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Case Newolo Liferay Road Show


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Liferay Road Show 12.9.2013, Juho Juutilainen, Newolo

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Case Newolo Liferay Road Show

  1. 1. Copyright Newolo 2013 NEWOLO VIRTUALCOACH Ambientia / Liferay Road Show 12th of September 2013
  2. 2. A self-improvement service that provides tools to enable the personal change, improve the working environment and motivation and reduce work-related stress. Based on cognitive behavioural methods and has been developed in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and other top Finnish experts. Copyright Newolo 2013 NEWOLO VIRTUALCOACH
  3. 3. The most advanced virtual coach for employees Newolo VirtualCoach Stress • Helps to handle stressful challenges and not to simply medicalise them • Strengthens acceptance, self-control and responsibility Management Change • Increases self-awareness • Encourages value-based decision-making • Drives personal change and the ability to adapt Management Sustainable • Motivation and satisfaction • Resilience and flexibility • Increased quality of working life Results Copyright Newolo 2013
  4. 4. Identifying Emotions and thoughts Awareness Facts and acceptance Anticipating Problems and strategies Understanding Stress and its effects Sustaining Change and wellbeing Steering Life values and objectives Deciding Motivation and willingness to change THE NEWOLO TRAINING PROCESS Copyright Newolo 2013
  5. 5. “I am able to identify priorities and values that make my life goal oriented and more meaningful.” “I have concrete tools and skills to manage stress and understand its causes.” “Before I had a feeling of not being in control of my life, but now I can take control of my work and leisure time again.” “I am better able to handle difficult situations at work.” “I am able to view my work more objectively, I am more efficient and I understand my working ecosystem better.” “I have learned skills and methods that are easy to implement and help me solve everyday problems.” “I am more motivated in what I do because I invest in the things that are important to me.” “I can enjoy my leisure time more as I don’t think about work in a negative way or worry about it.” “I can make satisfying choices and decisions based on my values.” “My thoughts and feelings no longer dictate my behaviour.” Copyright Newolo 2013
  6. 6. LIFERAY SUPPORTS OUR BUSINESS MODELS Re-usable and easy to manage templates and assets to welcome different communities providing, inviting, following-up and/or using the VirtualCoach Copyright Newolo 2013 - Company representatives - Human Resource - Coaches - Employees / trainees
  7. 7. Copyright Newolo 2013 TAILORED DEVELOPMENT
  8. 8. Why Liferay & Ambientia • Supports various communities of users • Rich set of tools and features • No need to re-invent the wheel • Tailoring possibilities • Frequent security updates • Highly stable and scalable • Ambientia is handling the software development, maintenance and support so that Newolo can focus on its core competences • Business attitude • Competences and expertise Copyright Newolo 2013
  9. 9. +358 440 550 711 Aalto Start-Up Center Energiakuja 3 00180 Helsinki, Finland