The 13th Annual                                                                                                “The whole ...
Be inspired with 2012 PEX WEEK leadership insights like never before….              THE PEAK PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE        ...
CONFERENCE DAY 1 16TH JANUARY 2012                                                                              7.30 Morni...
Workshop E: BPM 101: How to get started with Business                                                    PERFECT          ...
Workshop H: Making change truly happen: Overcoming the two largest barriers                                               ...
CONFERENCE DAY 2 17TH JANUARY 2012 7.00      Registration and networking in PEX Week solutions hall           OPTIONAL BRE...
12.00   INTERVIEW: From Business Reengineering to Six Sigma to Lean to BPM – what can we draw from each of these process r...
2.45     CASE STUDY                                            Creating an effective BPM Center                        CAS...
CONFERENCE DAY 3 18TH JANUARY 2012 7.30      Registration and Coffee 8.00      Morning Speed Networking in Solutions Hall ...
11.25   THOUGHT LEADER KEYNOTE         The Strategic Drucker: Lessons from the master translated to the modern world on pl...
Build your own personalized agenda by selecting between 4 themed track sessions.                                       You...
3.55       Coffee & Networking 4.25       SESSION RESERVED FOR                                   Using an agile BPM approa...
FOCUS DAY B: 9.00 – 5.00                                                                                                FO...
Pex week2012final
Pex week2012final
Pex week2012final
Pex week2012final
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Pex week2012final

  1. 1. The 13th Annual “The whole conference was The only must awesome with lots of networking attend event in opportunities” the process Diane Francisco, Covance calendar 60,000+ PEX Network members that you can join to start networking with before the Summit Registe 4,000 Years of combined before Oc r t 7 to save ober attendee PEX experience up to 3000+ Past attendees 40% 100+ Hours of PEX Training, Buena Vista Palace, Orlando, FL Presentations and Discussions 16 - 20 January 2012 70+ Sponsors & Partners The world’s largest and original process meeting in PEX Network’s Global 50+ Leading edge speakers sharing at all levels of the PEX Summit & Awards Series: Where the Process Community shapes its future Journey Be part of the next evolution. 5 days of unique content to drive competitive performance 15 Additional Workshops & strategic transformation through sustainable process improvement, management and 7 Coveted Awards innovation. 4 Jampacked Days BPM STRATEGY 4 Dedicated Streams 2 Days dedicated to C-Suite Discussion LEAN 2 Days of CPP training PERFORMANCE SIX SIGMA 1 Specialised Site Visit 1 Vendor World Series to meet the Presented by: Featuring: Platinum sponsor: Associate sponsors: providers of the future 1 PROCESS EXCELLENCE WEEKBook Now! Phone: 1-800-882-8684 +1 646 378 6026 Email:
  2. 2. PROCESS MANAGEMENT, IMPROVEMENT & INNOVATION COLLIDE – A FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS IN UNCERTAIN TIMES! The next evolution in process centric strategies is emerging. New approaches and techniques are fusing together to help organizations worldwide respond to emerging challenges that the increasingly customer-centric and fast moving business climate is presenting. Historical quality, process and operational strategies are being updated and re-invented as we speak. The question is - how does your process strategy need to develop over the next few years to stay up to date, relevant and agile? And on a more personal level, how do you need to update your skill sets and personal vision of excellence to drive this throughout your organization? This year the Process Excellence Network is excited to invite you to join the debate and ensure that you’re at the cusp of this new wave of process strategy development by joining our annual community meeting for all process leaders in North America. Whatever your discipline, experience or seniority, you’ll find a wide choice of sessions, discussions and visionary thought leadership designed to help you adapt and drive increased ROI from a combined process framework. Take a look over the 5 day agenda enclosed, covering 6 principle themes designed to underpin your critical development needs: Process Management: Ensure sustainability and process control across the organization by building a global business process management q framework to drive and support on-going excellence Process Improvement: Take the application of traditional Lean and Six Sigma toolsets to new heights with the freshest applications on w the block Process for Innovation: Move from improve to design in order to support critical product, service and process innovation and enable e optimal growth Strategy & Performance: Ensure that your global processes and operations are truly aligned with your organizations short and long-term r strategy for maximum ROI People & Change: Underpin process excellence with the right people dedicated to your change strategies, embed process as business as t usual and move towards a new high performance organizational model y Customer Experience: The customer is the lifeblood of any business and cannot be ignored. Make sure that your process strategies The earmark your business as exceptional in your customers’ eyes To help you find your way through the maze of process approaches, make sure you don’t miss the return of Summit exclusives, such as the Process Improvement Visionary Council, the PEX Vendor World Series, the Process Excellence Awards & now two invite only Corporate Leaders Boardrooms, as well as this year’s hand selected inspirational thought leaders. Take a look at page 3 for the 2012 keynote line-up… With over 13 years of history, supported by the world’s fastest growing global Process Excellence network, you simply couldn’t find a better forum to expand your horizons and meet with like minded leaders also grappling with the next evolution in process centric strategies. It’s the chance to inspire and unite as a community in our search for excellence – I hope you and your team can join us! ARE YOU A PEX NETWORK MEMBER? GOOD NEWS! If you are a PEX network member or a past attendee to any of the PEX Network Summit series you can now take advantage of the special PEX network package – giving you pre-and post Summit content completely free! Visit for more 2
  3. 3. Be inspired with 2012 PEX WEEK leadership insights like never before…. THE PEAK PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE Jim Steele is truly one of the most charismatic presenters in the business world today. Addressing organizations throughout the globe, Jim has the proven ability to deliver material that inspires, educates, and entertains. He is fascinated by the nature of peak performance and what to do to get this level and sustain it. So much so, that he has spent much of the last decade working with highly successful individuals from business and sport, seeking to understand not just what makes these people tick, but what makes them tick so much faster, stronger and longer. The question is, How does your individual performance stack up? TAKE STOCK OF THE NEXT EVOLUTION IN PROCESS STRATEGIES Brad Power is a researcher in process innovation. His current research is on sustaining attention to process management. Previously working closely with Michael Hammer & Tom Davenport on the theory of Business Process Re-engineering and develop some of the founding concepts Brad now focuses his research on new and emerging models for process centricity as well as sustainability. He is currently conducting research with the Lean Enterprise Institute. UPDATE YOUR MANAGEMENT STRATEGY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Dr. Robert W. Swaim was a colleague and personal friend of Drucker’s for nearly thirty years and worked with him for five years prior to his death to develop both the Drucker EMBA and Executive Development Programs that are now offered in China. He is no doubt the foremost authority in Asia on Drucker’s work and attempts to relate Drucker’s well known concepts to today’s present uncertain environment and at PEX Week, to the process industries. Dr. Swaim also expands on these views in his new book that was released in 2010, The Strategic Drucker: Peter Drucker’s Strategies for