Gianluca Vannuccini - Commune di Firenze - open data city of florence - July 2013


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In questo mondo di dati, aperti
In this world of - open - data
Dans ce mondo de données, ouvertes

Ambasciata del Canada, 10 luglio 2013

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Gianluca Vannuccini - Commune di Firenze - open data city of florence - July 2013

  1. 1. OPENDATA AT THE CITY OF FLORENCE Gianluca Vannuccini “IT Infrastructure Development” Office IT Department July 10th, Rome
  2. 2. Florence & digital innovationFlorence & digital innovation 13K residents registered to egov services > 100 egov services 68K online payments (~6M€) in 2012 6 Mobile apps (also mobile gov) >400 hotspots Public Wifi network 43-points Digital Signage network Municipality of Florence 379.414 residents (58.892 foreigners) @Jun13 ~ 4,000 employees > 120 offices through the city
  3. 3. Once upon a time… Jan 2011Jan 2011 – Open Data in the Municipality Annual Planning Programme Oct 2011Oct 2011 – First website launch with 70 datasets & first RDF February 29th, 2012February 29th, 2012 – OPEN DATA website launched March 2012March 2012 – Dedicated Open Data & Data aggregation office in strong cooperation with the Statistics Office
  4. 4. Where we are now Benchmarking 441 dataset441 dataset Luglio 2013
  5. 5. Main ingredients Publishing platform - OpenCMSPublishing platform - OpenCMS Data qualification - Risorsa DatiData qualification - Risorsa Dati Linked Data - D2RLinked Data - D2R Geodata - GeoServer/GeoNetworkGeodata - GeoServer/GeoNetwork Dataviz - TableauPublicDataviz - TableauPublic Social -TwitterSocial -Twitter
  6. 6. Risorsa Dati Nighly aggregation and data qualification of 60 main Gov databases
  7. 7. How a dataset looks like..
  8. 8. Why are we in the maturity phase? Because these: Hey Gianluca, what about opening this dataset? I don’t care anymore asking to the other guys this data..just get it from the OpenData are more&more frequent from my colleagues!
  9. 9. Open Data: the “Unlocked Levels”  Building an Open Data culture within the Administration  Building a data management infrastructure and dedicated team  Continuous data quality mgmt: endless level!! Engagement: nownow playing :) UNLOCKED
  10. 10. Open Data – with citizens not just for developers Open Data for all #opendatafirenze 100 app betatester Voting results data in realtime Firenze SoundMap Usecase scenarios
  11. 11. 1. 2. Get the data I want 3. Have the city in my hands with a click! Want to buy it near one of the world’s most beatiful running tracks Looking for home & being a runner..
  12. 12. Want it to be near a kid playing area or a bike rental?
  13. 13. Would like to avoid flooded areas..
  14. 14. Looking for a (cheap) home?
  15. 15. Balance Sheet Dataviz
  16. 16. Open Data – with students 2 apps developed on our data (to our knowledge) (sort of) sentiment analysis on our social big data ontologies related to tourism linked data
  17. 17. Open Data – with startups Dataset of datasets to help app developers monitoring our data Companies winning Apps4Italy with our data Companies proposing to buy some datasets App showcase
  18. 18. The app uses our OpenData Goes straigth to the Showcase The app does not use our OpenData Applies for the Patronage
  19. 19. Open Data – together with other Public Bodies Publiacque (water mgmt utility) Autorità di Bacino Arno River Retwitting datasets Acting as Open Data Hub Linked data experiments with BCNF
  20. 20. D2R Prototype ontology Authors Street Archive Linked Data with Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze Subjects
  21. 21. Open Data – going beyond frontiers ENVIROFI Future Internet EU project used our Trees dataset to build its prototype Submitted O/D Projects with other EU cities Exchanging experiences with advanced cities in Europe
  22. 22. Work in Progress unstructured data mapped into Open Data & offered as location-aware Digital contents management team Metadata definition Processing of unstructured data Mapping into structured data Location-awareness User profile management Delivery over different channels Websites Digital Signage App WiFi captive portals Enriched Open/Linked Data
  23. 23. Data flows & smart city assets 1. Sw platform for events mgmt 3. REST dataflow 4. App Firenze Up! by Comune 5. Cached on Open Data 6. on Digital Signage as ticker txt 2. Website ( Events 7. To other tourism portals
  24. 24. Wish List for Open Data A real estate using them for its business decisions My daughter’s teacher using them for monthly school journal N startups/year using open data as a mean to develop their ideas or applications Citizens finding easily what they want, depending on their location
  25. 25. Grazie! Creative Commons This work (photos excluded) is licensed with Creative Commons - Attribution – Share Alike - 3.0 Italia. The author shall not require any right on images. They are all publicly downloadable from Google Search. Gianluca VannucciniGianluca Vannuccini IT DepartmentIT Department Comune di FirenzeComune di Firenze