China Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013


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China Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013

  1. 1. China Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013By 2012, 25 pilot cities had promoted 27,432 new energy vehicles totally within two years after the subsidypolicy was implemented, including 23,032 ones used in public services and 4,400 ones bought by individuals.In March, 2013, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industryand Information Technology and Development and Reform Commission reached a consensus, determining toprolong the new energy vehicle subsidy policy by three years. The new subsidy policy emphasizes twoaspects: First, it expands the scope of pilot cities; second, it plans to support energy-saving hybrid models withmore subsidies. In addition, the new subsidy policy unifies the subsidies of all regions and changes thesituation that subsidies vary from region to region.As new energy vehicles are demonstrated and popularized as well as individuals enjoy subsidies whenpurchasing new energy vehicles, the domestic output of electric vehicles still maintains a rapid growth.According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the output of 628 models included inDirectory of Recommended Models of Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles for Demonstration andApplication hit 24,800 in 2012, up 94% year on year, of which there were 14,700 passenger cars and morethan 10,000 commercial vehicles; there were 13,300 pure electric vehicles, 10,400 conventional hybridvehicles, and more than 1,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles.The report analyzes the industrial environments and market of electric vehicles, main demonstration cities,and major production enterprises. Besides, it studies the models contained in the demonstration and promotiondirectory released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (As of April 2013, there had been44 batches).Anhui JAC Co., Ltd. is one of the first companies that are engaged in research and development of newenergy vehicles in China. In 2009, JAC clarified that it targeted "pure electric vehicles”. In 2010 and2011, JAC popularized 1,585 pure electric vehicles. As of the end of 2012, JAC had built a production linewith an annual capacity of 20,000 electric vehicles. In accordance with the development plan, the companysannual electric vehicle capacity will reach 100,000 by 2015, and the models will extend from sedans to SUV,special vehicles and buses.Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. is a listed company designated by China to produce luxury buses. As ofApril 2013, Ankais 44 hybrid and pure electric models had been incorporated in Directory of RecommendedModels of Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles for Demonstration and Application. It acts as one ofleading players in the domestic new energy bus field. As of the end of 2012, Ankai had boasted over 1,000new energy buses, which run in 27 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Hefei.table Of Content1. Overview Of China Electric Vehicle Industry1.1 Introduction And Classification Of Electric Vehicle1.1.1 Introduction1.1.2 ClassificationChina Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013
  2. 2. 1.1.3 Technology Roadmap1.2 Industry Chain2 Chinese Policy On Electric Vehicle2.1 Major Policies2.1.1 Fiscal Subsidies Policy2.1.2 Demonstration And Promotion Policy2.1.3 Other Favorable Policies2.2 Planning Of Electric Vehicle Industry2.2.1 Industry Planning2.2.2 Technology Development Planning2.2.3 Charging Station Planning3 Regional Pattern Of Electric Vehicle Industry In China3.1 Development In Main Regions3.2 Beijing3.2.1 Status Quo3.2.2 Development Planning3.3 Shanghai3.3.1 Status Quo3.3.2 Development Planning3.4 Tianjin3.4.1 Status Quo3.4.2 Development Planning3.5 Chongqing3.5.1 Status Quo3.5.2 Development Planning3.6 Shandong3.6.1 Status Quo3.6.2 Development Planning3.7 Jilin3.7.1 Status Quo3.7.2 Development Planning3.8 Jiangsu3.8.1 Status Quo3.8.2 Marketing Planning3.9 Zhejiang3.9.1 Status Quo3.9.2 Development Planning3.10 Anhui3.10.1 Status QuoChina Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013
  3. 3. 3.10.2 Development Planning3.11 Fujian3.11.1 Status Quo3.11.2 Development Planning3.12 Jiangxi3.12.1 Status Quo3.12.2 Development Planning3.13 Henan3.13.1 Status Quo3.13.2 Development Planning3.14 Hunan3.14.1 Status Quo3.14.2 Development Planning3.15 Hubei3.15.1 Status Quo3.15.2 Development Planning3.16 Guangdong3.16.1 Status Quo3.16.2 Development Planning3.17 Guangxi3.17.1 Status Quo3.17.2 Development Planning3.18 Hainan3.18.1 Status Quo3.18.2 Development Planning3.19 Hebei3.19.1 Status Quo3.19.2 Development Planning3.20 Sichuan3.20.1 Status Quo3.20.2 Development Planning4 Chinese Electric Vehicle Market4.1 Market Size4.2 Market Pattern4.3 Electric Passenger Car4.3.1 Market Pattern4.3.2 Market Size4.3.3 Major Companies4.4 Electric Bus4.4.1 Overview4.4.2 Market SizeChina Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013
  4. 4. 4.4.3 Major Companies5 Key Electric Vehicle Companies In China5.1 Saic Motor5.1.1 Profile5.1.2 Operation5.1.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.2 Faw5.2.1 Profile5.2.2 Operation5.2.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.3 Dongfeng Motor Corporation5.3.1 Profile5.3.2 Operation5.3.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.4 Byd5.4.1 Profile5.4.2 Operation5.4.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.5 Changan Automobile5.5.1 Profile5.5.2 Operation5.5.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.6 Chery Automobile5.6.1 Profile5.6.2 Operation5.6.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.7 Jac5.7.1 Profile5.7.2 Operation5.7.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.8 Beijing Automotive Group Co.,ltd (baic Group)5.8.1 Profile5.8.2 Operation5.8.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.9 Gac5.9.1 Profile5.9.2 Operation5.9.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.10 Ankai5.10.1 Profile5.10.2 OperationChina Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013
  5. 5. 5.10.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.11 Xiamen King Long Motor Group Co.,ltd.5.11.1 Profile5.11.2 Operation5.11.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.12 Zhongtong Bus5.12.1 Profile5.12.2 Operation5.12.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.13 Yutong Group5.13.1 Profile5.13.2 Operation5.13.3 Electric Vehicle Business5.14 Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd.5.14.1 Profile5.14.2 Operation5.14.3 Electric Vehicle BusinessAn online research report( is a one step solution to your marketresearch needs. We are engaged in the business of preparing the customized research reports on differentindustries including food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical, and electronics among others.We have ateam of Research Analysts with complete understanding of the current market trends and major marketplayers. Our research reports are based on the requirements of our clients; however, we also preparesyndicated research reports on emerging markets.Contact:M/s Sheela,90 State Street,Suite 700,Albany NY - 12207United StatesTel: +1-518-618-1030USA - Canada Toll Free 866-997-4948Email: sales@researchmoz.usWebsite: Electric Vehicle Industry Report, 2013