Business Growth. DISCOVER THE TRUE NATURE OF PROCESS MATURITY Join PEX Network partners, Forrester Research for new insights into the current state of process maturity globally as well as an evolving model for excellence. This year Connie Moore kick starts the Week by focusing your mind on key areas for process development and broadening your perspective son the journey to get there. Drawing on research from both Forrester and PEX Network this is a critical session for all process leaders. GET CUSTOMER CENTRIC WITH OUTSIDE-IN Steve is one of industrys noted experts in Advanced Business Process Management (BPM) and Performance transformation. As a co-founder of in 1992 Steve developed the world’s first and premier network for Business Process Management & Performance professionals. A noted leader Steve works as a mentor, coach and consultant and has helped pioneer through research and ‘hands-on’ exposure to the world’s leading companies the evolution to Advanced BPM aka Outside-In . Recently recognised as a global thought leader in ‘Outside-In’ Steve continues to evolve process thinking towards a customer centric view of business. Plus delve deep into some of the most pressing challenges in process execution with discussion, case studies, brainstorms and interviews with: Citi, Shell, JP Morgan, GE Transportation, Western Union, Office Depot, Akron Childrens Hospital, Goldman Sachs, McGraw Hill, Xerox, Morningstar, DoD, Bausch & Lomb, Disney, Eli Lilly, ADC Tyco, The Standard, USAA, ING and more… 3
  4. 4. CONFERENCE DAY 1 16TH JANUARY 2012 7.30 Morning Registration & Networking 8.30 – 11.30: PLEASE SELECT FROM YOUR CHOICE OF MORNING WORKSHOPS or FULL DAY FOCUS DAY Workshop A: Leveraging behavioral science: SELL Workshop B: Bringing together Lean, a living Kaizen and Process Excellence Building effective ownership for Business Process Improvement SESSION OUT platforms in the spirit of Yokoten – PERFE IN 2011 Line management involvement and ownership is the ultimate critical success factor for LEAN, SI CT FOR More and more organizations are embarking on Lean programs, or embracing Lean thinking, often in pursuit of X & BPM LE SIGMA sustainability of continuous improvement projects and, ultimately, sustainable Lean Six Sigma ADERS a new organizational culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement. and Business Process Management programs. They quickly learn what Lean veterans have already learned: that process is at the heart of any Lean program. The challenge generally lies in securing effective management commitment at both the program End-to-end process is the only framework for optimization. And engagement with process across the and project levels. Leaders are well intentioned. What is not always clear is how to optimize the limited organization is a critical success factor for sustainable business transformation. time leaders can afford to spend to lead and manage continuous improvement. This workshop will provide practical insight into how to approach a Lean initiative and how a living Kaizen and Examining program and project effectiveness through the lens of Applied Behavioral Science leads us to Process Excellence platform can provide the process management framework to underpin Lean success: differentiate the role of the facilitator who brings the project methodology, from that of functional and • Focus improvement initiatives where they will have the biggest impact against key business priorities business unit line managers. Ineffective process ownership and governance limits improvement program • Achieve greater adoption of Lean thinking through an effective and structured approach to Lean (Top-down results and sustainability. This workshop will help you identify and address the challenges of effective line and Bottom-up) management involvement and ownership by using behavioral science methodology and behavior-based • Align and integrate Lean methods (such as PDCA, Kaizen, Problem solving and A3 thinking) with a living change management tools. Kaizen/Process Excellence platform to achieve strong company commitment to promoting a culture of Participants will be able to: continuous process improvement • Understand how Applied Behavioral Science can be used to enhance line management responsibilities • Bridge the gap with other initiatives such as BPM to maximize overall operational efficiency in relation to involvement and ownership for project execution and governance • Yokoten: Embed sustainable process and performance improvements in all operational areas to leverage • Use CLG’s proprietary, research-based DCOM® performance framework to highlight their continuous their effect improvement program performance and action plan improvement opportunities • Energize change through continual communication, application and adoption of Process Improvement • Select Applied Behavioral Science tools to improve execution and governance for both large-scale business Ýr Gunnarsdóttir, VP Lean Operations, Nimbus Partners process change initiatives as well as Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects Ann-Marie Michaud, Sr. Partner, CLG Workshop C: Applying Critical Chain Project Management to Deliver More Workshop D: Earning the right to do Lean: How to build a successful and Improvements Quicker Than Ever Before sustainable performance system Critical Chain Project Management has already proven to be a game changer for industry leading companies Using tools and applying initiative-based changes offers only temporary improvements to organizations, such as Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, and Eli Lilly. Attend this workshop to discover how you too can leverage despite the best intentions. As a result many process initiatives fail to sustain the gains and reap the rewards the methodology to: they promise past the low hanging fruit. To survive and thrive we must do more… • Reduce timelines by 20-50% when compared to traditional project management In this workshop, participants will understand how to survive and thrive in an extraordinarily competitive • Make huge project cost reductions by resolving competition for shared resources and avoiding market and sustain improvements, through examining how Milliken has improved its cycle times 48% unproductive multitasking and working capital by more than 20%. Key leadership from Milliken & Company will share foundational • Foster more open communications, build trust and facilitate better teamwork components of the company’s performance system that will make your organization stronger and more agile If your organization has experienced difficulties with completing improvement initiatives in a rapid, reliable for a marketplace that changes daily, not annually. manner, with no sacrifice in scope or quality, then learning how Critical Chain can improve how you deliver • Analyze Milliken’s operational excellence strategy, one of the major reasons for the company’s long-term improvements is absolutely critical. Through a mixture of simulation activities and interactive discussions this sustainability and how you can create the same long-term success within your business workshop will focus on: • Discover how to garner associate engagement through a cohesive system that includes a Lean Pillar: Learn • The impact of multitasking on project completion and how to manage it how to create a foundation within your organization long before starting your Lean journey • Behaviors that cause project delays, as well as how to prevent them • Gain many takeaways you can implement immediately to increase gains made with your Lean processes • Using Buffer Management to absorb variation and uncertainty Phil McIntrye, Director of Business Development, Milliken Performance Solutions • Reducing the risk of deploying Critical Chain Jeff Rosenlund, Director of Business Development, Milliken Performance Solutions Hilbert Robinson, Program Manager, NOVACES, LLC Chris Glover, Director, Milliken Performance 4
