AWS Webcast - Never Leave a Customer Behind: Scalable Web Apps with AWS


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As far as your customers are concerned, your business runs on your website. Having a website that is always ready for every customer, without paying for unused capacity, can help you get the most out of your online presence.

Review this content to learn the business and technical benefits of running your web applications on Amazon Web Services:
• Enjoy near-infinite scalability to meet the needs of your customers without resource planning
• Remove the undifferentiated heavy lifting of running your infrastructure
• Lower your total cost of ownership with an elastically scalable website

Whether you are running applications that share photos or support critical operations of your business, globally available and highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure from Amazon Web Services can help keep your site online and your costs down.

Learn how other AWS customers have achieved greater flexibility and scale from their website while never leaving a customer behind.

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AWS Webcast - Never Leave a Customer Behind: Scalable Web Apps with AWS

  1. 1. Website scalability on AWS Adam Glick
  2. 2. AWS provides broad and deep services to support your website or web app AWS Global Infrastructure Application Services Networking Deployment & Administration DatabaseStorageCompute
  3. 3. Every type of web application runs on AWS Static website Website hosting Dynamic web application Static content Blogs Basic product page Medium-sized website CMS systems Highly interactive websites Web applications Online services Social & sharing sites
  4. 4. How companies use AWS for web applications Customer facing websites Digital media distribution Video and photo sharing E-commerce Social mediaGaming
  5. 5. Etsy uses AWS for big data analysis and improved customer experience AWS Allows us to invest in internal analytics and big data without investing in a lot of infrastructure. Steve Mardenfeld Data Engineer, Etsy ” “ • Etsy is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell handmade and vintage goods, and craft supplies • Etsy runs its big data analysis programs on AWS • By using AWS, Etsy was able to improve its customers’ search experience and increase its bottom line
  6. 6. Ubisoft uses AWS to develop and launch social games quickly • Ubisoft is a Paris-based gaming company, and creator of popular gaming titles, including Assassins Creed, Far Cry, and Just Dance • Moving games to social and mobile platforms and needed capacity to scale fast; using a traditional environment would be an extensive and costly investment • Using the AWS Cloud to optimize games at the application, caching, and data layers, improving the user experience ” “ By using the AWS cloud we were able to launch 10 social games within 18 months. Lenin Gali Senior Director, Ubisoft
  7. 7. Pinterest scales to become one of the most popular social networks globally With over 410 terabytes of data and 8 billion S3 objects, AWS helps us scale quickly and easily. Ryan Park Technical Operations and Infrastructure Lead, Pinterest ” “ • Pinterest is a social media site that enables millions of customers to share images of their interests on electronic pin boards • The company’s small engineering team needed a solution that would enable them to scale • AWS provided Pinterest with rapid, cost-effective scalability that enabled quick growth for the start-up
  8. 8. Socialcam migrates to AWS in one evening; scales to run on over 20 million phones worldwide AWS helps small startups by making it possible to get started with very few engineers. Ammon Bartram Technical Co-Founder, Socialcam ” “ • Socialcam offers an iPhone and Android application for taking videos, adding effects and sharing them with friends over the web • Within hours of a successful Facebook campaign, the company’s physical servers could no longer support the number of new users • SocialCam migrated to AWS in just one evening, allowing the company to scale quickly to support the application, which now runs on over 20 million phones
  9. 9. Netflix uses AWS to increase reliability and efficiency Using AWS, we have increased our reliability by an order of magnitude. Yuri Izrailevsky VP of Cloud and Platform Engineering, Netflix ” “ • Netflix is one of the leading streaming video services for movies and TV with millions of users globally • Needed a reliable, scalable system that would not be prone to data corruption • With AWS, Netflix can quickly deploy thousands of servers and terabytes of storage within minutes – and spin servers down when they’re not needed
  10. 10. With AWS, reddit scales its social news site to handle 4 billion page views per month with only 20 employees Being in the cloud gives us the scalability of adding application and database servers as we need them. Keith Mitchell Programmer, ” “ • reddit is a San Francisco, CA company that provides, a social news and entertainment website where users can submit and rank ideas, images, and links • Reddit originally operated on physical servers, but after the number of users quadrupled in 18 months, the company realized it couldn’t scale with an on-premises environment • By migrating to AWS, reddit can scale to manage 4 billion page views per month and run its website with only 20 employees
  11. 11. Why AWS?
  12. 12. Traditional capacity planning Unused capacity New capacity Used capacity Capacity needed Poor experience 1) Current server capacity9) All users are impacted by the shortage of resources2) Demand over the same period11) Usage is above previous non-peak periods but utilization is lower 3) Add capacity as demand is rising10) Peak period is over, no new capacity added7) Large promotion planned; capacity added for the peak 8) Actual usage exceeds expectations4) Actual usage after capacity is added5) No new capacity planned6) Actual usage Time Page views
