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Print Media Found Dead: Some Argue it's Still Alive. More on the Story.


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There are still benefits to print media traditional marketing in a socially connected, internet-savvy world. All of the target markets for print media have not passed...yet.

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Print Media Found Dead: Some Argue it's Still Alive. More on the Story.

  1. 1. PRINT MEDIA FOUND DEAD: Some argue it’s still alive...more on the story >>>
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Imagine our culture without any of this: Magazines >> Newspapers >> Direct Mail >> Billboards
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION New York City would something look like this:
  4. 4. THESIS Message to be planned strategically, with fully integrated multi- media marketing campaign to make it stick, as all advertising makes an impression Print media important because of mass appeal, audience reach/target customers and ease of integration
  5. 5. MASS APPEAL Tangible keepsake and promotes visual effectiveness Readership is still high, more engaging Visibility to a broad scope of demographics
  6. 6. REACH & TARGETS Opportunity of greater impressions to your potential customer Niche audiences, specific geographic locations Catered messages executed in a timely, controlled distribution Infographic by
  7. 7. EASY INTEGRATION Graphics are simple implementation to print submission Innovative in design and use technology with QR codes, hashtags Discounts and bonus insertions may be available Brand recognition through consistent message, competitive advantage Real Tweet Ad - social messages only reach those who are following you, or seek out your information. Tagging has potential reach to others, but not guaranteed. Example graphic representation of a mock-up Print Ad - message would reach those who may not know who you are Images from
  8. 8. ANALYSIS “Designed by Apple in California” COMPANY: Apple AD MEDIUM: Magazines LOCATION: Inside front cover two-page spread in each DESIGN: Images powerful, prominently display product and text placed exactly the same size in same location MESSAGE: “This is our signature. And it means everything.” - promotes brand representation & identity
  9. 9. This is our signature. And it means everything. - Apple, Inc. Ad artwork pictured to the right was found in my purchased GQ and Wired Magazines.
  10. 10. ANALYSIS “7.15.13” COMPANY: Hostess AD MEDIUM: Billboards LOCATION: Major cities across US DESIGN: Large close-up of product, brand logo and colors, with a simple date in white (on most, slogan on others) MESSAGE: “The sweetest comeback in the history of ever” - promotes brand loyalty & awareness
  11. 11. “ ” The sweetest comeback in the history of ever. - Hostess
  12. 12. CONCLUSION Print media still alive & well >>> Print media marketing still exists and is effective Utilize well-planned multi-media marketing campaigns and focused strategies Supports the brand and customers receive the message
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