Green IT for Government


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Government IT Conference Oct 6th 2011 -Speech by Gill Wallace Hope for the Government of UAE

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Green IT for Government

  1. 1. Ambassador G WALLACE HOPEAdvisor to UAE Government on Green and Liquidity Founding Director - Queen of Green FZE
  2. 2. IT for Government 2011 4th and 5th October Dubai, UAE• Green Leadership for the Middle East• Waste in the Middle East• What is Green IT? An overview• Understand the definition of Green IT• Understand the overall need for an organization to adopt a Green IT Strategy• Understand the main goals and objectives of Green IT• Cost benefits• Operational Green IT• Reputation and Culture• Roles and Responsibilities• Monitoring and measurement• New apps empower preventative Green IT• E-gov and M-apps = Empowerment
  3. 3. Green Leadership for Middle East
  4. 4. Real waste in MENAMENA• 100 million unemployed youth – waste of investment in education, skills and talentUAE• No 1 Water Security – 1600% more consumption• No 2 Food Security – 3 weeks supply• No 3 Energy Security – self consumption of 30% when this can earn export dollars
  5. 5. Carbon Emissions for MENA
  6. 6. Carbon Emissions by MENA residents
  7. 7. Water Usage
  8. 8. What is Green IT? An overviewAn IT Company or Dept operated with wastereduction, conservation, environment andsustainability BUILTinto the everyday design, practices and processesto joyfully balancenature, technology, business and economy.
  9. 9. Understand the definition of Green IT• Critical conservation, waste management, energy conservation, environment, sustainability and profitability of a company or Dept.• Clients and customers care and ask about your Green policies and if you put them into practice. Too many pretty brochures and not enough action.• Invisible costs and inefficiencies create the most waste and consume the most costs.
  10. 10. Understand the overall need for an organization to adopt a Green IT Strategy• Conserve natural resources - water, energy, trees etc• Reduce waste - water, lighting, heating, air con, costs• Prevent pollution - CO2, emissions, chemicals• Recycle - effective recycling of water, materials and waste• Improve - environment, O2, beauty, bottom line
  11. 11. Cost benefitsCost benefits can be obtained by:• Converting the building from anenergy consumer toan energy generator• Devising a Step by Step plan thatemployees own and have fun implementing• Mass collaboration on each step• Publish real-time results of behaviour change• Share the cost saving benefits e.g. savings from light bulbs re-invested in fresh juices available for employees that improve their Vitamin and Mineral intake
  12. 12. Cumulative effects of a systemsapproach
  13. 13. Recycling your ComputersThe importance of Recycling your Computers:Computers and other electronic items make up around 2%of all of the materials in todays landfills. We know thatrecycling monitors and computers is important, as thelandfills are not getting any smaller. These items containlead and toxic metals that can cause serious damage to theenvironment, particularly if they end up in the water supply.Development of the information and communicationtechnologies (ICT) in the Arab regionreduces demand on transport and thus reducingGHG emissions.
  14. 14. Reputation and Culture Embracing a social media program to share each step with employees, clients, customers, contractors and suppliers has a ripple effect and unleashes green creativity that can be applied to the whole Global Supply Chain. A Green IT culture stimulates the heart chakra and provides a happier, healthier workplace, internal and externalrelationships. When you put the environment and humanassets at the center of your Green IT policy flow improves,solutions are more creative and the business more vibrant.
  15. 15. Roles and ResponsibilitiesBoard of Directors setting the policy and practicingit themselves.Management actively encouraging employeecollaboration.Employees focused on what they can improveStakeholders invited to share improvements andtheir experiences.
  16. 16. Monitoring and measurementMonitoring existing bills, conservation andreduction in real time.Measurement of ‘before’ and ‘after’ displayed incharts and images.Knowledge transferred and shared withstakeholders and the world to demonstrate whatis possible.
  17. 17. Empowering 200,000 unemployedwomen in KSA with green IT
  18. 18. E-Gov and M-apps = Empowerment M-HRH King Al Saud wanted a program to empower200,000 unemployed women as part of the Social Fundfor KSAQueen of Green developed ‘business in a box’ – a micro-enterprise selected from their phone, delivered to theirhome with m-video, m-payments and m-banking toprovide a real-time, paperless system with zeroenvironmental impactScale and speed – all women can access the knowledgetransfer, systems, payments and support from their mobilephone.
  19. 19. Queen of Green FZE SAIF, Sharjah, UAE Email: Phone: +971 552 396 818