  13. 13. AWS – Capacity without planning Time Page views Used capacityInitial capacityCapacity always matches demand
  14. 14. Expedia uses AWS to run critical, high volume applications globally We run several critical applications on AWS because we can scale and use the infrastructure efficiently. Murari Gopalan Director of Technology, Expedia ” “ • One of the world’s leading online travel companies, providing leisure and business travel to customers worldwide • Expedia needed a global infrastructure to support its commitment to create a great experience for customers worldwide • Using AWS, Expedia created a global infrastructure for its critical applications while reducing network latency to under 50 milliseconds and enabling a 230% CPU consumption efficiency for data processing
  15. 15. Scale up and down easily
  16. 16. Focus on what you do best 1. Don’t run facilities, run applications 2. Stop racking and stacking servers 3. Let the services do the undifferentiated work
  17. 17. Using AWS, Dow Jones saved $40,000; improves time-to-market by 30% Thanks to AWS, we now build more products and spend less time running a data center. Stephen Orban Chief Information Officer & Global Head of Technology, Dow Jones & Company ” “ • Dow Jones & Company provides news and business information for the global investment market. • Dow Jones needed to replace its Asian data center with a flexible, cost-effective alternative that allowed its staff to focus on building products • Moving its data center to AWS saved $40,000 in hardware costs and enabled Dow Jones staff to focus on creating revenue-producing applications for the website
  18. 18. Services at every layer Complete control above the hardware Over 35 services simplify and speed dev. Easy install, setup, and configuration AWS Marketplace Freedom of choice
  19. 19. Shazam built their Super Bowl promotion application on AWS in 8 weeks We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) because they have the reliability, support infrastructure, and full suite of services that meet our needs. Jason Titus, CTO, Shazam ” “ • Shazam connects more than 200 million people to the music, TV shows, and brands they love through a mobile application that lets a user record a portion of what they hear and connect them to online information about that recording • Shazam needed to be able to handle large scale traffic spike from their Super Bowl promotions • By using AWS, Shazam was able to handle the traffic from their Super Bowl promotion (encompassing 200 EC2 CC2 instances) and then shut down the added capacity after the event traffic spike
  20. 20. 10 Regions 25 Availability Zones 51 Edge locations AWS global infrastructure
  21. 21. Using AWS, Motley Fool improved website performance by 30% Using AWS is helping us grow strategically. Mohammed Chaudhry, Director of IT Operations, Motley Fool ” “ • Virginia-based financial services firm The Motley Fool provides financial advice to individual investors • The company’s Australian website was experiencing poor performance and slow page load times • After migrating to AWS, Motley Fool’s Australian site improved page load by 30%
  22. 22. Low-cost IT Spot Instances Reserved Instances Tiered pricingNo up-front costs Pay-as-you-goNo long-term contracts Trusted advisorSteady price drops
  23. 23. Obama campaign uses AWS to coordinate thousands of volunteers, save millions in hardware costs, and fundraise online AWS let us build solutions for an environment that moves so rapidly, you can’t plan for it. Michael Slaby, Chief Integration and Innovation Officer,OFA ” “ • Obama For America (OFA) is the organization that drove Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign for re-election as President of the United States • OFA needed and inexpensive, always-on, scalable system to serve millions of users • Using the AWS Cloud helped save the OFA campaign tens of million dollars in hardware costs
  24. 24. Deployment and management Focus on writing code, not managing servers Model, customize, & automate applications Provision and version collections of resources Elastic Beanstalk OpsWorks CloudFormation
  25. 25. AWS provides full-site, or media asset, delivery via a worldwide content deliver network (CDN) called Amazon CloudFront. Content delivery
  26. 26. Earth Networks uses AWS to deliver weather data to customers in near real-time while reducing costs by over 50% Amazon CloudFront saved us over 50% in CDN costs compared to our previous CDN provider, without custom code. Andy Rosenbaum, Director of Web and Desktop Development, Earth Networks ” “ • Earth Networks, based in Germantown, MD, collects and delivers real-time weather and lightning data • The company’s previous content delivery network (CDN) system required custom code, which led to expensive development costs • Earth Networks is leveraging Amazon CloudFront to deliver local information to millions of users in near real-time while saving over 50% in CDN costs
  27. 27. Security Certifications Secured premises Secured storage Secured keys Secured communications Secured network access Secured users Secured logins Full control to add security
  28. 28. Example 3-tier Web App architecture
  29. 29. Learn more at
  30. 30. When to think about running a web application on AWS New development 1. Increase scale 2. Improve availability 3. Upgrade hardware 4. Improve performance 5. Reduce costs 6. Improve security 7. Reduce IT footprint Migration 1. New websites 2. New applications 3. New application features 4. Marketing campaigns
  31. 31. Questions?