Marketing to youth @ icafes.


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Youth, the Largest buyer of everything from mobiles to Motorbikes, Apparels to LCD’s, brimming with Impulse purchase and eCommerce the segment is fast going global. With an average time spent of 45 mins per consumer our set of 3000+ youth I cafes cater to a daily captive audience of 1.9 Lac Global Indians every day across top cities.

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Marketing to youth @ icafes.

  1. 1. “We have a passion for creating great consumer conversations. We know that in a goodconversation every one can get their point across. Brands included” Marketing to Youth
  2. 2. Youth @ I cafes – Shared Computing is My space eCommerce I’m a PHONE junkie I chatMy copy AVATAR, I’m social FB,goes every where Twitter, G+with me that’smy movie I’m a movie buff read all reviews onlineI’m a shopaholic I’m on Pre Paid I spend 45 minutes+ a day on the net 390 million social networking users I browse on Chrome I GOOGLE I Game, Online everything Im a gadget geek Shoes I’m corporate honcho in the making online deals
  3. 3. 100 Million Internet users in India, with 8% penetration, 20 Million use the Internet daily. 50%of total Internet population in India is below 25 years of age. 40% of the Internet users accessthe net from I-cafes. These cafes are privately owned by small & mid size entrepreneurs.Access Pattern Tata Consultancy Services,2010
  4. 4. Buying Debating Bloggin Chatting g Creating Selling Viewing Discussin gTagging Networkin g Uploading Playing Vodcastin Listenin g g Downloadin g Podcasting Talking Writing SearchingReadin g What Are they doing Online @ icafes?
  5. 5. ALSO!They are Listening, Talking, Engaging Making up their minds & Trying stuff that’s cool
  6. 6. Number PulsePeople1.9 lac Youth Daily PlacesAges 15-35 3000 cafes PersonalitiesSEC A, B+ 50+ top Indian cities the Largest buyer of45 Mins average time Youth Locations everything fromspent online mobiles to Motorbikes, Near campuses, youth60 minutes average in hangouts, hotspots Apparels to LCD’s,the cafe brimming with Impulse purchase and eCommerce Youth, the Largest buyer of everything from mobiles to Motorbikes, Apparels to LCD’s, brimming with Impulse purchase and eCommerce the segment is fast going global. With an average time spent of 45 mins per consumer our set of 3000+ youth I cafes cater to a daily captive audience of 1.9 Lac Global Indians every day across 50+ cities.
  7. 7. They are consuming! – Youth & brands They are spending on on mobile phones (39.6%), food (22.6%) and clothes (22.6%). Then come movies (6.2%), personal grooming (4.6%), gifts (1.5%), boyfriend/girlfriend (1.1%) with liquor (0.7%) and sports and gym (0.7%) coming in with least spending percentage. *Hindustan times youth survey 2011
  8. 8. Engagement Strategy… PromptInform Trials RETAIN Entertain Convert Reward Engage
  9. 9. @Icafes Café BrandingPC Branding OnlineEngagement Product DemosProduct Trials CTA + Feedback Consumer Acquisition
  10. 10. Case StudiesRecent projects at I cafes.
  11. 11. Next to NetIndia is the 2nd largest online destination in the world, Astellar 66% growth recorded in 2009-10 bears testimonyto the imminent boom in India online. 70% of the youthspends more than 30% online, 65% access the internetvia shared computing. Youth are chatting, networking,building brand perceptions and shopping online.Users of the internet or which have spent lessthan 12 months on the new
  12. 12. Brand | Yahoo Audience | New to Net users, Prime I-Café program to educate, certify, Target 16-24 years equip Next To Net users with Geo Scope | 59 cities Internet educationObjective: To position Yahoo as a window to acquireconsumers and add Yahoo email ID usage.Challenge: To acquire new users and drive use ofYAHOO id as the primary ID.Solution: New to Net users who have not yet created anidentity on the NETValue Prop: A “User Driven Activation” involving theInfluencers - Café Owners and the Users. NIITAccreditation to the users and monthly Reward programfor Café Owners to maintain their interest levelEach user completed 1HR learn the internet module andcreate an e-profile. Each consumer received an e-certificate by NIIT via the module Merch
  13. 13. I-Café program to educate, certify, equip Next To Net users with Internet educationScale The Campaign enrolled 1000 cyber café’s into this program. Tapping 7000 shared computing terminals PC’s & reaching out to an internet user base of whooping 8.4 millionROI 511000 Consumers completed the program acquired & Certificates Issued, there eCertificates reached their very own Yahoo email addresses on the internet 4088000 (4 million) consumers completed the program partly spending 15-35 minutes interacting with the brand onlineA custom solution driven program which is ROI specificand targets the specific marketing objectives of the brand
