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AWS 201 - Development and Test on AWS Webinar


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Organizations today are increasingly looking for faster and cost effective ways to develop and test products before deployment. Often, in an on-premise environment, it can be time consuming to obtain compute resources such as servers or it's usual to have multiple environments so that development and testing can take place outside the production environment. That often involves duplication of infrastructure with associated costs and ongoing maintenance effort. Together, these factors can lower your pace of innovation. An easy way to get started using Amazon Web Services is by deploying development and test workloads.

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AWS 201 - Development and Test on AWS Webinar

  1. 1. AWS 201 Development and Test on AWS Markku Lepistö - Technology Evangelist @markkulepisto
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Presentation runs ~50mins • Post Questions Online • Q&A at the end • Reminder – Fill in the survey!
  3. 3. Agenda • Customer challenges • How AWS can help • Dev & Test case studies • Demo • Next steps
  4. 4. Multiple environments are tough Experimentation is slow Obtaining servers takes weeks Some Challenges Customers Tell Us About
  5. 5. Simplify multiple environments Experiment quickly Obtain servers in minutes How the AWS Cloud Can Be Useful
  6. 6. Obtain Servers in Minutes On-Premises Add New Development Environment Add New Production Environment Add New Environment in Japan Add 1,000 Servers Remove 1,000 Servers …in Minutes Research server options Procure hardware Open Purchase orders Deploy hardware etc…
  7. 7. Create Test Environments Easily On-Premises Duplicate your production environments Duplicate your costs Duplicate efforts Difficult to dispose of Create multiple test environments easily Create with a script, or via a few mouse clicks Creation and deletion can be in minutes Create for only the time you need them
  8. 8. Experiment Quickly On-Premises Experiment Infrequently Failure is expensive Less Innovation Experiment Often Fail quickly at a low cost More Innovation $ Millions Nearly $0
  9. 9. New choices to make Low-risk Pay only for what you use No up-front commitment Enable New Scenarios # Instances # Hours Price 1 2000 Same 5 400 Same 10 200 Same 1000 2 Same 2000 1 Same
  10. 10. What is AWS?
  11. 11. AWS Global Infrastructure 9 Regions 25 Availability Zones Continuous Expansion
  12. 12. AWS Overview AWS Global Infrastructure Application Services Networking Deployment & Administration DatabaseStorageCompute
  13. 13. Leave the Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting to Us Data Centers Power Cooling Cabling Networking Racks Servers Storage Labor Buy and install new hardware Setup and configure new software build or upgrade data centers We take care of it… So you don’t have to …
  14. 14. Relevant Services
  15. 15. Compute Services Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Elastic Load Balancing Actual EC2 Elastic Virtual servers in the cloud Dynamic traffic distribution Automated scaling of EC2 capacity
  16. 16. Amazon EC2 • Re-sizeable virtual servers in the cloud • Launch as many or as few as you need • From economical “Micro” to “Cluster Compute” • You have complete administrative control • A choice of Windows or Linux operating systems
  17. 17. On-Demand Pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments Ideal for Development & Test Many Purchase Options to Support Different Needs Reserved Make a low, one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge Ideal for baseline workloads Spot Bid for unused capacity, charged at a Spot Price which fluctuates based on supply and demand Ideal for Test scenarios Dedicated Launch instances within Amazon VPC that run on hardware dedicated to a single customer For highly sensitive or compliance related workloads Free Tier Get Started on AWS with free usage & no commitment Good for Initial evaluation
  18. 18. Networking Services Amazon VPC: AWS DirectConnect Amazon Route 53 Availability Zone B Availability Zone A Private, isolated section of the AWS Cloud Private connectivity between AWS and your datacenter Domain Name System (DNS) web service.
  19. 19. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud • Define a logically isolated network you control • Use the IP address range you choose • Create multiple IP subnets and routes • Protect your resources with access control • Connect securely via a hardware VPN
  20. 20. Production Environment Your Data Centers Hardware VPN Connection (Optional) VPC IAM Test Environment #1 Test Environment #2 Test Environment #n Source Control Requirements Management Project Management Shared Services Identity and Access Build Machines Shared Development Environment Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  21. 21. Storage Services Amazon EBS EBS Block storage for use with Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Images Videos Files Binaries Snapshots Internet scale storage via API AWS Storage Gateway S3, Glacier Integrates on-premises IT and AWS storage Amazon Glacier Images Videos Files Binaries Snapshots Storage for archiving and backup
  22. 22. Deployment & Administration Amazon CloudWatch AWS IAM (Identity & Access Mgmt) AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudFormation AWS Elastic Beanstalk Web App Enterprise App Database Monitor resources Manage users, groups & permissions Dev-Ops framework for application lifecycle management Templates to deploy & manage Automate resource management
  23. 23. AWS CloudFormation Template CloudFormation Service Created Stack Define your stack Use your stackBuild your stack
  24. 24. Continue to use what you are already using
  25. 25. SDKs • Android • iOS • Java • .NET • Node.js • Python • PHP • Ruby IDE Integration • Microsoft Visual Studio • Eclipse Work With Your Existing Tools
  26. 26. Use What You Are Already Using
  27. 27. We Have Partners Ready to Help
  28. 28. Case Studies
  29. 29. Shell uses AWS to Develop Software Faster and Cheaper Remote Team Core Development Team Extra Development Resources Contractor Team
  30. 30. Problem: Analyze data as soon as the stock exchange closes, to find mistakes and correct them in time.
  31. 31. 3000 Cores for risk management processes NumberofCores 300 Cores on weekends Thu Fri Sun Mon TueSatWed 3000 - 300 -
  32. 32. Load Testing
  34. 34. A/B Testing
  35. 35. Demo
  36. 36. Next steps… • Sign up for an AWS account at • Take advantage of the free tier • Contact us for a consultation with a cloud expert • Start experimenting!
  37. 37. Thank you Markku Lepistö - Technology Evangelist @markkulepisto
  38. 38. Q&A
  39. 39. Your feedback is important Please complete the Survey! What’s good, what’s not What you want to see at these events What you want AWS to deliver for you