  5. 5. Workshop E: BPM 101: How to get started with Business PERFECT Full Day: Focus Day A: Optimizing Business Process Management strategies in Process Management FOR Financial Services BEGINNE This workshop provides the perfect introduction to Business Process Management and why RS This full day focus day will look specifically at the growth and application Business Process Management it’s important to take process centric organizations to the next level. With reference to the Strategies in the financial services industries. Through a mixture of case studies and interactive working ABPMP body of knowledge, you will study steps to move on from Process Improvement to the sessions, touch on some of the most pertinent challenges individual to the industry and strategies to increase next level through the integration of a business process management strategy and IT support ROI and value from process centric strategies. structure, this morning briefing is a must attend to ensure you are up to scratch on the BPM fundamentals Topic 1: Using Process Management to minimize critical operational risk • What is BPM: BPM as a management model and IT framework Jeff Amen, Former VP Process & Productivity Improvement, Western Union • BPM fundamentals: Outlining the basic BPM process and lifecycle Topic 2: Adapting the Lean tools and further streamlining critical business processes • Creating basic process documentation, control and governance frameworks for a sustainable process culture Anna Stowaway, SVP Business Process Re-engineering, Citi & Michelle Boutwell, VP Business Process • BPM and automation: Leveraging BPM technology to support effective automation of key business processes Re-engineering, Citi • Creating a framework and capability for cross functional process management: Bridging the traditional functional silos to create an end-to-end process framework Topic 3: Becoming a process orientated business: Creating an end-to-end process model for complete that delivers to the customer service excellence Alistair Firmin, VP Customer Service, The Standard Dam Morris, Member Board of Directors, ABPMP (continued in the afternoon…) 11.30 Structured Networking & Refreshments: Official Opening of PEX Week Solutions Hall 12.10 Welcome from PEX Network 12.20 State of The Industry Address: What’s next for the Process Centric Industry? The concept of business, quality and process management is constantly evolving. With new emerging approaches, systems and IT, our perception of what a model of complete process excellence includes has shifted in line with changing external needs. So the question remains – what does the process industry look like today, and what do we need to do as leaders to prepare our teams and organizations for the future? Through this in depth industry and market analysis from research leaders Forrester Research, the opening keynote will address some of the long discussed process maturity models and clear paths for development over the next 12 years. Including exclusive analysis and conclusions from joint research project between PEX network & Forrester Research BP Council find out: • Where are we now and where are we going: An evaluation of the past, present and future outlook for the process centric organization • What wider business, economic, social and market changes are affecting the way we do business and the importance of process to the organization? • What are the differences between global cultures and approaches to culture: How does the US compare and contrast in process maturity and approach? Connie Moore, VP Research, Forrester Research 13.00 Zen and the art of Quality: Morningstar’s journey to building a Quality mindset In this leadership presentations you will discover how to truly go beyond a quality programme founded on tools and technical skills to a true belief and mindset for quality. Using the Monringstar journey as an example Liz and Anu will share: • Why do quality? Shifting your mind set from driving out cost to doing the right thing for the customer • Quality: A management tool or a philosophy? • Creating a culture that is receptive to quality: The importance of a learning culture, empowerment and a pull driven approach • Harnessing support and drive from the leadership team: Executives roles in actively driving a culture of quality • Moving away from the traditional black belt project led culture to a culture where quality is owned by operations managers Elizabeth Kirsher, President, Morningstar Corporation & Anu George, CQO, Morningstar Corporation 1.45: Lunch & Networking in PEX Week Solutions Hall • 1-2-1 Meetings • Speed networking in Solutions Hall 2.45 – 5.45: PLEASE SELECT FROM YOUR CHOICE OF MORNING WORKSHOPS or FULL DAY FOCUS DAY Workshop F: Implementing a sustainable World Class Management framework Workshop G: Creating breakthrough Process Innovation Lean, Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & World Class Manaufacturing, without the necessary When your processes reach their optimal performance, or entitlement level, don’t be tempted to just Management System, are not sustainable Improvement methodologies. Sustainable business improvement congratulate yourself, the journey is not over! Instead, achieve the impossible by implementing breakthrough requires a complete system yet still most companies do not have the required framework in place to effectively process innovation. implement the long term transformational process required of the individual improvement methodologies. This exciting and interactive workshop will show you how to: Just ask yourself: • Articulate the difference between process entitlement and process innovation 1. Are you relying on external or internal experts for deployment? • Identify a repeatable method for engaging in process innovation, along with associated tools and techniques 2. Are you using lots of different improvement methodologies that are not deployed simultaneously across the business? • Assess when it’s time to drive continuous improvement and when it’s time to abandon your current processes 3. Do you have functional experts responsible for different parts of implementation? in favor of new approaches 4. Are you struggling to measure the status of deployment across all your sites in real time? • Plan process innovation initiatives and identify the critical success factors involved in implementing them 5. Do you have poor visibility of the organization’s implementation road map, for the next 5 to 6 years? • Simultaneously manage process improvement and process innovation projects that are tied to 6. Do you suffer from frequently changing methodologies, tools and management? strategic priorities 7. Do not have the entire workforce engaged in CI? Dr. Phil Samuel, Chief Innovation Officer, BMGI If you have answered yes to 3 or more questions the chances are your CI initiative won’t be sustainable. This workshop will allow you to not only identify the gaps in your current program but also to help you to build a more sustainable management framework for continued World Class Results. Glenn Leask, President, Competitive Capabilities International (TRACC) 5
  6. 6. Workshop H: Making change truly happen: Overcoming the two largest barriers Workshop I: Outside-In thinking: How to understand, predict & model your to Process Improvement business towards the successful customer outcome Part 1: Talking your CEO’s Language to Harness Executive Support for Change In this session Steve Towers, renowned Business Process leader and founder of the BP will walk One of the biggest challenges facing Process leaders today is the lack of executive support and engagement through a successful tried and tested model for radically increased customer experience. too often causing negative effects on change uptake, governance and enterprise quality and change impact. Based on CEM & BPM principles, participants will learn how to shift from an ‘inside-out’ to customer centric • Knowing the ‘what’s in it for me’ for your chief executive – and then using this to engage them in the process agenda ‘outside-in’ operational model for increased competitiveness in today’s marketplace. • Aligning your process initiatives to the corporate agenda and strategy • How to build a model for executive governance You will learn 6 key tools to aid outside-in thinking: 1. Successful Customer Outcomes: Turbo charge your business by aligning with successful outcomes Part 2: Turning Change Resistance into Change Embracement 2. Moments of Truth: Make every customer interaction a profitable one • Change resistance is always under-estimated, and is too often a major obstacle to potential results being 3. Business Rules: Rules should guide and help realized vs. objectives. Shortfalls impact the bottom line, and can impact careers. This resistance reality has 4. Breakpoints: Reduce complexity and win the triple crown been true since the start of time, and is DNA-level behavior based. 