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Design For Start Ups & Product Design


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Design For Start Ups & Product Design

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Design For Start Ups & Product Design

  1. 1. Design + Startups #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  2. 2. I’m Amber Heinbockel #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac A designer, speaker and launcher of products. I get work with the 
 talented folks at cantina.
  3. 3. Why is Design Important to Startups? #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  4. 4. 80% of startups count great design as an important part of their business #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  5. 5. Great design elicits 
 trust from users #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  6. 6. Great design gets you 
 funding places #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  7. 7. Keep them wanting more #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  8. 8. First impressions matter #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  9. 9. Great design and your ________ #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac app product site business cat
  10. 10. The #1 pitfall for startups #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  11. 11. understand your product story #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  12. 12. “before you start anything - 
 know your story” - @dtelepathy #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac Chuck Longanecker.
  13. 13. Identify the problem your product is here to solve #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  14. 14. solve a problem you have, someone else has, or a problem that doesn’t exist #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  15. 15. Tell your story in a way your mom can understand and tell her friends. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  16. 16. “An app that lets me share fancy filtered photos using my smartphone.” #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac my ground breaking app
  17. 17. Figure out the features 
 that make your product special, unique. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  18. 18. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac my ground breaking app
  19. 19. Figure out the features 
 that make your product. special, unique #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  20. 20. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac my ground breaking app
  21. 21. Know your competition #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  22. 22. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac my ground breaking app
  23. 23. So your ready to design - 
 now what? #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  24. 24. Design for Passive & Active Users #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  25. 25. Passive Users #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  26. 26. Active Users #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  27. 27. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac my ground breaking app passive active
  28. 28. The majority of time spent 
 on an app is passive #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  29. 29. Innovate where it matters #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  30. 30. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac my ground breaking app
  31. 31. Design your user story #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  32. 32. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac my ground breaking app passive active
  33. 33. #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac passive active
  34. 34. Design should always tell the story of your product #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  35. 35. build . implement . iterate . repeat #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac
  36. 36. Thank You #designlovesstartups @ambercantinac