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A Great SEO Tool Is Article Directory


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A Great SEO Tool Is Article Directory

  1. 1. A Great SEO Tool Is Article DirectoryIf you what to improve your search engine ranking there is no better way then to write articles. Qualitycontent is what all search engines are looking for. Select a subject that defines your niche will positionyou as an expert in that field. This type of targeted marketing will greatly increase yourPageRank(PR) and make it much easer for visitors interested in your niche to find you. Having a clearvision of your niche is an important part of your marketing efforts.If you havent selected a niche then select three to five topic you are interested in. Investigate eachpossible niche, by evaluating the level of interests people have and most important are they spendingmoney for products in that niche.Now that you have niche, next research as many keywords and keyword phrases as possible andinclude them when writing articles. There are many effective techniques you can use to develop youressential keywords. You can take advantage of software to help you with this process. If youre on alimited budget use the free software "Good Keywords". My personal recommendation is KeywordElite and Wordtracker.When measuring effect SEO techniques, articles pay long term dividends. Your articles will bearchived and stored on directories in which they are published. What this suggests is your content willbe driving traffic to your site for much longer than other traffic building techniques.If you have spent any time researching SEO you must have hear the term Link Popularity. Articlespay big dividends when it comes to back links. To accomplish this create high quality articles thatsupply the reader with useful content. This will create a greater possibility of being published on morewebsite and e-zines. The effect will be more back links pointing to your site and much improveposition with search engines.Anyone that is serious in marketing a product or service online with a limited budget should putwriting articles at the top of their list. There is no better deal than writing articles to increase your PRwhen you comparison benefits to cost. If you have budgets consider hiring a ghost writer to producehigh quality content for your business. This activity will produce a much better return than advertisinga price point for a product.For more about SEO and Article Directory, visit: www.good-articles.comwebsite content