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The Lean Enterprise


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The Lean Enterprise

  1. 1. The Lean Enterprise Tomas Riha, Domain Architect, Volvo Group Telematics WirelessCar Bob Van Nortwick, Director & Global Manager Startups, AWS How the Principles of Lean are Transforming Corporate Innovation
  2. 2. Conventional Business Models Are Under Attack • HBR: 85% of new products fail • Yale Professor: In 2013 75% of the S&P500 companies will be new by 2020 • Life expectancy of a fortune 500 company in 1960 was 75 years – today its less than 15 years
  4. 4. Organizational effectiveness – which one are you?
  5. 5. The Lean Startup: Why Products Fail You CustomerAssume you know what the customer wants A lot of the time doesn’t actually know what they want
  6. 6. What Is Lean?
  7. 7. Principles of Lean Accept that you know Nothing Neither you, nor the customer, may know what the product requirements are until after they’ve played with the product Measure Smart Lean Enterprises measure the right things Test Smart No one fails - they either confirm or reject hypotheses Iterate at Speed Lean Enterprises don’t throw good money after bad. But neither are they fickle. Whatever the case, they pivot or persevere quickly
  8. 8. In the enterprise there can be many bricks in the wall… YOU CUSTOMER
  9. 9. “The culture is what creates the foundation for all future innovation. If you mess up the culture, you mess up the machine that creates your products.” Brian Chesky, Founder
  10. 10. Technology is no longer the bottleneck! Customer CloudenabledInnovationPlatform Traditional Management Processes Ideas/ Business Opportunities
  11. 11. Technology is no longer the bottleneck! Customer CloudenabledInnovationPlatform Ideas/ Business Opportunities
  12. 12. BUSINESS CEO, COO, CFO, CMO TECHNOLOGY CIO, CTO, CDO (Digtial and/or Data) …the age old gap is inhibiting value creation
  13. 13. Bridge the gap
  14. 14. Key Findings of 2015 State of DevOps Reports • IT performance = Business performance • 30x more code deployments, 200x shorter lead time, 60x fewer failures, recover 168x faster • Culture change is required Puppet Labs, IT Revolution Press, PWC, 2015 State of DevOps
  15. 15. Horizon 1 Execute, Sustain, Retire Seeds of today, planted for tomorrow Time %ofportfolio DISRUPTION POINT DISRUPTION POINT Horizon 3 Envision, Explore, Disrupt Horizon 2 Demonstrate, Exploit, Scale Product Portfolio – The Three Horizon Model Humble, Molesky, O’Reilly, Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate At Scale
  16. 16. So what should I do next?
  17. 17. Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast
  18. 18. Lean Enterprise: Innovate at scale Additional Reading The Lean Startup: Innovators Dilemma:
  19. 19. Tomas Riha • Domain Architect Delivery Engine Team @ VGT/WirelessCar • Continuous Delivery as a Service • Cloud • DevOps • •
  20. 20. Volvo Group Telematics/WirelessCar
  21. 21. VGT/WirelessCar Vision 2011 corporate data center corporate data center corporate data center
  22. 22. Continuous Delivery vision 2011 Test GIT Build Deploy Release Nexus Deploy corporate data center corporate data center Lead time Feedback corporate data center
  23. 23. Development Organization Continuous Delivery - Reality Test GIT Build Deploy Release Nexus Deploy corporate data center corporate data centerOperations Organization ITIL Process
  24. 24. Continuous Delivery & Micro Services Test GIT Build Deploy Release Nexus Deploy corporate data center
  25. 25. Development & Infrastructure Change Development Operations Architecture Committee Infrastructure Architects Infrastructure Change Projects Customer Value
  26. 26. Development & Infrastructure Change We need a Cloud Provider! And we need to work together!
  27. 27. Cloud - Fears Security Peformance Availability Integrity SLA?!?!?!
  28. 28. Cloud - Stupidity We can build an on premise cloud with the same features as AWS
  29. 29. Development & Infrastructure Change DevOps Organization Architecture & Infrastructure Committee Customer Value
  30. 30. Continuous Delivery in AWS DeliveryEngine Test GIT Build Deploy Relase Bake Launch Delivery Engine Overseer GUI Delivery Engine Data Services ITIL Process Customer Value Feedback Lead time
  31. 31. Continuous Delivery in AWS
  32. 32. Continuous Delivery in AWS
  33. 33. Continuous Delivery in AWS
  34. 34. Continuous Delivery in AWS
  35. 35. Continuous Delivery in AWS
  36. 36. Continuous Delivery in AWS
  37. 37. Continuous Delivery & Cloud is for the Enterprise! Build in Process Quality Control Traceability Security Cost
  38. 38. Trinity of Lean Enterprise DevOps Cloud Continuous Delivery
  39. 39. Culture Lean Enterprise Learning
  40. 40. Tomas Riha, Domain Architect, Volvo Group Telematics Wireless Car Bob Van Nortwick, Director & Global Manager Startups, AWS