  14. 14. The StyleCatsAged between 14 and 28 , follows the biggest trends,Buys the Newest IN things, is hot on the social circuit.An early adaptor, chases populist trends, technology,fashion, banks on brands and buys for style “lookinggood is important but being seen looking good is moreimportant then ever!”Youth, Campus Students and young adults
  15. 15. Brand | Renault India Yahoo ! India in partnership with Audience | Youth Renault celebrate the F1 Fever with Geo Scope | 50 Campuses + Icafes in Top Online Digi Racer Game. 7 CitiesObjective: Create awareness and excitement aboutYahoo F1 Digi Racer by making people experienceit both online and offline.Challenge: To choose effective touch points whereyouth will willingly participate and experience thegame.Solution: Yahoo! F1 Digi Racer Demo zones weredeployed in campuses where students can play andincrease their scorecard.Nearby Icafes were also branded with Digi racerPosters, Flags & wobblers.Dedicated F1 game station equipped with Web camand headphones was also created in Icafes.Value Prop: The highest scorer won F1 tickets forIndia’s first Grand Prix. All participants won Renaultsponsored goodies and coupons that can beredeemed in chosen Icafes to try again their luckROI: In span of 10 days 3000 students played thegame online followed by buzz amongst 9000students
  16. 16. Brand | Google Chrome I Café Activation : - Trial and Audience | Internet Users Product awareness driven Geo Scope | 18 – 34yrs across 3000 cafes in 59 cities Program.Chrome offers superior browsing - faster, safer,simpler.. & the brands objective was to enableusers who did not have personal choice in thematter of choosing their browser (is internetusers in I café’s) the chance to experience thenext level of Internet surfing. Objective: As a part of the global Chrome’s "Better Web" campaign Chrome wanted to strengthen its space by targeting to the users between the ages of 15-35 the savy adopters − Educate the I café owner on the safer browsing benefits, − Ensure access to superior/better browsing experience to Chrome users, − Encourage user trials, & long term usage − Educate users about apps from CWS within the browser that offer another unique & more fulfilling user experience especially for users who use shared PCs
  17. 17. Brand | Google Chrome I Café Activation : - Assertive Audience | Internet Users Trials, Reward & Recognition to Geo Scope | 18 – 34yrs across 3000 cafes in 59 cities the café owners & consumersConcept A better web with Chrome gives you more internet/hour’Solution: A Consumer driven Activation @ InternetCafes Involving the Influencer- Café owner; the User(consumer); A balance of Stakeholders to create aneco-system benefiting all parties to drive ROI Correct Identification of cafes based on PC count & influence Manage & educate influencers, the café owners via demos & info – enroll into a “ensuring a better web browsing in cafe “ program Customize the Product: this was the strongest innovation in the program we developed a custom version Of Chrome that had special extensions designed with user insights from Indian I cafe’s that tackled; Printing; Safety; Time
  18. 18. More Gaming per hour Ensure Product availability - Install the - Chrome for cafes with special features for security in 16000 PC’s thus ensuring presence + visibility at the cafes Awareness at point of usage - By strong branding & consumer call to action backed by influencer recommendation Ensure continued Product availability Increase product stickiness - Installing 4 APP store games for Chrome in each terminal. Branding to push Games trials. Each game has a leader board with prizes going Daily: Educating the consumer + drive brand excitement via contests + engagement via exclusive games to drive trials & increase product awareness
  19. 19.  “Ensuring a better web browsing in cafe ” Program benefits for the cafe owner the café owner via a point led system, enabling a stronger penetration of product & branding. Customized café boards for high visibility cafes + Benefits based on a point structure of Product Presence, driving preference & maintaining branding within the cafes.ROI: A User based product seeding & trial Driven Activation @ Internet Cafes reaching out to 14.4 million sessions with (4.8 million+ sessions per month X 3 months) across the cafes Marked Increase in Chrome track as shown by independent 3rd party tracking Increased acceptability of Chrome Browser stats for the period Marked Increase in Chrome track.
  20. 20. Your Audience? Email us to explore a host of Possibilities for your brand in this space. /pulpstrategy /pulpstrategy
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