5. Bridge the Gap: Closing the IT business divide Like this? • This interactive session draws on the new, deeper insights of the in-process book Primal Leadership-The 6. Innovation: Using process innovation for successful customer outcomes Then sign up Science and Application of Why People Really Do What They Do to cover: for the CPP • Understanding deep “Primal Drives” and the nature of change resistance Steve Towers, CEO & Founder, BP Group accreditatio • How to use “The Judo Principle™” to not only overcome change resistance but have change actively, and n emotionally, embraced • Accelerate change through the addition of proven managerial tools • Benchmark and collaborate: The chance to share positive and negative experiences surrounding change landmines Workshop Leader: Larry Duckworth, COO, The Quality Group, Inc Workshop J: Topgrading™: How to hire and coach high performance teams Ten years ago McKinsey produced their famous paper on “War for Talent” that had organisations sitting up and for the first time wondering how and what they should do. Subsequently Bain’s research followed over a thousand organizations concluding that share price construction had in the last 10 years changed from being 80% on tangible assets to 80% on intangible assets – that is people! Gallup research was used in the award winning book from Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, “First, break all the rules” which stated that managers or leaders that focus on talent hiring and selecting will have the competitive advantage. However, surveys by the CIPD out earlier this year show that whilst 50% of organisations are undertaking talent management activities only 35% have a formal strategy and only 20% a formal definition. So the question remains, what are you doing to ensure you organisation is equipped for change by securing and retaining A-grade talent? In this workshop you will have the opportunity to work through a case study and understand the key processes and tools for Topgrading - a proven methodology for hiring and retaining A Players. Over 30 years of research and over 65,000 assessment interviews, Topgrading has consistently proven to be the most reliable process and methodology to identify, recruit, deploy, develop and retain high performers. Attendees of the workshop will discover how to: • Identify an A Player - someone who has a 90% chance of achieving a set of outcomes that only the top 10% of people could achieve • Understand the true cost of “mis-hires” to your team or business • Build a scorecard for Topgrading • Create a ROI and payback model • Employ virtual benchmarking Christina Pritchard, Founding Director, Meta-Lucid Full Day Focus Day A: Optimizing Business Process Management strategies in Financial Services Continued from morning sessions. 5.45 16th January: Summit Evening Networking Reception THE PEXATHALON – WILL YOU BE VICTORIOUS? Directly following day 1 workshops and activities all Summit attendees will be invited to join an evening Summit launch party in the Process Excellence Week Solutions Hall. Now complimentary for all Summit attendees, join us to: • Participate in fun and interactive networking activities to meet even more of your Business Process Excellence Peers • Take part in the Process Excellence Week Summit challenge: Will you come out victorious? • Spend time with you colleagues getting to know and exploring the new and interactive solutions hall • Prize draws, team activities, demonstrations and much much more… Now complimentary for all Summit attendees 7.30 End of Day 6
  7. 7. CONFERENCE DAY 2 17TH JANUARY 2012 7.00 Registration and networking in PEX Week solutions hall OPTIONAL BREAKFAST DISCUSSIONS Process Improvement watch outs: • What not to do when starting your program • Top tips from Lean Six Sigma leaders on how to avoid the common pitfalls with deployment 8.30 Chairperson’s welcome and opening address – PEX Network 8.40 Platinum sponsor welcome and summit overview 8.55 LIVE INTERVIEW: Getting the right information to the right people at the right time, in the right context – How BPM and Lean Six Sigma come together to deliver business led technology transformation Don’t miss this concise and insightful series of customer interviews to show how the Lean, Six Sigma & BPM approaches and technologies are already delivering real benefits in some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. • How do Lean, Six Sigma & BPM fit together in practice? • Delivering value and sustainable change in highly regulated environments - it is possible! • How to deliver sustainable process change Interview Led by: Richard Parker, EVP, Nimbus Partner 9.40 PEX WEEK EXCLUSIVE: 2012 Process Improvement Visionary Council Launched in 2010 this PI Visionary Council is hosted once a year in both North America and in Europe to bring together the leaders of the Process Excellence evolution. The PI Visionary Council will join together at the 13th Annual Process Excellence Week to define where the community is going and what it needs to do in order move Business Process Excellence thinking and delivery to the next level. Once again in 2011, 5 world-class leaders reflect on the role of Process Improvement in transforming US business: • What is the new and evolving role for Process Improvement in the post recession business climate? • Charting a course for success: How does Process Excellence thinking and deployment need to evolve to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s business more effectively? • How can Process Excellence be used not just cost-cutting but to pro-actively drive customer experience and top-line growth? • Putting aside the tools and techniques: What are the common components of a successful improvement culture? • How to lead change - tips for leadership and change success from the PI Visionary Council Chaired by Jim Steele: International speaker on High Performance & Director, Meta Lucid Ltd Confirmed council members include: Anu George, CQO, Morningstar Thom Keehan, Executive Director Lean Enterprise, GE Transportation Gregory North, VP, Corporate Lean Six Sigma, Xerox Corporation Doug Drolett, Americas Continuous Improvement Leader, Shell International Petroleum Company 10.25 Networking Coffee Break 10.45 Structured Networking • 1-2-1 Meetings • Themed Speed Networking in Solutions Hall (By Industry) 11.00 Start of Corporate Leaders Boardroom 1 – by invite only for CXO’s and executives – 5.00: Led by: 11.15 Creating Competitive Advantage through Flexible Execution in Operations Execution is truly strategy and structure in motion, and getting that motion right is just as vital as the strategy and structure itself. Business strategy and operating models set the direction toward what and where value will be created and who will create it. Execution is the engine that delivers the value - defining how it will be created. In this inspirational keynote presentation, Accenture will provide a deeper dive into the “secret sauce” of execution and how leaders can balance long range planning with more flexibility to reap the corresponding benefits. Companies that understand how to successfully manage risks, and optimize value chains for both long range operational excellence and rapid responsiveness, will be well positioned to thrive in the face of an unpredictable future. Mark George, Managing Director, 7
  8. 8. 12.00 INTERVIEW: From Business Reengineering to Six Sigma to Lean to BPM – what can we draw from each of these process religions to address the challenge of sustaining process improvement activities? In this interview attendees will be able to ask Brad Power, renowned researcher and writer on ways to sustain Business Process Excellence, what’s entailed in building improvement activities into the DNA of an organization. • How companies occasionally suffer from “Process Attention Deficit Disorder”: Their tendency to pay inadequate attention to improving the way they do their work • Stories of companies that launched major process improvement programs with much fanfare and success, and how those programs quickly unwound • Avoiding the hype cycle: How to make sure your program is not just another improvement fad • An examination of five factors that cause companies to lose interest in process improvement. • A look at what each of the four major religions of process improvement: TQM/Lean, Business Reengineering, Six Sigma, and BPM • Lessons learned from successful deployments: What have been elements of successful approaches? Interviewee: Brad Power, Thought leader, blogger and author on Process Innovation Interviewer: Steve Towers, Founder & CEO, BP Group 12.45 Networking Lunch Break 1.15 Structured Networking • 1-2-1 Meetings • Quick fire technology & product demons in Solutions Hall Build your own personalized agenda by selecting between 4 themed track sessions. You will have 5 minutes between each session to allow you to move across tracks. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PROCESS PROCESS FOR STRATEGY MANAGEMENT INNOVATION & PERFORMANCE 1.45 From Process Improvement to Process BPM BLOGGERS PANEL SESSION INTERACTIVE SESSION Designing metrics that work: Management: Connecting the dots The next generation of BPM: The Innovation Challenge! Leveraging and interpreting data across the disciplines for a sustainable Assessing the emerging landscape To start the innovation sessions this is your chance to to optimize performance of process • Emerging technologies: What BPM technologies join an interactive and fun working group to try out Process Centric strategy innovation in practice. improvement Improving performance is a high priority for are proving most effective in optimizing further The use of metrics is core to any process process efficiency and standardization? Part 1: Pass the Ball, An exercise in innovation every senior executive. Many now realize that it improvement effort and the ability to understand • More than just technology: The word on the street Work in groups to try this quick and simple is not enough just to identify and measure Key and interpret data is considered a core competency for successful BPM practices innovation exercise. Not only will you discover first Performance Indicators (KPIs). Measuring KPIs helps for any good improvement expert. Why is it, then, • How is the approach to BPM progressing globally? hand how natural innovation occurs in day-to-day identify under-performing business areas, but that so many companies still have so much trouble What trends do we most need to be aware of? environments but you’ll learn a useful tool you can will not provide the means required to fix them. with metrics? The answer is that few actually design Chaired by: Brad Power, thought leader, blogger take back to your own businesses to engage your That’s performance reporting not performance their metrics, often choosing them on instinct, not and author on Process Innovation teams in the innovation agenda. management. To address this, both cause and effect science. Hear firsthand: Panelists to include: Part 2: Brainstorm – What is innovation? need to be addressed. In this session discover how to • How you can lead your company to greater Sandy Kemsley, Author, Following the innovation exercise, this is your chance understand and manage: success through the deliberate design of your Clay Richardson, Principal Analyst, Forrester to assess the full scope of innovation and how it • The processes that drive a business forward (cause) company’s metrics Research occurs within your business. Frame your thinking • The performance that they achieve (effect) • How to enhance your understanding and Nathaniel Palmer, President, Workflow for the next few days and set your goals on the true • The relationship between the two interpretation of key data to guide and shape your Management Coalition nature of business innovation. • Seamlessly integrate performance metrics and process improvement initiatives Steve Towers, Founder & CEO, BP Group Jeff Slutsky, Director DFSS, Bausch & Lomb & scorecards into the processes they measure • Create metrics that are robust to environmental Process for Innovation track speakers • How Nimbus Control can help you to better factors and directly support day-to-day decision understand and manage the performance of making the business David Silverstein, President & CEO, BMGI Richard Parker, EVP, Nimbus 8
  9. 9. 2.45 CASE STUDY Creating an effective BPM Center CASE STUDY INTERACTIVE: PROCESS Achieving accelerated project of Excellence: Data, processes Integrating DFSS with existing MATURITY ASSESSMENT results through bolstering your & technology product development processes to Creating a long-term road map for Lean capabilities • Essential steps to planning and setting up a ensure optimal product quality and change: Understand how to reach full • Creating a Lean Operating System: The story Business Process Management (BPM) Center of Excellence (CoE) relevance process maturity and the capabilities behind how Akron Childrens Hospital transformed An in depth case study on how DFSS has been it’s operations through Lean • Acknowledging the opportunities and risk needed to get there integrated into the fully product development process Through this interactive exercise, participants will • Strategies to get everyone in the business associated with a centralized CoE approach to BPM • Deploying DFSS as a standard product design • How to create a BPM CoE that is jointly led by the be able to track their current maturity against the using Lean to create day-to-day problem process to ensure optimal product quality business and IT desired state to define areas for improvement. solving capabilities and relevance • Recognizing it’s not just about the technology: • Assessing your current process maturity – where • Using A3 as a pragmatic tool to engage front • How to get DFSS as a standard operating/process Getting the processes right before you implement do you sit on the model? line employees design process within R&D: Making it part of technology as a solution in order to optimize • Defining areas for improvement and opportunity Chris Weisbrod, Deployment Director, Akron business as usual Return on investment for process Childrens Hospital • At what parts of the product design process is Asim Akram, Member Board of Directors, Wall • Next steps on the journey towards excellence: Plan DFSS most useful? your next days learning to help you reach the next Street Technology Association (Former VP BPM, Jeff Slutsky, Director DFSS, Bausch & Lomb Goldman Sachs) stage of maturity Anna Stowaway, SVP Business Process Re-engineering, Citi Michelle Boutwell, VP Business Process Re-engineering, Citi 3.45 Networking Coffee Break 4.45 Lean for service: Join together Lean, INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION GROUP CASE STUDY NETWORKING IN EXHBITION HALL Service Management & the customer Strategies and challenges to creating Taking the risk out of innovation: Please note this track session is closed for top line success a true end-to-end organizational How to innovate without risking your for awards ceremony preparations • How Lean Management can be integrated into management model business standard service management strategies Discussions will draw from the collective experiences • Defining the problem and challenge: What are the • Applying outside-in and lean thinking to design of the group to discuss: risks behind innovation? and sustain customer relevant service • How to make the move from vertical to horizontal • How to manage high risk innovation: What should management strategies process management – starting the journey you look out for when innovating to avoid costly risk? • How to use Lean to design an efficient and ‘right • What are the key factors to making a horizontal • Aligning innovation to the customer for a pull approach first time’ service and incident management best process management structure work? How do we • How to manage risk without hindering the power practice framework achieve these? of innovation: How do you create the right balance Ian Clayton, Author - Universal Service • Managing the change: How to manage the between risk mitigation and value creation? Management Body of Knowledge (USMBOK) organizational and individual changes needed to • Understanding the costs and risk associated with make the end-to-end process model really work NOT innovating • Managing the intersection and relationship • Making sure that innovation is profitable: between: Process, People, Technology, Information Demonstrating and measuring value throughout and Performance the innovation process to prioritize the most Craig Libby, Vice President, Enterprise profitable projects Process Performance Improvement, Office of Trafford Clarke, Executive Director, Six Sigma, Transformation & Integration, USAA Lilly Research Laboratories 5.15 2012 Awards Ceremony and official presentation in the main conference room Now open for all Summit attendees! 6.15 – Post Awards Networking and Garden Party 8.30 Following the long awaited announcement of the 2012 Process Excellence Award winners, join your peers for an evening of celebration, relaxed networking and entertainment. Hosted outside in the beautiful gardens and pool area of the Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa, you’ll be able to share some food, drinks and stories whilst enjoying the stunning location. Registration Included as part of Summit packages (excluding Bronze & Exhibition packages) or for $50 per head for additional colleagues, team members and family – visit for more 9
