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Rider type electric stacker cddk15 s


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Rider type electric stacker cddk15 s

  1. 1. l The 4- points support structure with side tiller, low center of gravitydesign with excellent stability.l Double pallet design: two pallet handled at one time, initial lift of load legincreases ground clearance to negotiate easily ramps, dock levelers andbridging plates.l Vertical driving wheel, offer small turning radius, motor is dustproof,waterproof, easy for maintenance.l Ac motor without carbon brush, has the good ramp braking performance,efficient electromagnetic parking brake.l Free lifting mast with two side cylinders offers wide view for operator.Advantages:Double Pallet Electric StackerMODEL1KG=2.205LB 1INCH=25.40MMBattery voltage, nominal capacity K5Drive typeOperation typeLoad capacity/rated loadLoad centre distanceLoad distance, centre of drive axle to forkFork height, loweredWheelbaseAxle loading, laden front/rearAxle loading, unladen front/rearTyresTyre size, frontTyre size, rearAdditional wheels(dimensions)Wheels, number front rear(x=driven wheels)Tread, frontTread, rearHeight, mast loweredFree liftMax. lift heightHeight, mast extendedInitial liftHeight of tiller in drive position min./max.Overall lengthLength to face of forksOverall widthFork dimensionsWidth overall forksGround clearance, centre of wheelbaseAisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysAisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysTurning radiusTravel speed, laden/unladenLift speed, laden/unladenLowering speed, laden/unladenMax. gradeability, laden/unladenService brakeBattery weightBattery dimensions l/w/hSound level at the drivers ear acc. to DIN 12053Service weight(with battery)Q(kg)c(mm)x(mm)h (mm)13y(mm)kgkgb (mm)10b (mm)11h (mm)1h (mm)3h (mm)4h (mm)14l (mm)1l (mm)2b (mm)1s/e/l(mm)b (mm)5m (mm)2A (mm)stA (mm)stW (mm)aKm/hm/sm/s%V/AhkgmmdB(A)kgh (mm)2h (mm)5mmmmmmelectricstanding15006007689015101480/1320910/390polyurethaneΦ250X70Φ80X70Φ150X471x+1/45403901757/2007/2157/2257 2022/2182/23821300/1550/1700/1800 1570/1740/19402500/3000/3300/3500 4500/5000/56002977/3477/3777/3977 4952/5442/60421201150/1450205898885060/180/1070(1150)57017-1372631257517866.2/6.50.1/0.120.2/0.126/10Electromagnetic24/240 24/300240 300675X254X500701260CDDK15SCDDK15SModel:CDDK15S20001750150012501000750500(kg)600 700 800 900 1000(mm)Load Center Chart(mm)Load Capacity Chart1500140012001000800600400200100(kg)600 700 800 900 10002500mm3000mm3300mm3500mm4500mm5000mm5600mmThis heavy stacker includes two modes with a rated loadcapacity of 1500kgs. Specifically designed for intensivestocking operations at medium height warehouse. A2000kgs load can be transported using the initial liftfunction.1. With initial lift.2. Calculated with height 3000mm, fork 1070mm.h2h1h3h4xclsm2yl1l2462h14(min)h14(max)h5h13b12b5b11l6 a/2Asta/2 Waeb1b10