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AWS Customer Presentation - Zynga


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Farmville, Cafeworld, and 5 out of 10 the top games on facebook is powered by Zynga and AWS. Jayme Cox discusses how Zynga uses AWS and shares some the lessons learned a the AWS Startup Tour - SV - 2010

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AWS Customer Presentation - Zynga

  1. Zynga Hyper Growth with Amazon Web Services<br />Jayme Cox, Manager Cloud Operations<br />April 14th, 2010<br />
  2. Agenda<br />Why Zynga chose AWS<br />AWS Services Used<br />Easy Startup<br />Lessons Learned<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />3<br />Best Practices<br />
  3. Treasure Isle<br />3 Million DAU in six days<br />
  4. FarmVille Traffic Growth<br />1 Million DAUsevery week for 20 weeks<br />source:<br />
  5. Why Zynga Chose AWS<br />Hyper Growth<br />True on demand computing<br />Added 500 web in 30 mins (50% spike in Farmville traffic) <br />Multiple massively scalable services<br />S3, EC2, EBS, CloudFront, etc<br />Pay to Play<br />Only pay for the resources you use<br />Stable, full featured API<br />Outgrew our existing datacenter<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />6<br />
  6. Services Used<br />5 of the top 10 Facebook games hosted 100% in EC2<br />LB, web, memcached and MySQL database servers<br />Elastic Compute Cloud (ec2)<br />m1.xlarge for DB and memcached<br />c1.xlarge for web nodes<br />Simple Storage Service (s3)<br />Static Assets (images, flash, etc)<br />Code release process<br />Elastic Block Storage (ebs)<br />Persistent storage for MySQL<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />7<br />
  7. Quick and Easy Startup<br />Grab your founders Credit Card and GO!<br />Up and running in minutes<br />Literally had servers online in 30 minutes <br />Highly recommend RightScale<br />Management Platform for AWS<br />Scale your servers without scaling Sys Admin team<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />8<br />
  8. Lessons Learned<br />Plan Ahead<br />Start small, but plan for massive growth<br />Horizontal Scalability is required<br />Each of your application tiers must scale horizontaly<br />Pools of LB + web servers<br />Shards of memcached servers<br />Shards of DB servers<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />9<br />
  9. Best Practices<br />Design for failure<br />Plan for when (not if) a component fails<br />Design in “scale back” capability<br />Write your applications so you can turn off costly functions to keep the site up and running under massive load spikes<br />Invest in tools and management frameworks<br />CFengine, Chef and Puppet allow you to scale your servers without having to scale sys admins alongside<br />Tools and automation are keys to successful growth<br />Monitoring and fault notification<br />When things break, you want to know about them<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />10<br />
  10. Best Tools<br />Open Source<br />Zynga uses open source for entire game stack<br />HAproxy for frontend Load Balancers<br />Apache + PHP for web servers<br />Memcached for ultra-fast write storage<br />MySQL database for data persistence<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />11<br />
  11. Round Robin DNS<br />…<br />Load Balancer #1<br />Load Balancer #N<br /> Auto-scaling web array (PHP)<br />…<br />Web Server #M<br />Web Server #1<br />User Data <br />& Updates<br />Memcache Pool<br />Lazy Writes<br />DB Layer<br />Data<br />Reads<br />…<br />DB-#K<br />Master<br />DB-#1<br />Master<br />…<br />DB-#K<br />Slave<br />DB-#1<br />Slave<br />
  12. Best Tools<br />Monitoring and fault notification<br />Collectd for trend reporting<br />Nagios for fault alert notification<br />Automation and configuration<br />RightScale and Puppet<br />4/12/10<br />| © Zynga. All Rights Reserved.<br />13<br />
  13. PS: We’re hiring — over 300 job openings<br />