  10. 10. CONFERENCE DAY 3 18TH JANUARY 2012 7.30 Registration and Coffee 8.00 Morning Speed Networking in Solutions Hall Featuring early risers PEX Challenge 8.30 Awards Re-cap – Winners and evening highlights 8.40 PERFORMANCE & CHANGE KEYNOTE The PEAK PERFORMANCE challenge: How to stretch your individual performance to the limit and achieve excellence! Jim Steele is truly one of the most charismatic presenters in the business world today. Addressing organizations throughout the globe, Jim has the proven ability to deliver material that inspires, educates, and entertains. He is fascinated by the nature of peak performance and what to do to get this level and sustain it. So much so, that he has spent much of the last decade working with highly successful individuals from business and sport, seeking to understand not just what makes these people tick, but what makes them tick so much faster, stronger and longer. Jim is a tireless reader, gradually piecing together his own unique take on peak performance, particularly The Success System that Never Fails by W Clement Stone and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by W Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill as having been particularly influential. Jim has worked with around 40,000 delegates since his highly successful “Breakthrough to Peak Performance” book was published some 10 years and still inspires many high performing individuals in business. His passion for excellence and results has led him to address audiences consistently every week across the globe, and his energy, insight and great sense of humor creates a massive impact whenever he in on stage. You will not fail to be inspired and realize in the moment what you can truly achieve. In this fascinating keynote discover, understand and learn; • How you can reach peak performance and achieve excellence in any role • What turns average performers into high performers • How to apply a structured but simple approach in your business that will make the real difference and stay evergreen and meaningful. Jim Steele, International Speaker on High Performance & Director, Meta Lucid Ltd “Jim really knows how to dissect a complex subject in ways that I thought was not possible and then inspire to do things differently, just so easy to understand. I know it will make a difference in the competitive business world we operate in, a real and sustainable difference.” Martin Warner, COO Asia Pacific, Carlson Wagonlit Travel. 9.40 PANEL SESSION: The PEX Vendor World Series Global insight from the most forward thinking & inspirational Business Process providers 6 of the most inspirational thought leaders, voted by you, join together to help build a common industry consensus around what the next generation for Business Process Excellence looks like, and how you are going to get there. With the recent recession bringing ROI from Process centric management strategies to the forefront, you’re seeking clarity on your next strategic move to develop your implementation model further and drive greater results. However with so many approaches and available, and with every industry provider promoting a new improved model or technology, the challenge is not how to find advice, but to know what is the right advise and who to listen to. To help you combat this critical challenge the PEX Network bring together the most engaging and inspirational providers with one simple aim - to help you sort the industry hype from the next generation Process solutions. • Building a common vision for the future goals of the Process Community • Challenging mainstream thinking and debating the options for future development and investment: Where to invest your money and resource wisely • Lean, Six Sigma, BPM, Systems Thinking…: Removing the complexity around different Process models • Evaluating the business impact of the latest industry solutions (BI, Cloud, social etc) – are they really worth the hype? 6 VENDORS VOTED IN BY THE COMMUNITY - Voting has now closed and representatives will be announced formally in October. Visit for more updates. Chaired by: Derek Miers, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research 10.35 Networking Coffee Break 10.55 Structured Networking & Awards Roundtables • 1-2-1 Meetings • Awards roundtables: Your chance to meet and garner insights in to the 2012 awards winning projects and programs 11.00 – Start of Corporate Leaders Boardroom 2 – by invite only for CXOs and executives 5.00: Theme: Creating Competitive Advantage Through Enterprise Wide Process Frameworks. Further agendas can be download on Led by 10
  11. 11. 11.25 THOUGHT LEADER KEYNOTE The Strategic Drucker: Lessons from the master translated to the modern world on planning and managing large-scale organizational change Part 1: “The organizations most likely to suffer the most are those with the delusion that tomorrow will be like yesterday” Peter Drucker • Why Organizations Change? • Uncertainty and Instability Around Us (Economic and Political Forces) – what impact does this have on our process programs? • Getting inside the brain of Peter Drucker – Management Guru or Social Scientist? • Planning in times of uncertainty – What does not work anymore? • The global financial crisis: Drucker’s views on Stimulus Plans & debt Part 2: “There is no correlation at all between domestic economic performance and policies to stimulate the domestic economy.” Peter Drucker • Drucker on economists and today’s economic theories • Downsizing as a change strategy – The traditional but wrong approach • Forecasting does not work in times of uncertainty Part 3: “In turbulent times, managers cannot assume that tomorrow will be an extension of today. On the contrary, they must manage for change; change alike as an opportunity and a threat.” Peter Drucker • Traditional planning vs. Planning for uncertainty - The importance of asking what has already happened that will create the future? • Drucker and the Five Certainties – The basis for strategy and change • Rethinking, strategic thinking, and getting rid of yesterday Part 4: “What should our business be? – the first assumption must be that it will be different.” Peter Drucker • Strategy – Global Competiveness as a Goal • Structure Follows Strategy: What does this mean for process professionals? Dr Robert Swaim, Author, The Strategic Drucker 12.10 INTERVIEW Your customers are your future! Redesigning your processes to deliver the ultimate in Customer Experience The world’s leading companies have come to realize that only when their customers are successful, they will be successful. In pursuit of their market leadership not only do they need to spend time looking inside their business at how things are getting done, but they also need to look outward to get deep understanding of their customers. Welcome to the new era of Outside-In thinking that is sweeping the globe…. Outside-In can really be summarized in the statement that “the customer experience is the process”. We can no longer just look within our organizational boundaries to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We have to extend our scope and embrace a broader view of optimizing process by understanding, managing and developing customer expectations and the associated experience. Hosted by the world renowned BP, this unique panel is your chance to meet and hear customer success stories from 3 of the most successful Outside-In companies. • What makes an outside-in thinking company? • Putting the customer at the heart of everything you do – turning traditional BPM on its head for successful customer outcomes Interviewer: Steve Towers, Founder, BP Group Featuring interviewees from the BP Group Outside-In Network to be announced by 4th November. Visit for more updates. 12.55 Lunch & Networking 1.25 Structured Networking & Product Demonstrations • 1-2-1 Meetings • Quick fire technology & product demos in Solutions Hall • Private Lunch by invitation only, hosted 11
