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Borromeo Islands


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This presentation is done by Anne Marie L. Borromeo and Jennifer V. Luis as one of their projects on ITALIAN REGIONS in their Italian 10 class at the University of the Philippines under Prof. Emanuela Adesini.

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Borromeo Islands

  1. 1. BORROMEO ISLANDS By: Anne Marie L. Borromeo & Jennifer V. Luis
  2. 2. ISOLA BELLA Named after Contessa Isabella Borromeo The Palazzo was built by Carlo Borromeo III from 1629-1652 Proceeded by their son Vitaliano Borromeo
  3. 3. ISOLA MADRE Largest English style garden of the three islands The palazzo is uninhabited Contains 16th-19th century paintings
  4. 4. ISOLA DEI PESCATORI Fishing village a.k.a. Isola Superiore Population~ 200 The church of San Vittore dates back to the 11th century