JCNC2013 Case Fastems Esa Karppi


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JIRA and Confluence Nordic Conference 24.10.2013 Esa Karppi Fastems

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JCNC2013 Case Fastems Esa Karppi

  1. 1. Confluence Wiki Case: Fastems 24.10.2013 Esa Karppi
  2. 2. Early history = 2009 Intranet team workspaces need more feature rich platform to boost collaboration Learnings from earlier social media projects gathered: NetViewer, Virtual Fastems, Intranet, Jive, eLearning Evaluation of different collaboration platforms and service providers
  3. 3. 2010: ”Virtual Forums” Business case • Support and encourage to co-operate over organisational-, country-, timezone borders • Easy access to information, reduce HQ- centric thinking and role of network drives • Build basis for future services and processes – First: implement new way of working internally – In the longer run: Invite our partners and clients to cooperate with us via virtual tools • Use cases – Sales support: improve knowledge re-use in offering process – Service: improve the dialogue between service and design teams
  4. 4. 2010: Confluence • Confluence with Ambientia: workshops, SSO • Original use cases were not very successful • New use cases in R&D + enthusiastic individuals Idea process implemented to confluence to boost information sharing (before: files in the network drive) R&D projects published in Confluence: targets, teams, memos, timetables, design material etc.
  5. 5. More use cases: • Different teams wanted own space for memos etc. • HR guidelines • Quality: – Lean Manager –blog – Process Handbook (Gliffy) – Observation, Feedback and Reclamation processes (AdHoc workflows) • 2013: Delivery projects
  6. 6. User experience • • • • • • • • Fuzzy!, where are the buttons and menus? I do not have time to read every page, I have to work Do we have to use this? Can we use this for everything? This info is wrong, please correct it! Yet another platform... Wow this is actually quite easy What should I put to intra and what to Confluence?
  7. 7. Intranet project 2012 • More and more confluence spaces and pages • Confluence updates 30/day, intra 1/day • Intra goes to Confluence, Confluence ”Forum” renamed as intra (what the F...astems?) • Launch 12/2012 • Internal communication’s goal: – Combine two platforms into one – social global intranet • Additional content administration from communications
  8. 8. Intra • 10x more views per day in Confluence platform after go-live with intranet • Intranet ”frame” as one space – among others • Own theme introduced – buttons and menus (not a walk in the park with limited budget) • Try to be as simple as possible
  9. 9. Main menu, APPS, Favourites, Spaces Main News News and Events Activity stream
  10. 10. Statistics: October 2013 (by 20.10.) ~2500 views / day ~175 edits / day ~10 comments / day R&D Project mgr Production mgr Project assistant R&D Eng. R&D Eng. Quality manager. HR. HR. R&D Eng.
  11. 11. Summary • Be prepared for different use cases – you do not actually know what works • Let the people to find confluence: ”you do not have to use it, but you might (others are)” • SSO, theme – make it simple and usable • Add selected plugins • Bring current processes to wiki rather than wiki as an addition to your process • Each use case needs an enthusiastic owner, trust active individuals • Patience needed
  12. 12. Thank you ! www.fastems.com