  12. 12. Build your own personalized agenda by selecting between 4 themed track sessions. You will have 5 minutes between each session to allow you to move across tracks. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT PROCESS MANAGEMENT PROCESS FOR INNOVATION STRATEGY & PERFORMANCE 1.55 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY INTERACTIVE SESSION PRIVATE Q&A SESSION Achieving Process Excellence: After process design and deployment Structured Innovation: Creating a Your chance to quiz Jim Steele, performance keynote on how you can take the steps to heighten your own By Evolution or by Revolution? is complete: Creating the continuous step by step process for structured individual performance Too often, short-term and long-term process improvement culture to deliver the innovation Spaces limited to 30 people – first come first strategies can compete for time, resource and • Providing both structure and creativity for attention. This topic presents the case for a dual business benefits. served. When the seats are full the doors will There are many case studies around establishing the purposeful and constructive innovation practices be closed! strategy in implementation of a process excellence • Combing the traditional innovation methods into global BPM platform and architecture, but what is culture, combining both evolution and revolution. a structured step-by-step brainstorming process: often missed and where process strategies fall short Revolution Bringing them altogether into the one approach is leveraging the platform to achieve robust business • Focusing on execution of strategic initiatives and • Building robustness around high risk innovation benefits. In this case study, hear the journey and delivering near-term results by addressing critical processes through rigorously applying this results of how Shell’s global Order to Cash process problems to transform business performance structure for innovation: Examples from Medtronic is working to deliver an ambitious set of business • Creating acceptance for ongoing change and Eric Maass, Senior Program Manager DRM/DFSS, improvement targets. adoption of process management practices Medtronic • How to establish the capability and capacity to designed to build a culture of sustained and improve process performance.: Building the continuous process improvement human resource and structural elements required Evolution for scale and speed. • Establishing the ongoing deployment of process • How to align the organization on key improvement & project management, and continuous priorities: Using multiple inputs (customer, improvement practices to create a culture that will business, process) to create a portfolio of sustain and improve process performance improvement opportunities. • Creating a new management and operational • How to keep score and assess process culture: Partnering with HR Recruiting, Leadership performance: Moving beyond monthly Development and Organizational Development dashboard results groups to transform hiring, rewards/recognition, Doug Drolett, Americas Continuous Improvement leadership training, and organizational Leader, Shell International Petroleum Company development areas Don Mears, Change Management Lead, Business Process Improvement Group, Office Depot 2.55 CASE STUDY SESSION RESERVED FOR Connecting VOC to Product GROUP BRAINSTORM Leveraging advanced Process SPONSORSHIP – PLEASE EMAIL Innovation for optimal profitability: Remodeling the process skill set: Improvement techniques for standout SPONSORSHIP@PEXNETWORK.CO.UK deciding on the most meaningful Building and fostering sustainable customer experience and increased innovations for maximum ROI capabilities for change leadership customer retention FOR MORE INFORMATION Discover how VOC helps product innovation by It has been noted recently by many leaders that a • Exclusive case study: Increasing the speed for the establishing the right requirements, deciding on skill gap in capably manager and leaders in Process is customer onboarding process at The Standard the most meaningful innovations for maximum emerging – a focus on tools has lost the importance • Understand the key process improvement profitability and allocating limited resources towards of management. This group brainstorm will seek to tools and how they were applied to optimize the the right innovation. This session will analyze address this emerging problem and discuss what customer onboarding process emerging theory surrounding customer centric leaders can do to help cultivate a future capability, • Critical steps to understanding the needs/wants innovation, backed up by examples of how this has important both for the individual organization and concerns of the customer: How can we improve been applied within ADC Tyco Electronics: the wider process industry. our understanding and provision for the customer? • Increasing the scope needed for identification • What capabilities are needed to create future Alistair Firmin, VP Customer Service, The of process for innovation opportunities by leaders for change? Standard shifting your thinking from VOC to VOS (Voice • How can we more effectively foster these skill sets of Stakeholders) within our organizations? • Advancing your supporting technology to • How can your organization support this in terms of support this broader based definition of voice of career progression and development? the stakeholder (VOS) Chris Fleming, VP Finance, ING • Identifying the 3 major components to deliver on Roberta Meacham, SVP Performance this newly defined VOC/VOS framework within the Consulting product innovation process: Collection, analysis Christina Pritchard, Meta-Lucid and fulfillment Gary Jing, DFLSS Deployment Leader, Tyco Electronics Telecom Division (ADC) 12
  13. 13. 3.55 Coffee & Networking 4.25 SESSION RESERVED FOR Using an agile BPM approach to From improvement and management CHOICE OF ROUNDTABLE SPONSORSHIP – PLEASE EMAIL create a common platform for to design and innovation: A model DISCUSSIONS SPONSORSHIP@PEXNETWORK.COM communication and delivery across for customer focused ‘Outside-In’ Change Management & Leadership both IT and the business innovation best practice discussions FOR MORE INFORMATION • Integrating agile philosophies to better align Leverage Outside-In customer experience Speed up change adoption with tried and tested business and process change to the IT supply and management thinking to revolutionize your model change methods. demand model for process and product innovation. Select your focus from: • Managing business process across a multitude of • Introducing a methodology to ensure that 1. How to avoid the tool/program of the month businesses and delivery systems: The challenges of customer centricity is the at the heart of your syndrome and make process change a natural way coordinating BPM across a diverse portfolio process design and innovation initiatives to do business • Creating a common language for communication • How to create products that the customer does 2. Creating a common language for process change and governance across the business, customer and not even know they need: From assessing 3. Managing resistance to change technology departments customer wants to value and need creation 4. An assessment of different training approaches • Aligning project and portfolio management with • Examples from some of the worlds most and how to build future capabilities the IT delivery system to create agile processes innovative companies on customer centric Chris Weisbrod, Deployment Director, Akron Bilal Muhammed, Corporate BPM Leader, innovation approaches and how you can Childrens Hospital McGraw Hill do the same Dr. Charles T. Brandon III, Director of Training, Steve Towers, Founder, BP Group Office of Planning & Performance Management, DoD 5.25 Closing Summary from PEX Network & Close of Solutions Hall CONFERENCE DAY 4 19TH JANUARY 2012 Select from your choice of focus day, training course or site visit – please make sure you reserve your place in advance due to limited space. TRAINING COURSE: 9.00 – 5.00 Certified Business Process Professional Course - Accredited by the Outside-In: Discover how to truly drive a customer driven process improvement culture Please note this is a 2 day training course and continues until 4.00 on the 20th January This premier workshop is designed for those seeking professional skills in process management, process improvement, process alignment and innovation: Learn advanced Business Process Management methods and techniques that deliver! • Uncover Process Improvement opportunities in just hours - in any process, big or small • Identify actions that will improve process efficiency by 30% to 60% within 90 days of deployment • Delight your customers (making them your biggest advocates) through Successful Customer Outcomes • Innovate to compete: Set the market trend and even dominate your industry • The Certified Process Professional programme builds your competency in delivering these essential benefits in literally everything you do. Unleashing the power of process in your organization today. Professionals interested in becoming Certified Process Professionals must complete the required courses and pass a comprehensive test, case study submission and peer review depending on the level of attainment. The courses are intended to educate the student in the work of the business process professional and the associated validation to verify that they have understood and can deliver the concepts. CONTENT A dynamic and comprehensive approach to creating and managing enterprise processes that deliver sustained high performance, encompassing the full range of management systems and practices. Content based on the experi- ences of hundreds of companies and the BP Group ( networks ongoing research. