Liferay Road Show Helsinki, What’s New and Upcoming, 2012-09-13


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What’s New and Upcoming

Marcin Kierdelewicz
Alliance Manager, Liferay

13 September 2012
Liferay Roadshows 2012

Vitor Silva
Technical Consultant, Liferay

Published in: Technology
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Liferay Road Show Helsinki, What’s New and Upcoming, 2012-09-13

  1. 1. What’s New and Upcoming 13 September 2012 Marcin Kierdelewicz Vitor Silva Alliance Manager, Liferay Technical Consultant, Liferay Liferay Roadshows 2012
  2. 2. Liferay as a Leading PlatformThe most widely used open source enterprise portal. ü  Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant (Horizontal Portals) ü  In development since 2000 ü  Used by Fortune 500s across industries and use cases
  3. 3. An Active Liferay Community Strong community growth and engagement ü  Over 5M downloads ü  Over 65K community members ü  Over 250k forum posts ü  1300 new members per month
  4. 4. New Release of Liferay Portal 6.1 Half a Million downloads in First 3 Month ü  Greatly Improved Document Library ü  Enhanced Publishing and Site Management ü  User Customizable Sites ü  Dynamic Site Templates ü  Easier Multi-language Sites ü  Simplified Publishing of Content in Pages ü  Relationships Between Content ü  User Data Lists ü  Mobile ü  Search ü  Workflow Designer
  5. 5. New Product Release: Liferay SyncShare files on and offline with a simple drag-and-drop. Liferay Sync transforms the Liferay platforminto a central, easy-to-use document sharing service. It exposes and synchronizes content anddocuments to both desktop and mobile environments with support for Windows, Mac OS and mobile.ü  Stay connected to your site while on the goü  Work seamlessly on the same file with other users through versioning and revision trackingü  View multiple Liferay site document repositories and sub folders in Liferay Portal Enterprise Editionü  Enjoy cloud-based document benefits with the security of your firewall
  6. 6. New Release of Liferay Social Office 2.0In today’s workplace, new tools and technology are often introduced with the hope that their adoptionwill yield new heights of productivity and collaboration. Unfortunately, while many tools are impressivein and of themselves, without the proper structure driving their usage, they are unable to deliver far-reaching and comprehensive organizational impact.With this in mind, Liferay created Social Office, a dynamic team workspace solution that providesholistic enhancement to the way colleagues work together. Unlike conventional collaboration products,Social Office does more than just enhance communication with new tools. Rather, by adapting today’smost innovative social technologies to the unique needs of productivity and goal-driven enterpriseteams, it enables an important shift in how and why communication happens.
  7. 7. Liferay Marketplaceü  Liferay: Solid, pluggable enterprise platformü  Developers/ISVs: Monetize Liferay investmentü  Users/Integrators: Save time, reduce costsü  Overall ecosystem growth “A marketplace allows developers anywhere to have direct access to all users of a specific platform, which in turn causes an exponential increase in the number of innovations available to enterprises” – Brian Kim, COO, Liferay
  8. 8. Marketplace: How is this Different?ü  Features and Solutionsü  Simplified User Experienceü  Built-in E-Commerce
  9. 9. Marketplace: Roadmapü  Today, you can: ü  Download Liferay CE/EE Plugins ü  Register your Company ü  Join a Company ü  Upload your apps (only visible to you)ü  Soon, you will be able to: ü  Publish your apps to the community ü  Sell your apps for money (with various licensing options)
  10. 10. Marketplace: FAQQ: How can I access the Marketplace? A: Either or Liferay Portal Control PanelQ: Can I upload my app today? A: Yes! But it will not yet be published to the community.Q: Can I charge money for my apps? What about Licensing? A: E-Commerce is expected later this year. Licensing is built-inQ: Can I deploy to a test environment, then later to production? A: Yes, using Liferay’s built-in Staging, or manual deploymentQ: Can I control who in my company can purchase/use apps? A: Yes, companies and employees are tracked on Marketplace.Q: How do I get support for an app? A: Each app developer is responsible for supportQ: Can I setup my own private Marketplace? A: Not today, but we are investigating providing private Marketplaces.Q: How do I know what permissions and data an app will access? A: Liferay 6.1 has built-in support for specifying/checking app permissionsQ: Can I target different Liferay versions? A: Yes!
  11. 11. More…ü  New Release of Liferay Developer Studioü  Liferay Nordic Symposiumü  Liferay Certified Training Courses
  12. 12. 2012 Thank you!Marcin Kierdelewicz Vitor Silvae-mail: e-mail: vitor.silva@liferay.comtwitter: marcin3 Twitter: liferay Facebook: