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Transform your Business with VMware Cloud on AWS, an Integrated Hybrid Approach


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Dean Samuels, Head of Solutions Architecture, Hong Kong & Taiwan, AWS
Keith Chan, Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, Greater China, VMware

VMware and AWS together - VMware Cloud on AWS brings the best of both worlds with VMware's enterprise class Software-Defined Data Center technologies running on next-generation bare-metal AWS infrastructure and delivered as a cloud service. With VMware Cloud on AWS, not only will you be able to consume VMware products on AWS, but you will also be able to leverage AWS native services from virtual machines running within VMware Cloud on AWS. Come and learn about the latest features and how you can leverage the best of both VMware and AWS for your environment.

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Transform your Business with VMware Cloud on AWS, an Integrated Hybrid Approach

  1. 1. © 2018, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Head of Solutions Architecture Amazon Web Services – Hong Kong & Taiwan VMware Cloud on AWS Keith Chan, PMP Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, Greater China Dean Samuels
  2. 2. © 2018, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Business Need Budget Constraints Operational Inconsistency Monitoring & Security Business Challenges Tighter Integration Run in the Cloud Run on-Premise No New Hardware Learn New Skills & Tools Hybrid Cloud Trend
  3. 3. Cerner Enthusiastic About VMWare Cloud on AWS Cerner is exploring a hybrid cloud model to seamlessly integrate its VMware infrastructure to benefit customers of its healthcare software and services. Cerner is interested in using technologies including VMWare Cloud on AWS to expand its global reach and democratize access to health care for innovators. ” “There are some definite use cases and having someone else take care of the software-defined data center part is very enticing. Eric Lee, Technology Architect, Cerner About Cerner Cerner serves healthcare organizations with health care IT software and services.. Cerner is the largest public electronic health record company in the U.S. Company: Cerner Industry: Healthcare Country: United States Employees: 10,000+ Website:
  4. 4. Scripps Network Interactive Embraces VMWare Cloud on AWS Scripps Network Interactive was one of the first adopters of the VMware Cloud on AWS solution. It will allow the company to move, modernize, and scale its applications. Scripps has a significant footprint with both VMware and AWS and wanted to create a hybrid cloud model that can seamlessly integrate its existing VMware infrastructure with its AWS infrastructure. ” “VMware Cloud on AWS will allow Scripps Networks Interactive to move, modernize, protect, and scale our applications, and expand the value of these applications with native AWS services. Drew Fredrick, Vice President, IT Cloud & Infrastructure Services Challenge Solution About Scripps Networks Interactive Scripps Network Interactive is a leading developer of lifestyle content in the home, food, and travel categories for television, the internet, and emerging platforms. Its portfolio includes HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, and Travel Channel, and its shows are watched by more than 190 million viewers each month. Company: Scripps Networks Interactive Industry: Media and Entertainment Country: United States Employees: 3,000 Website:
  5. 5. © 2018, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. VMware Cloud on AWS Keith Chan, PMP Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, Greater China
  6. 6. 6©2018 VMware, Inc. OF ORGANIZATIONS HAVE A HYBRID CLOUD STRATEGY “Enterprise Adoption Driving Strong Growth of Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, According to IDC.” Press release. IDC. July 14, 2016 M O R E T H A N 80%
  8. 8. 8©2018 VMware, Inc. A truly compelling and differentiated solution Jointly engineered solution delivers the best of VMware and AWS for customers • Leading compute, storage and network virtualization capabilities • Support for a broad range of workloads • De-facto standard for the enterprise DC • Flexible consumption economics • Broadest set of cloud services • Global scale and reach
  9. 9. ©2018 VMware, Inc. Global Reach, Delivered Over Time 3 US west Oregon (3) N. California (3) 2 3 AWS GovCloud (2) US east N. Virginia (5) Ohio (3) 3 2 5 Canada (2) 3 South America São Paulo (3) Europe Ireland (3) Frankfurt (2) London (2) 2 3 2 2 Asia Pacific Singapore (2) Sydney (3) Tokyo (3) Seoul (2) Mumbai (2) 2 2 2 3 3 2* * * New region Paris, Ningxia, Stockholm* # Region and number of availability zones
  10. 10. 10©2018 VMware, Inc. AWS Infrastructure VMware NSX VMware vSAN Cloud SDDC Meets AWS Infrastructure Massive joint effort of both companies VMware vSphere
  11. 11. 11©2018 VMware, Inc. Customer Data Center VMware CloudTM on AWS Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation vSphere incl. VIC vSAN NSX VMware Cloud on AWS Service Highlights VMware SDDC running on AWS bare metal Sold, operated and supported by VMware & its partners Support for containers and VMs On-demand capacity and flexible consumption Full operational consistency with on-premises SDDC Seamless workload portability Direct access to native AWS services Global AWS footprint, reach, availability Service Overview vRealize Suite, ISV ecosystem AWS Global InfrastructureAWS Global Infrastructure Operational Management vCenter vCenter Native AWS Services AWS STRATEGY AND VISION