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Senior executives, operating managers, process owners, resource managers, members of process design teams and program management offices, functional managers, key front-line personnel, and everyone else with a stake in getting the most out of business processes. RESULTS WHAT YOU GET Course attendees will learn how to: · Hands-on instructor-led training days by a world recognized coach • Exploit process management for triple crown benefits with sustained high performance: · All materials electronically (for your own internal use) and online support Reducing costs, enhancing service and improving revenues at the same time · Formal certification as a Certified Process Professional (CPP) Levels 1-2 (practitioner and professional) • Develop performance metrics for end-to-end processes · SIX Practical toolkits to use and takeaway immediately • Link processes to enterprise business goal · CEMMethod(tm) guidebook • Coach and align people for performance and process management · Copy of the latest book “Outside-In. The secret of the 21st century leading companies” (published 2010) • Improve business performance immediately (15-40% within 90 days) and · Membership in the worlds premier process & professional business club • Establish a method to sustain continuous improvement (annual improvements 15-20%) · Unique one to one telephone support (dedicated telephone number • Achieve the tactical and strategic payoffs of 13
  14. 14. FOCUS DAY B: 9.00 – 5.00 FOCUS DAY C: 9.00 – 2.00 The Strategic Drucker Workshop Experience the business behind the magic: Disney’s approach to Peter F. Drucker’s strategies for managing change in todays workforce Leadership Excellence Leverage the world renowned strategy and growth insights from Peter Drucker to refocus your Process Improvement programme in the new economy. Through a series of hands on exercises, theory and case studies participants will cover 3 topics key to growth. “ Management is about human beings. Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant “ Peter F. Drucker Led by: Dr Robert Swain, Author, The Strategic Drucker Learn how to use Drucker’s seven decades of discovery and insight to: Today’s successful leaders provide a clear vision, create a structure for executing work, and engage people in • Match employee strengths/talent to opportunities the purpose of the organization. Walt Disney himself was a firm believer in this inspirational style of leadership; • Create structures and processes to maximize the knowledge workers’ contribution and productivity he used it throughout his long career and taught it to the leaders who succeeded him. • Use talent management to accelerate strategic change • Implement the six guidelines guaranteed to improve knowledge worker productivity At Disney Institute you have the opportunity to benchmark a world-class approach to leadership. Our • Require knowledge worker self-control through measurement professional facilitators will unveil the fundamental leadership philosophies behind Walt’s great success. You • Stress “contribution” as opposed to “achievement “ will see first hand the principles that are at the core of Disney’s organizational strength. We invite you inside our • Build continuous learning and teaching into the job of knowledge workers organization to see how our leaders operate. • Motivate employees to peak performance and much, much more! • Learn how to effectively communicate your vision and examine personal methods for inspiring others. For those new to Peter F. Drucker, this seminar is a crash learning program on his most profound ideas • Explore successful Disney systems and the organizational structures that support them. and principles. For those who have read Drucker’s extensive writings, this significant learning program • Examine the strategies Disney leaders employ to keep their teams engaged in their work. offers a simple, well-organized framework for putting into practice Drucker’s deep insights and applying • Discover methods for sustaining momentum toward the achievement of goals. them to the change and productivity disciplines. Filled with useful summaries and checklists of • Explore day-to-day behaviors that will assist you in making a long-lasting impact on the people around you. key lessons, this seminar distills a lifetime of wisdom and experience guaranteed help you • Develop action steps that will help you influence change in your organization and develop your individual increase the productivity of your workforce and ensure they are doing the right things right. leadership behaviors. Dr Robert Swaim, Author, The Strategic Drucker Please note this is an offsite workshop so participants will be unable to leave before 2.00. FOCUS DAY D: 9.00 – 5.00 SITE VISIT: 9.00 – 3.00 Modelling and Analytics for Process Excellence: An integrated approach to Bausch & Lomb – Exclusive Site Visit analytics, improvement and management A unique chance to see Process Improvement and innovation first hand with a tour around the South Business Process Management Suites have historically focused on tool sets for implementing automated Tampa Bausch & Lomb manufacturing facility. As one of the largest and longest established plants systems. In so doing they have often failed to provide business analysts with software to support process participants will be able to see and discuss: analysis and improvement as is commonly practiced by professionals using Lean Six Sigma and other related • Lean Six Sigma manufacturing process methodologies. However, the situation is changing and analytics are becoming increasing part of the Business • DFSS and design for manufacturing Process Management discipline. Site Visit agenda This workshop will present an integrated approach to process improvement, that starts with a modeling 9.00: Leave Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa for Plant methodology based on BPMN (Business Process Management Notations), extended with concepts from Lean Six Sigma and supporting simulation, analytics and optimization technologies. In the workshop you 10:30: Overview of the Tampa facility and Bausch and Lomb’s Process Excellence journey will discuss the modeling methodology and details of the analytics derived from the models and how to 11.00: Plant Tour of R&D, Labs, Manufacturing process, Warehouse, Distribution use them for process improvement and management. Through both presentations and interactive working groups the Workflow Management Coalition ( will describe the standards underlying the modeling 12:15: Box Lunch and personal Q&A with the team methodology and analytics. 1:30: Return to Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa Who should attend? 3.00: End of Day • Practicing business analysts who use modeling and analytics in their Process work • Business managers heading up a process improvement or management projects for their company • Anyone interested in the unification of Business Process Management, enactment engines, Lean Six Sigma, Workforce Management and Business Process Optimization • Participants will have the opportunity to describe their modeling needs and how the approach presented would satisfy these needs or fail to. Pilot projects will be initiated based on the interests of participants. Presented by: Bruce Silver, author of BPMN Method and Style, Doug Albertson, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt & Robert Shapiro, Chair Technical Committee, 14