Telco vs OTT watch which covers:Half-yearly updated datasets Half-yearly updated status reports A net Net Neutrality benchmark on 15countries and 3-sided business models report Quarterly market insights Direct access to lead OTT analyststable Of Contents1. Some Context For Telcos And Ottsoverall Context: Pressure On Networksoverall Context: Disruptions From Emerging Video Marketsoverall Context: Ott Players Evolving To Two-sided Models And Creating Disruptions For Telcosoverall Context: Telcos’ Growth Flat, Ott Players Still Boomingkey Questions On Internet Trafficissue #1: Economics Of Internet Contentissue #2: Transit And Cdn Pricingissue #3: Peeringissue #4: Unlimited Trafficissue #5: Managed Servicesissue #6 (bonus): P2p File-sharing Traffic2. Current Status Of Net Neutrality In Major Countriesdifferentiation On Fixed Networksdifferentiation On Mobile Networksregulation And Political Statusisp And Content Provider Initiatives3. Options For Telcos In Competing With Otts For Traffictechnical Issues And Cost-based Solutionspotential Developments With Value Transfer Options In Two-sided Business Modelscost-offsetting Solution #1: Charging End-users More For Trafficcost-offsetting Solution #2: Charge End-users More For Qoscost-offsetting Solution #3: Charge Content Providers For Trafficcost-offsetting Solution #4: Charging Content Providers For QosNet Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos
  2. 2. cost-offsetting Solution #4: Charging Content Providers For Qossome Other Examplessummary Of Telco Initiatives4. Beyond Two-sided Models: Three-sided Models!telco And Otts: Is This The Real Picture?indeed, It Is A Three-sided Business. Many Parts Are Missing In The Equationlarge Otts Go Two-sidedmissing Part #1 In The Equation: The Two-sided Ott Business Model Can Serve As An Inspirationtelcos And Otts Are Not Always Fightingmissing Part #2: Telcos And Otts Often Cooperatetelcos Can Face Up To Ott In Other Waysmissing Part #3: Telcos ‘go Ott’, With Approaches Closer To Large Ott Playerstelcos Can Go For Two-sided With Large Ottsmissing Part #4: Telcos Go Two-sided On Traffic Too With Large Ottsas Well As With All Other Players Trying To Get On The Internetoperational View Of Telcos: Three Distinct Possible Three-sided Business Modelsmissing Part #5: Bountiful Opportunities For Telcos… Beyond Those Of Trafficexamples Of Initiatives For Three-sided Business Models (service-centric)remaining Issues For Telcos When Addressing The Upstream Side Of The Value Chaininternational Benchmark1. Status Of Net Neutrality Around The World1.1. Overall View1.2. Summary Of Wireline Telcos1.3. Summary Of Mobile Telcos1.4. Summary Of Regulation1.5. Summary Of Content And Service Providers2. Australia2.1. Wireline Telcos2.1.1. Technical Measures Employed2.1.2. Statements2.1.3. Related Elements (piracy)2.1.4. Broadband Network (nbn)2.2. Mobile Telcos2.2.1. Differentiation Measures2.2.2. StatementsNet Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos
  3. 3. 2.2.3. Legal Cases2.3. Regulation2.4. Content And Service Providers3. Canada3.1. Wireline Telcos3.1.1. Technical Measures Employed3.1.2. Change In Policy, From Throttling To Non-throttling3.1.3. Statements3.2. Mobile Telcos3.2.1. Differentiation Measures3.2.2. Statements3.3. Regulation3.3.1. Initiatives From The Regulator (crtc)3.3.2. Parliamentary Initiatives3.3.3. Legal Cases3.4. Content And Service Providers4. The United States4.1. Wireline Telcos4.1.1. Technical Measures Employed4.1.2. Statements4.1.3. Piracy In The United States4.2. Mobile Telcos4.2.1. Differentiation Measures4.2.2. Statements4.3. Regulation4.3.1. Initiatives From The Regulator (fcc)4.3.2. Bills4.3.3. 700 Mhz Spectrum4.3.4. President Obama’s Position4.3.5. Legal Cases4.3.6. Content And Service Providers5. Europe5.1. Regulation5.2. Ceo Roundtable Proposals6. France6.1. Wireline Telcos6.1.1. Technical Measures EmployedNet Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos
  4. 4. 6.1.2. Dns Hijacking6.1.3. The Five French Isp Versus Google (youtube)6.1.4. Free Blocks All Google Ads6.1.5. Statements6.2. Mobile Telcos6.2.1. Differentiation Measures6.2.2. Statements6.3. Regulation6.3.1. Regulator (arcep)6.3.2. Draft Legislation6.3.3. Legal Cases And Proceedings6.4. Content And Service Providers7. Germany7.1. Wireline Telcos7.1.1. Technical Measures Employed7.1.2. Statements7.2. Mobile Telcos7.2.1. Differentiation Measures7.2.2. Statements7.3. Regulation7.3.1. Position Of The Federal Ministry Of Economics (bmwi)7.3.2. The Regulator’s Position (bnetza)7.3.3. Other Regulatory Elements7.3.4. Legal Cases7.4. Content And Service Providers8. Ireland8.1. Wireline Telcos8.1.1. Technical Measures Employed8.1.2. Statements Concerning Net Neutrality8.1.3. Billing Systems8.2. Mobile Telcos8.3. Regulation8.4. Content And Service Providers9. Italy9.1. Wireline Telcos9.1.1. Technical Measures Employed9.1.2. Statements Concerning Net NeutralityNet Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos
  5. 5. 9.2. Mobile Telcos9.2.1. Differentiation Measures9.2.2. Statements9.3. Regulation9.3.1. The Regulator’s Position9.3.2. Political Positions9.3.3. Legal Cases9.4. Content And Service Providers10. The Netherlands10.1. Wireline Telcos10.1.1. Technical Measures Employed10.1.2. The Upc Case10.1.3. Billing Systems10.2. Mobile Operators10.3. Regulation10.4. Content And Service Providers11. Norway11.1. Wireline Telcos11.1.1. Technical Measures Employed11.1.2. The Case Of Nextgentel11.1.3. Statements11.2. Mobile Telcos11.2.1. Differentiation Measures11.2.2. Statements11.3. Regulation11.4. Service And Content Providers12. Portugal12.1. Wireline Telcos12.2. Mobile Telcos12.3. Regulation12.4. Content And Service Providers13. Spain13.1. Wireline Telcos13.1.1. Technical Measures Employed13.1.2. StatementsNet Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos
  6. 6. 13.1.3. Billing System13.2. Mobile Telcos13.2.1. Differentiation Measures13.2.2. Statements13.3. Regulation13.4. Content And Service Providers14. Sweden14.1. Wireline Telcos14.1.1. Technical Measures Employed14.1.2. Statements14.2. Mobile Telcos14.2.1. Differentiation Measures14.2.2. Statements14.3. Regulation14.3.1. The Regulator’s Position14.3.2. Legal Cases14.4. Content And Service Providers15. The United Kingdom15.1. Wireline Telcos15.1.1. Technical Measures Employed15.1.2. Virgin Media’s Partnership With Detica15.1.3. Statements15.2. Mobile Telcos15.2.1. Differentiation Measures15.2.2. Traffic Management15.2.3. Statements15.3. Regulation15.3.1. The Regulator’s Position15.3.2. The Government’s Position15.3.3. Legal Cases15.4. Content And Service Providers16. Japan16.1. Wireline Telcos16.1.1. Technical Measures Employed16.1.2. Statements16.2. Mobile Telcos16.2.1. Differentiation MeasuresNet Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos
  7. 7. 16.2.2. Statements16.3. Regulation16.3.1. Introduction: Isp Competition Is Japan Is Deemed Healthy16.3.2. The Mic Working Group On Net Neutrality16.3.3. Guidelines For Packet Shaping16.3.4. Conclusion: No Specific Regulation, Guidelines Are Sufficient16.3.5. Law Enforcement On Piracy16.4. Content And Service Providers17. South Korea17.1. Wireline Telcos17.1.1. Statements17.2. Mobile Telcos17.2.1. Statements17.3. Regulation17.3.1. Law Enforcement On Piracy17.4. Content And Service Providers18. Net Neutrality And Piracy18.1. European Legislative Framework18.1.1. European Court Of Justice/14th April 201118.1.2. Sinde Law - Spain18.2. Examples Of FilteringResearchMoz( is the one stop online destination to find and buy market researchreports & Industry Analysis. We fulfill all your research needs spanning across industry verticals with ourhuge collection of market research reports. We provide our services to all sizes of organizations and across allindustry verticals and markets. Our Research Coordinators have in-depth knowledge of reports as well aspublishers and will assist you in making an informed decision by giving you unbiased and deep insights onwhich reports will satisfy your needs at the best price.Contact:M/s Sheela,90 State Street,Suite 700,Albany NY - 12207United StatesTel: +1-518-618-1030USA - Canada Toll Free 866-997-4948Email: sales@researchmoz.usWebsite: Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos
  8. 8. Net Neutrality & three-sided business models for telcos