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Amba Products

  1. 1. Towel Warmers Space Heaters Heated Towel Rails Drying Racks
  2. 2. BENEFITS of Towel Warmers Keeps towels and bathrobes warm and dry Reduces laundry loads Helps bathrooms stay mold and mildew free by functioning as a space heater Can be used in a variety of locations Easy to install Minimal power usage
  3. 3. Selection of Finishes: Polished, Brushed, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, & White Custom Models available Easy installation process Broad range of products Some models heat as quick as 15 minutes
  4. 4. SPECIFICATIONS *Our towel warmers have a range internal distance between 4” and 6 1/2” depending on the model Standard voltage (110-115 Volts) Made from high-quality environmentally friendly stainless steel (NOT plated) All units are either UL or ETL approved for safety Consume minimal power — some equivalent to just one or two light bulbs
  6. 6. JEEVES Classic towel bar Straight Bars & Gentle Curves 3.55 Bar spacing accommodates both small and large towels High-quality Stainless Steel Liquid-heating system***
  7. 7. SOLO Freestanding Lightweight and Mobile Can be used in any room with an outlet Perfect for dorm rooms 7 day 24hr programmable timer optional
  8. 8. SWIVEL Swivel Hinge rotates 180 Degrees Each arm moves independently Plug-in units with optional 7 day 24hr programmable timer Simple to install
  9. 9. SIRIO Combination Radiator and towel warmer Supports additional towel bars or robe hooks Suitable for drying large items Can be installed either vertically or horizontally — even upside down
  10. 10. QUADRO Large square bars for even heating Horizontal panels can be replaced Heats quickly
  11. 11. ELORY Dual-purpose heating unit functions as a towel warmer and/or space heater Large flat heating surface area — suitable for thick towels Custom sizes available for special order Built-in control and timer
  12. 12. ANTUS Long bars provide space for large thick towels Can accommodate even the largest bathrobes Size makes it ideal for multiple towels
  13. 13. VEGA Broad and flat panels warm towels quickly and evenly Dries thick towels easily No-liquid system Horizontal Panels can be easily replaced
  14. 14. TRADITIONAL Classic Design Edwardian-Era Aesthetics Products are subject to change
  15. 15. CUSTOM UNITS Electronic and Hydronic available upon request
  16. 16. ACCESSORIES ANTUS Bathrobe Hanger SIRIO Towel Bar VEGA & QUADRO Towel Bar JEEVES Shelf Bar JEEVES & SIRIO Bathrobe Hanger Programmable Timers 7 Day / 24 Hour Digital Heat Controller
  17. 17. Hung Systems 1 Sliding Door System German Engineering DIN EN 1527 : 1998 certified Made in Germany Smooth, easy & very quiet movement Various systems & designs for glass & wood doors Product range in stock
  18. 18. Hung Systems 2 Sliding Door System Stainless steel components Solid or tube track Capacity 220 lbs - 100 kg (Duetec 132 lbs - 60 kg) for 1 door Packed as kits individually planned or custom
  19. 19. Flatec I Sliding Door System Puristic design for glass & wood.
  20. 20. Flatec II Sliding Door System Puristic design for wood doors.
  21. 21. Unotec Home Sliding Door System Unotec Passion in every detail. Wood Glass
  22. 22. Duetec Sliding Door System Italian design for glass
  23. 23. Tritec Sliding Door System Technology meets aesthetics.
  24. 24. Antra Sliding Door System Oil-rubbed bronze Lacquered finish on stainless steel
  25. 25. Skater Sliding Door System Modern Design
  26. 26. Shield Sliding Door System Art Deco design
  27. 27. Silent Glam Glass I Base bottom roller Sliding Door System Holds up to 330 lbs.
  28. 28. Slick Sliding Door System Slick I Trolley Slick II Trolley Affordable elegance DIN EN Tested for 100,000 Movements Slick I Glass Slick I Wood Tube design holds up to 220 lbs. Slick II Wood
  29. 29. Fixtures For hung system Designed for flexible installation of sliding glass doors or partitions on: Glass Glass Mount Wall Wall Fixture Wall to wall Wall Joint Ceiling Ceiling Fixture (single or double)
  30. 30. Cabinet hardware Handcrafted leather Combined with stainless steel Product range in stock Custom designs available
  31. 31. Handles