  12. 12. 12©2018 VMware, Inc. vCenter as main management point vCenter end-point for existing tooling such as vRealize suite Mature functionality such as cross vCenter, cross switch, cross datastore vMotion Ready to deploy and use true cross-cloud environments without steep learning curve and risk AWS fleet management to our disposal allows us to create new functionalities such as: • Auto Remediation of hardware faults • Automated patching Direct connectivity to AWS native services such as S3 and EC2 Fast connection No egress cost VMware Cloud Integration with AWS Infrastructure and Services Exciting possibilities for future application landscapes VMware Cloud SDCC AWS Elasticity AWS Native Services
  13. 13. 13©2018 VMware, Inc. Run Your Workloads Anywhere Running VMware Cloud on AWS gives you ultimate cloud flexibility and freedom Scenario 1: Maintain and Expand ExpandMaintain Scenario 2: Consolidate and Migrate MigrateConsolidate Customer Has the Choice to Run Workloads Across On-Premises DC and Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud Private Cloud Public Cloud Private Cloud Scenario 3: Workload Flexibility Flex as needed
  14. 14. 14©2018 VMware, Inc. vCenter as Primary Management Platform Default cluster is a four host bare-metal vSphere cluster Management VMs managed and operated by VMware You decide which and how many workloads you want to run inside a SDDC cluster Trusted view, known operations
  15. 15. 15©2018 VMware, Inc. Hybrid Linked Mode vCenter Hybrid Linked Mode allows linking vCenters running across different SSO domains, different versions, and different topologies In-Cloud vCenter will be using an embedded vCenter vCenter Hybrid Linked Mode supports both embedded or external deployments on- premises Use a single view for your resources around the world VMware Cloud on AWS Feature
  16. 16. 16©2018 VMware, Inc. Compute Configuration in Detail Dual socket CPU system Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 18 Cores per socket at 2.3 GHz Hyper-Threading enabled 72 Logical processors per host 82.8 GHz per host 512 GB memory per host Manufacturer: Amazon Single host configuration available for VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC
  17. 17. 17©2018 VMware, Inc. 4 Host Cluster 144 CPU Cores 331.2 GHz of CPU 2048 GB of Memory 32 Host Cluster 1152 CPU Cores 2649,6 GHz of CPU 16384 GB of Memory Default Cluster Configuration Maximum Size Cluster Configuration Compute Cluster Configuration
  18. 18. 18©2018 VMware, Inc. Storage Configuration in Detail Each vSAN node contains 8 NVMe devices 2 Disk group configuration • 2 Devices Write Cache Tier (3.4 TB) • 6 Devices Capacity Tier (10.2 TB) vSAN Deduplication and Compression enabled Usable VM storage capacity depends on Per-VM Storage Policy (RAID 1,5 & 6 available) All-Flash vSAN architecture ESXi Host ESXi Host ESXi Host ESXi Host (x4) vSAN Disk Group vSAN Disk Group
  19. 19. 19©2018 VMware, Inc. 4 Host Cluster 32 NVMe Devices 40 TB Raw Capacity 32 Host Cluster 256 NVMe Devices 320 TB Raw Capacity Default Cluster Configuration Maximum Size Cluster Configuration Storage Cluster Configuration
  20. 20. 20©2018 VMware, Inc. Cluster Configuration in Detail 25 Gbps network connectivity between ESXi hosts Provides optimized access to selected AWS Services such as EC2 and S3 High performance of public access to AWS Services as VMware Cloud on AWS runs on the same AWS Infrastructure 25 Gbps network connectivity per ESXi host
  21. 21. 21©2018 VMware, Inc. Cloud SDDC Configurations Each cluster can contain up to 32 ESXi hosts Up to 10 vSphere clusters per SDDC Up to 2 SDDCs per customer supported In total a single customer can allocate up to 21040 CPU cores, 327,68 TB of memory and 6.4 PB of storage. Customer SDDC 1 SDDC 2
  22. 22. ‹#› 22©2018 VMware, Inc. New connectivity options to create next- level application landscapes
  23. 23. 23©2018 VMware, Inc. L3 IPSEC VPN L2 VPN + AWS Direct Connect VMware Cloud ENI Cold Migration Live Migration (vMotion) Provides access to AWS regional services as well as private managed AWS services Connectivity Options Workload Migration Option Hybrid Cloud Connectivity & Migration Options
  24. 24. ‹#› 24©2018 VMware, Inc. Deploying physical resources as fast as deploying virtual machines
  25. 25. 25©2018 VMware, Inc. Cluster Expansion & Contraction Flexibly expand and contract cluster within minutes You can specify number of hosts to add or remove to/from their cluster Hosts removed from the cluster are evacuated of VMs and data prior to their removal
  26. 26. 26©2018 VMware, Inc. Automatic Cluster Configuration Cluster Host is added1. Automatic network configuration 2. 3. Cluster Management Network vMotion Network vSAN Network Logical Network Cluster vSan datastore capacity increase
  27. 27. 27©2018 VMware, Inc. Automated Hardware Remediation Cluster Host fails, or problem identified 1. New host added to cluster. Data from problem host rebuilt, and/or migrated 2. 3. Cluster Cluster Previous host evacuated from cluster, fully replaced by new host
  28. 28. 28©2018 VMware, Inc. Elastic DRS Integration Expand the Cloud SDDC automatically when resources are needed CPU Memory Storage CPU Memory Storage CPU Memory Storage Cluster operating within target thresholds 1. Threshold exceeded? Provision additional host 2. Cluster returns to target threshold 3. Cluster Cluster Cluster Preview
  29. 29. 29©2018 VMware, Inc. How do you get your applications to the cloud SDDC?
  30. 30. ©2018 VMware, Inc. vCenter Content Library  Automatically synchronize user-content across cloud instances  Distribute your content effortlessly  OVA  ISO Images  Scripts  Templates SUBSCRIBER VMC SDDC ON-PREM SDDC SUBSCRIBER VMC SDDC
  31. 31. 31©2018 VMware, Inc. Hybrid Cloud Extension Service Hybrid Cloud Extension • Delivered as a Service • Abstracts on-premises and cloud resources • App mobility across vSphere 5.x, 6.x • Zero-downtime live migrations and scheduled large scale warm-migrations Bulk Workload Migration Preview
  32. 32. © 2018, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. How can you get ready for the hybrid cloud?
  33. 33. © 2018, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Thank You!