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Helsinki Music Centre Case Presentation, Ambientia


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Published in: Technology
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Helsinki Music Centre Case Presentation, Ambientia

  1. 1. Case www.musiikkitalo.fiHenri Sora ; Director, Technology & ServicesSami Pippuri; Project Manager8.9.2011
  2. 2. The Helsinki MusicCentre• The formal opening ceremony of the Helsinki Music Centre was held on August 31, 2011• The principal tenants of the Music Centre are the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Radion sinfoniaorkesteri RSO and the world-renowned Sibelius Academy• At the heart of the Centre is the Surround Concert Hall, a capacious, 1704-seat auditorium, reminiscent of a vineyard. The Music Centre boasts of six other performance halls as well
  3. 3. The Project• Competitive bidding for the job of producing the Centre’s web service commenced on March 8, 2010• The deadline for proposals ended on April 7, 2010• Ambientia was chosen as the web service producer in June 2010• The first stage of the project was completed on time, according to schedule, in early September 2010
  4. 4. The challenge presented
  5. 5. The challenge presented 1/3• The Music Centre’s public website will be implemented with a content-management system with an outsourcing of the technical administration.  Ambientia Business Platform Services will handle the operation of the web service.• The technology used in the implementation must have a lifespan of at least five (5) years. Liferay, the preferred technical/technological choice/solution
  6. 6. The challenge presented 2/3• The content management system has got to be flexible and vendor-independent in order to allow for any future upgrade or development.• Liferay, the preferred technical/technological choice/solution• The technical solution should be reliable and should provide/offer facilities with which to integrate different databases and server platforms. Liferay delivers once again
  7. 7. The challenge presented 3/3• The technical platform should not be bound up with the Music Centre’s technical environment.  Ambientia offers the administration as a service• It may be the case that the functionalities of the technical environment cannot be implemented with the content management system, in which case the functionalities will be customised in conjunction with the implementation; thereafter, they will be integrated both as part of the web site and into the administration interface of the content management system. Ambientia’s project work department
  8. 8. The technology
  9. 9. The technology- A single virtual machine, including:- Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition 5.2 EE SP4- MySQL- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  10. 10. The hosting environment• Ambientia’s Business Platform Services department• Nothing less than a duplicated VMware- environment both in Helsinki and in Hämeenlinna
  11. 11. The challenges
  12. 12. The challenges we are currentlyfacing• From day one, the volume of traffic directed at the service impacted the efficiency of the hosting environment. It still presents itself as a slow service.• It takes a really long time for the thumbnails to generate. There’s a Liferay bug report thats currently open concerning this issue.
  13. 13. The demonstration of the service
  14. 14. The front page of the Music CentreThe key element of the front page of the web siteis the calendar of events.
  15. 15. The front page of the Sibelius Academy The same calendar portlets are also in use on the Sibelius Academy web site.
  16. 16. Events on the front page of the Music Centre’s Web SiteOn the front page there are facilities for browsing andsearching for events. Upcoming events are also lifted to thispage. The settings for content lifts are easily modifiable.
  17. 17. The event portlets on the front page ofthe Sibelius Academy’s web site The corresponding portlets are in use on the Sibelius Academy’s web site with some small changes.
  18. 18. The event pageThe view of a single event has been implemented inthe same way, only tailored slightly.
  19. 19. Managing the EventsEvents may be added in three languages with aguiding event-management portlet.The features of the portlet are 1) timed publication;2) mass publication and mass deletion; and also 3)comprehensive search.
  20. 20. Managing the EventsIt’s also possible to add timed messages perorganiser – messages which are always visible onthe pages of the specific organiser in question.
  21. 21. News The web site introduces news portlets implemented by Ambientia; the portlets make news management, display and lifts easy and comprehensive on the web site.
  22. 22. News The web site introduces news portlets implemented by Ambientia; the portlets make news management, display and lifts easy and comprehensive on the web site.
  23. 23. News The web site introduces news portlets implemented by Ambientia; the portlets make news management, display and lifts easy and comprehensive on the web site.
  24. 24. Editing the newsThe editing of the news iscentralized in one location. Thefeatures of the edit interface are 1)timed publication; 2) archiving; 3)version control; and 4) automaticimage-size editing.
  25. 25. The donations portlet The web site has a donations portlet ensemble that is connected to the online payment interface of Finnish banks. The portlets make it possible to publish, manage and follow up with the donors and their donations.
  26. 26. The donations portlet
  27. 27. InvitationsThere are several smaller schemes on the website, for example, the invitation scheme. It worksalmost the same as the traditional Tell-A-Friend–implementation, but it’s directed at the MusicCentre’s fundraising endeavours.
  28. 28. Regular web articles Many of the features are implemented by editing Liferay’s regular article template.
  29. 29. The Asset publisher There are many different roles for the asset publisher...
  30. 30. Basic portletsIntroducing the web site: Of course there aremany other basic portlets that have been put togood use on the web site, i.e articles1) and 2)
  31. 31. Stop
  32. 32. Any Questions about… - The Music Centre? - Ambientia? - Liferay?Musiikkitalo/Arno Chapelle own the rights to all the photographs included in thepresentation.
  33. 33. Thankyou!